This is an update of the amazing Who's Who on ARS FAQ created by Martin Hunt. I volunteered to take over the task of updating and maintaining it. I have done very little of either, so it is hopelessly out of date, and I apologize.

Unfortunately, this early attempt probably falls short of Martin's most recent version (2.6), but it does boast a few newer entries.

I'm hoping that, within the next few months, I'll be able to add links to photos, picket reports, and other relevant items.

I welcome additions and updates, especially from the individuals themselves.


Alvin Brattli
Living at 69.7 degrees north, this Norwegian runs what is probably the world's northernmost Scientology critic site At such latitudes, where there is ice and snow in abundance, and where polar bears reign, people live in igloos (don't ask how they connect to the Internet), and eat frozen fish for breakfast. Alvin first heard about Dianetics and Scientology in July 1991, when he started subscribing to a.r.s. in a severe attack of boredom. At that time, he found it quite incomprehensible, and soon unsubscribed. A few years later, in 1995, he stumbled across some webpages about the war between the Co$ and the Net, and his Suppressive Personality emerged. Nowadays, when Alvin is not criticising the Co$, he is at the University of Troms, his Ph.D. in physics. Alvin is the proud owner of an L. Ron Hubbard mouse mat, which he obtained at the Chicago org. (By: Alvin Brattli)

Andreas Heldal-Lund
Maintainer of the famous Operation Clambake webpage at:, and quite possibly the runner-up for Northernmost member of the arscc as the arscc dissemination officer. Andreas is Source; Operation Clambake has been up since November 1996 without Scientology being able to do anything about it. Sometimes this makes Andreas feel truly left out, as the usual response of Scientology to someone spreading their 'secret' upper level materials to thousands of people all over the world would be an automatic lawsuit. Who knows, maybe the recent hard lessons the clam contingent has learned at the tutelage of Grady Ward and Keith Henson has made them terrified of lawsuits - or it could just be a Scandinavian thing, an implant against Vikings. (By: Martin Hunt; modifications by Andreas in July 2004)

Andrew (Andy) Milne
Scientologist who's sense of humour appears to have been surgically removed at birth. Andy Milne now appears to have been completely removed from the newsgroup. Milne claims to speak only as Andy Milne, and not for the CoS. The general tone of his messages suggests otherwise, and I know nobody other than Milne who believes that his presence is anything but official. The name 'Andrew Milne' is listed as a staff writer for Freedom magazine and some other CoS publications, so it would appear that his job is CoS public relations. (By: David H Dennis)

Andrew Testa
Another prominent skeptic ('Contributing to the downfall of Scientology since 1995'). Andrew's .sig mentions Xenu, and there have been a few incidents of apologists following up his posts and *deleting* the Xenu reference from the quoted .sig! It is unclear what this is supposed to achieve. (By: David H Dennis)

Anti Cult
Lived with the result of CO$ for 17-years. My ex girlfriend was destroyed. She was staff in Copenhagen. Went on a contract with FLAG to Florida. She came home as a wreck. She have never recovered. They destroyed our future, now it's my turn. I am a sworn enemy to Scientology and their deadly 'tech'. If they want to engage in battle, battle it will be. Sig: 'Victimized by the Co$. 'Deadfiled' in at least one Org. Seen too much, heard to much, lived too much. Security Coded hard disks too much. Have been reading NOTS too much. Having chronic pneumonia. As Arnold said: I'll be back.......' (By: Anti Cult)

Arnie Lerma
First visited by osa goons Nov 4, 1994, scanned, ocr'd, and posted piles of open public court records, including classics like Scarff. Accepted invitation to join board of FACTNet, and posted the Fishman/ Geertz Affidavit with OT levels on July 31, 1995. Raided by the cult, Aug 12, 1995, home was searched by members of the criminal cult of money and greed see Currently still in litigation with the cult. Sig: Ex-Sea Organization Slave, 'Clear 3502', Treasurer for FACTNet - Fight Against Coercive Tactics Network 'I'd prefer to die speaking my mind than live fearing to speake' 'secrets are the mortar, binding bricks of lies together, into prisons for the mind' 'The internet is the liberty tree of the 90's' (By: Arnie Lerma)

Ashraf Ghebranious
Some very funny posts. M L Poulter says that he deserves a special mention for mounting a one-man protest outside his local org on March 13th. He intended to repeat the protest but agreed to stop when the scienos made repeated harassing calls to his employer. He is obviously the kind of critic that OSA don't want to see: he has received considerable bile from Vera et al., including Vera's classic 'Ashraf can't be your real name, can it?' Quote from Ashraf: 'Remember, if you turn five people away from Scientology, you have cost the Co$ a million dollars.' (By: David H Dennis)

Accused suppressive since 1977. GGBC. First appeared on usenet in mid-1980's, then thought to be synthetic personality emanating from West Coast AI lab. Ported to SGI platforms in 1995. Programmed to attack nescience, reacts badly to most cults. Has forsworn arguing with Scientologists[tm] as the moral equivalent of fencing with quadriplegics. Has forsworn arguing with critics as the moral equivalent of throwing petrol on a birthday cake. Has forsworn posting to ARS as a bloody waste of time. Has also given up smoking once or twice. (By: Baba ROM DOS)

Barbara Snow
I would be proud to be included in a list of people critical of Scientology. I do not find Hubbard's writing to be meaningful, but what I object to are the tactics of Scientology management. In my experience, they aggressively try to obtain large sums of money from people and they also promote a mean-spirited and hostile way of living. I find them to be neither truthful nor honorable. Because Scientology can cause such damage, I believe it is essential that its true nature be exposed. (By: Barbara Snow)

a/k/a Bern
Status: ex-member and critic of critics
Been harassed?: No
I consider myself as an independent observer of the cult/anti-cult scene. My webpages, however, mostly document the dangers of the anti-cult movement and the illusions of the anticult mindset.

Bill Stewart-Cole
I personally don't find the beliefs and practices of Scientology any more dangerous or abusive than those practiced more commonly and openly by Biblical Literalists and while I find both laughable and corrosive to the lives of those they touch and society in general, I am a firm believer in the universal right to make really stupid mistakes and have very unreasonable and even dangerous opinions. I do NOT however believe in the right of anyone to abuse the net as the CoS has done and as their apparent agents continue to do. I came to a.r.s because the CoS tried to shut it down without reason and sued a poster (and his ISP's up two tiers) for his quoting of a ridiculous CoS document as a part of his ongoing critique. I got more involved when an anonymous and as yet unknown party apparently acting for the CoS was canceling any articles that dared criticize the CoS with their own words, no matter how brief the quote. I am staying on now solely because there remains a small team of spammers operating with the tacit approval of the CoS to post the same articles repeatedly and continuously for no useful purpose but to make the newsgroup useless. (By: Bill Stewart-Cole)

Brett Achorn
Dedicated researcher, searches for defunct Scientology corporations all over. (By: David H Dennis)

Brian Stone
Level of interest: Extremely Boring; Humour: None whatsoever. Posts large number of 'expertises' or testimonials on Scientology, all from unidentified sources. Most of them are very similar to each other; the posts get horribly boring very fast. There is also no evidence to support the contention that the people mentioned in his posts actually exist. (By: David H Dennis) Very probably one of the cancel bunnies given his account activity at kaiwan. (By: Dick Cleek)

Bruce Pettycrew
a/k/a bpetty, BPtheSP
Status: Critic: never a member of CoS
Been harassed?: The Mesa, Arizona org (Church of Scientology of Arizona, Inc) has pressed two civil actions against me, one in the Maricopa County Superior Court and one in the Mesa City court. In each action they attempted to restrict me and my "cohorts" from picketing within 500 yards of the Church building. Both courts refused to limit my picketing except for a restriction against making enough noise to disturb "religious services".
The cult also distributed a leaflet in my neighborhood calling me a bigot and claiming that I "hurt families".
I am a 50++ (programmer's in joke) year old software engineer and a native of Phoenix, Arizona.
I consider the Co$ to be the most reprehensible pusher of harmful pseudo-science in the history of the U.S.
As a member of the Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal (CSICOPS), I believe that the criminal cult of Scientology is the worst offender against logic and humanistic values since the Nazi party.

(known on ars as bc or my spamblocker -- which I always sorta liked...or on irc #scientology as bc, or bc9424 if someone already ripped my nick...confused yet? I am...), Ex-public $cientologist, short bout with the cult back in 1980. Glad to have come to my senses and got away. Definitely an anti-Co$ critic. Saw ars on my ng list when I first got on the net a few years ago, but avoided it because I figured it was a Co$ propaganda farm. The Web kept pointing me to ars, so I finally checked it out, and liked/was appalled by what I saw. I lurked for quite some time before I worked up the nerve to post. Glad I came on--although some probably wish I'd just go Ron's Amigo...Proud SP2, still marginally anonymous. (PGP is welcome & preferred--write for public key); a web-page will come, eventually. (By: bc)

C.B. Willis
Background in philosophy, world religions, alternative therapies, esoterics, organizational transformation, corporate values and ethics. Defender of what is valid and workable in traditional ethics and world religions. Has never been a member of Scientology but likes Hubbard's non-fiction writings and tapes from the early 1950's; does not relate to the book 'History of Man' and much of Scn written after the 50's. Classifies self as an independent thinker and free spirit, neither a critic nor freezoner per se. CBW quote: 'Values are the infrastructure on which civilization will be reinvented.' (By: C.B. Willis)

Captain Nerd
a/k/a Andrew Diseker, okay?
I got involved in this critic business in '95, when the rmgroup of a.r.s. was sent out. I am against censorship, I am against religious groups harrassing, suing, or harming people in the name of their religion. I am a Christian, a Nerd, an irritant, an Internet "Old Fart," and sometime clown. I firmly believe that I am the "straight man" in the Grand Comedy Act that this Universe is. I take pleasure in taking lightly people who hate to be taken lightly, which makes criticizing Scientology so much fun.

Cat Davidson-Hall
[SP4, KoX, KbM#6] Longtime activist for various and sundry causes, most recently found on the fringes of the feminist movement. Long been opposed to the CCHR's stance on psychiatry and psychiatric drugs (particularly antidepressants), but joined a.r.s. primarily to find out why Helena Kobrin was so desperate to get it off the net. Has never been in Scientology. (O`Blivion on irc). (By: Cat Davidson-Hall)

Cat O'Blivion
a/k/a O'Blivion (critical), (personal)
Status: Critic, SP4, kill-filed by Margaret Huffstickler, considered 'polite and literate' by scientologist Claire Swazey.
Been harassed?: Threatened with lawsuit for soliciting a second-hand copy of the NOTs.
A bisexual, bi-coastal refugee from the fringes of individualist feminism, tilting sharply to the left of centre. I came to a.r.s. following the attempted rmgroup, so I could see what scientology didn't want me to see, and found yet another in a long line of social causes. I don't follow party lines and I don't suffer fools gladly, but I do try to be civil. Usually I succeed.

Catarina Pamnell
Status: Critic; former Scientologist, active public and staff 1981-1985 in Stockholm, Sweden, less active supporter until finding the internet in 1995.
Been harassed?: Lightly; stalked after pickets and met at airport when returning from Clearwater 1998 picket.
Main reasons I started posting to ARS: the Lisa McPherson logs; CoS calling swedish critic Birgitta Dagnell a liar. Have picketed in Sweden, Denmark and the US, made media appearances, and maintain a critical web page in swedish, because it's my duty as an ex-member to clearly state that I do not agree with Scientology's harassment and censorship activities. People want to join the CoS, fine, but they should have access to full consumer's information. Besides, critics have more fun!

aka clear baby, IRL: Heidrun Beer, an Austrian scientologist, LRH-fan and tech purist, who in her first 4 months on a.r.s. has developed from a devoted CoS member to an even more devoted 'dissident'. The standard reaction of the a.r.s.-critics towards CB is 'You are the FIRST scientologist who...' (follows a positive attribute). Various opinions exist about who she really is - from a 'Henry Kissinger' type of voluntary messenger, a good-hearted and much too naive idealist who will soon become declared suppressive for her radical postings, to an OSA or RTC plant with an undercover mission to 'handle' a.r.s. CB herself says that as a writer, the natural thing for her will be to write a book (title: 'Revenimus'). CB's most dissident posts are on (By: Clear Baby)

Charles Lakes
Occasional pro-Scientology poster, black former Olympic athlete who came 19th in his event - if OTs are such supermen then why not first? (By: Dave Bird). This is Charles Lakes. And I was checking out his [Martin's] Who's Who in Scientology, when I noticed that he [Martin] spelled my name 'Lake', instead of 'Lakes'. And the year I was on the Olympic Gymnastics team was 1988. In fact, that year, I was the number one American male gymnast at the Olympics, as well as being the first black American to compete in Olympic gymnastics. And I owe a great deal of this success to Scientology auditing I received at that time. Finally, I still don't get why people are trying to pretend that there's some true debate or question of whether or not Scientology is a religion. It falls well within any and every definition of the word you can find in any English dictionary. Many justices around the world, after impartially weighing the evidence, have come to the same conclusion. People are NOT going to wish Scientology away as a religion, simply because they don't want it to be a religion. For that is what it is. And that is not me talking or even Hubbard. That's simply the truth of the matter as we understand and use the word 'religion'. Whether it's good, bad or indifferent, Scientology (as well as being a science and technology) IS a religion. Deal with it. (By: Charles Lakes). I met Chaz Lakes at ITO in the late 80's before leaving Scientology; he gave me an autograph on my pinksheet clipboard. Chaz has an amazing ability to look past LRH's openly racist remarks and stay faithful to the cult, but I believe he will 'blow', ie, leave, one day. His entry above has one strange confusion; he was *never* in the who's who before this entry was inserted with comments by Dave Bird, myself, and Charles himself, either under 'Lakes', 'Lake', 'Vorshell', or anything else. Strange. I was told at ITO that he was on the gold-medal-winning team. Re: the claim that Scientology is a religion, etc.: it's a car polish, a floor wax, *and* a dessert topping. :-) (By: Martin Hunt)

Chip Gallo
I've been long gone from this NG but the RonsAmigo replies caught my interest. In 1990-91, I would post wins here -- successes that I've had in my private and professional life, applying LRH tech -- and folks like Martin didn't really seem to read the posts. (Now, of course, it is obvious that several people posting quite regularly here would rather that success with Scientology not be discussed at all.) Having completed the PTS/SP Detection and Routing Course (which trains one in the technology of SPs and suppression), I recognized the trend of this NG and decided to use my online hours to more productive ends. (By: Chip Gallo)

Chris Miller
Courtesy: Mean. Chris has now moved up in the Pro-Scientology world. Before, s/he looked like a boring Talbot clone; now, however, s/he has gotten considerably more famous, thanks to what must now be known on ARS as The Question. Chris posted a message to soc.women asking if they realized that MoFo, Dennis Erlich's law firm, was defending a well-known child support delinquent and wife beater Dennis. S/he said that s/he was concerned 'as a working mother' with the fact that her daughter had a summer job at the firm. The intent was to 'dead agent' MoFo in the same way they have tried to do to Dennis in the past. The effort was notably unsuccessful. Is Chris really a working mother, or is she Gene Ingram or our old friend Vera back to haunt us? (By: David H Dennis)

Chris Schafmeister
Biochemistry specialist. (By: David H Dennis). Long-time and very cogent critic of Scientology; rarely posts anymore. Was the target of harassment for his accurate and considered criticisms. (By: Martin hunt)

Cornelius Krasel
Biochemist, SP3, GGBC (I'm sure I missed a few). My working address is quite public, although I won't advertise it here. I came to a.r.s. in the beginning of 1995 when I read about the raid on Dennis Erlich's home in another newsgroup (unfortunately I've forgotten which one). What I read here was so disgusting that I stayed. Since my arrival I bought (and read) three anti-Scientology books, collected several dozen MegaBytes of postings (I do not regularly archive a.r.s.) and started maintaining a web page on scientology at: (By: Cornelius Krasel)

Curtis R. Anderson
I started reading a.r.s. back in late July 1994 when a coworker told me about their wackiness with E- meters and other such nonsense. I've always known that the Co$ was bad ever since those infamous _60 Minutes_ interviews. Knowing that they had this nasty habit of suing, I didn't post for several months afterward. Now, I try to tell people I meet about how bad these guys are and their uncanny resemblance to the 'Mafia in its heyday' (quote from web page at: and general sarcasm and J&D towards them. Seems safe given their nasty habit of suing copyright infringers. (By: Curtis R. Anderson)

Dan Sigel
(no email)
(no email). Coherence: Excellent to moderate; Level of Interest: High to low; Courtesy: Decent, but has declined in recent weeks; Repetitiousness: Low; Humour: Low. Dan appears to be the main CoS spokesperson nowadays. He came on as one of the most reasonable posters to put forth the CoS view, often engaging in reasonably friendly debate. Recently, however, he appears to have undergone the same metamorphosis most pro-Scientology posters go through; he is now pretty much mindlessly on the cult side. He no longer seems to be worth reading. (By: David H Dennis)

Daniel Davidson
He was on ars from early in 1995 to his untimely death in mid-September, 1996, due to complications after contracting an illness at the dentist's office. Daniel was harassed by scientology for allegedly cross-posting an article that they say contained secrets they did not want revealed. His .sig file grew quite famous from his numerous postings to ars: 'Don't hit. Clean your mess.' And he lived by these words; he didn't hit on the forum, no matter what the provocation, and he did not leave any mess behind to clean. He abhorred the likening of the discussion of scientology to a 'war' on the internet. I want to thank you for putting your shoulder to the wheel, Dan; may those gentle words of yours carry on down through time. You set a very high standard for those of us who follow you, and those who must follow us. (By: Martin Hunt)

Dave Bird---St Hippo of Augustine
Involved in campaigning on free speech, civil rights, miscarriages of justice issues. Homepage includes songs, lexicon, Koos+Troutman humour archives, dogdrowning FAQ, and annotated index of 50 other pages. (By: Dave Bird) David's pages are as quirky as their author...Dave is a very effective critic, and when the muse strikes him he is quite able to cut to the chase and give the cult apologists a nasty bite. Dave's love of dogs and ASCII art is apparent here, as is his keen appreciation of scientific method and logical reasoning. He has a nice 'plain English' translation of those weird and wonderful cult rites which should help out the terminally confused. Like me. Worth a visit.... (By: Lance S. Buckley) Aspiring poet laureate of ARS, I've written about 20 S.P. songs of various lengths, including 'the ElRonRon' based on the many discreditable episodes of Flubber's life. During 1997, I acquired Duke, the toy dog with waterwings (see dogdrowning FAQ), and organised frequent UK demos with plenty of street theatre elements. (By: Dave Bird)

Dave Touretzky
I'm a computational neuroscientist on the faculty of Carnegie Mellon University; I started reading ARS in August 1995 just as Arnie Lerma posted the Fishman Declaration, and I became the first person in the world to put Fishman up on a web site, 'just to see what would happen.' I was threatened with legal action, of course -- the first of many threats I've collected from Scientology lawyers. I Enjoy yanking Scientology's chain, and I've picketed FLAG twice, always in a suit. (By: Dave Touretzky)

David Alexander (alec)
I'm trying to make it all work. I believe it can. I believe the COS leadership can feel remorse. The barrier is the re-entry psychosis when they take off the blinders. Behind them they know it is coming. But they don't have to look. They won't until they have to. And that's who I am. (By: David Alexander)

David Gerard
Melbourne, Australia. Vague interest in Scientology as a curious silly thing; then the raid on Dennis Erlich and the threat to Net freedoms I hold dear. Sniped for a while (a big attraction to a.r.s for me was the number of SubGenii here), then Helena Kobrin made trouble with my postmaster and I got angry. Now devote quite a bit of time to a.r.s, Web page maintenance, IRC #scientology, demonstrating and so on. My friends are careful not to mention the 'S' word in my presence in case I start ranting, but are kind enough to relate any new and amusing tidbits crossing their paths and so on. Scientology itself is not important; but the organisation *must* be made an example of so that others will not fuck with the Net. (By: David Gerard) Web page: Mirrored at: (By: David Gerard)

David Talbot
Coherence: Ok; Level of Interest: Dull; Relevance: Low; Courtesy: Low; Repetitiousness: Some; Humour: None. Boring insults of Scientology critics. Nothing at all interesting about him. Tony: 'Has recently been used for dull but coherent expressions of Scientologists' points of view.' (By: David H Dennis)

Deana M. Holmes
On IRC: mirele. I've been reading a.r.s since I got on the Net in 1993, although I remember Bob 'Da Sloth' Bingham jousting with $cientologists on GEnie back around 1991. I was owned by the late, lamented Xenu the Cat, and now am owned by Zoe, Xenu's child. In the past I have posted encheferation from Xenu and Zoe, but since the legal threats from $cientology's New York lawyers in April, 1996, I've had to give that up (even though it means that Zoe occasionally gets very frustrated with me and dumps her cat toys in my purse in protest). My other claim to fame is that I have attempted to archive everything (no editing) that has come through my news server,, in a.r.s since February 1995. The archive is now well over 225Mb, zipped. I'd also like to think that I've stolen the heart of the Sheriff of a.r.s. (By: Deana M. Holmes)

On IRC: DeirdreVT or Dev-T. Ex-Scn and ex-staff, now a free zoner. Always willing to talk to current and ex-CofS members. However, I should warn ya, I'm frankly more interested in knitting these days than what the CofS is up to. Participation on IRC is more social than anything else. [note: about the famous blue bathrobe:] Oh, me too, me too! Can't forget to include THAT. I was Vera's first victim. Tarla made her famous, but at first she paid attention to only me. (By: Deirdre)

Dennis Erlich
'That Person'; currently being sued by Church. His recent posts have been excellent. (By: David H Dennis) In spite of remaining within the eye of the storm throughout its duration he has maintained his sense of balance throughout. He recognizes a.r.s. for what it is -- a Usenet newsgroup, not an ad hoc army of anti-scientologists who are bound to follow his orders and his way of thinking about the cult. In spite of personal tragedies and continued attack by the CoS, he has managed to keep his perspective on it all. (By: Diane Richardson)

Why am I on ARS? I was in the SO for 14 years, as far as I know I'm the only person on ARS to have been declared TWICE by the CofS (1982 and 1989) - a mark of distinction I feel. I actually started out on ARS being more of a defender of the CofS than a critic - my main disagreement with the CofS being one of free speech. Gradually over the last two years or so I have gotten more and more irritated with a lot of the CofS tactics. When I first started on ARS I was looking more for old acquaintances than any sort of urge to get involved - in fact I get irritated with myself because I still care about it enough to get aggravated by it. (By: DeoMorto)

Diane Richardson
Posts court transcripts of cases involving Scientology; good sense of humour, too. (By: David H Dennis) Diane was a great power and influence in those days. Frequently waspish (some things never change), she had this ability to box opponents into a corner through the application of informed logic. Now more of a voice in the wilderness (largely, I believe, through unnecessary feuds with others) but, despite our violent disagreements on certain matters, I still retain this sneaking respect for her..........(By: Sister Clara) To put more bluntly what Clara edges around, during 1996 Diane embarked in a frenzied campaign against Paulette Cooper, which proved nothing except Diane's temper, and has since systematically attacked every idea or tactic successful against the cult using all sorts of absurd chop logic and dissembling. >From a respected contributor, she has descended to being a second-rate troller. (By: Dave Bird)

Dick Cleek
Found 'Snake Thompson' material and 1985 60 Minutes transcript Rabbit Hunter. Expert witness in RTC vs. Factnet (Denver) and RTC vs. Lerma (Virginia). Maintains 'Mapping Scientology' website at Home page at (By: Dick Cleek)

Dominion (real name James McLaughlin)
James is a 37 year old ex-magician living in Houston Tx. He studied Laser and Optical physics at Texas State Technical College in Waco TX. His interest in close up magic and mentalism led him to study the occult extensively while in high school. His belief in the paranormal suffered a grave shock the first time he saw Uri Geller performing simple magic tricks while passing them off as real psychic powers. Was critical of the Church from 1986-1988 on local talk radio (Houston) most notably on the Roger Gray, and Doug Brown shows. Found ARS in 1995 and started posting in 1997. He is also an amateur astronomer, and science buff. Main concern is the appalling lack of scientific literacy in America. (By: Dominion)

Elizabeth McCoy
Everyone loves Elizabeth McCoy. She is perhaps the only pro-Scientology poster who is in nobody's killfile. And, best of all, she's back with her bum modem at long last repaired, freely engaging in dialogue with ARS posters. (applause) Her background is interesting: Her mother is somewhere high up in the Scientology operation, and Beth defends it on the basis that auditing has been successful for her; however, she has received much of it at no charge from her mother. She's likeable, at times hilarious and very intelligent. Scientology desperately needs more people like her. (By: David H Dennis)

Ex Mudder
Cancer Survivor. Read OT 3 during Chemotherapy and didn't get a sniffle (just spewed what I was drinking on the monitor, keyboard, etc). Member number 4 of TheKeith [TM], all rights reserved - you will be confused; eternal foes of the Anti-Keith. Science Fiction Fan, thought Hubbard and Scientologists were ineffectual loons. After a few years of hearing more and more disturbing stories, I visited A.R.S and haven't looked back. I have a tendency to give used BT's to my cats to play with. (By: Ex Mudder)

Exile49 (Ansel R. Hook)
Just plain 'Bob' otherwise. Lives in St. Pete, FL. Always had a sour opinion of the Co$ and their lockstep mentality but when I read about Lisa McPherson and the obvious lies about her death I decided, with some reluctance, to make it my fight too. I will fight the clam collective: resistence is NOT futile, I will NOT be assimilated. (By: Exile49)

ed de fish. bird. yella but not chicken. talks real good though incomprehensibly to some. arscc mascot (not fish*man*, that's another kinda mascot), usually located on left shoulders of whatever bathrobes available and compliant. likes: her blue fuzzy-wuzzy nibblie-poo, the writings of a certain science fiction writer (*very* absorbent!) and parties. peeves: sunflower seeds (gas), spiritual enlightenment (gas) and midge (gas) ambition: to attend the grady ward institute of elocutionary excellence. or to be immortal. can't fucking decide. does *not* wanna cracker. wants a james-brown instead. (By: efish)

Gary Scarff
Formerly, Scarff featured as an important witness against the cult, but then flip-flopped and testified for them. He has flipped and flopped so often since then that neither side bothers with him any more. His entry onto ARS was heralded with great fanfare, but he simply posts short articles of incoherent abuse and 80% of those with killfiles have plonked him. (By: Dave Bird)

Gene Decheff
Ex-Scientologist and staff member of 15 years, and Ex-Sea Org member of 11 years. Introduced to Scientology in Columbus, Ohio. Joined Sea Org at Flag in Clearwater, FL in 1979. Left Sea Org, ('blew') in late 1990 from the Gold base in Gilman Hot Springs, CA where I had been an RTC and Gold staff member. Left the Sea Org after no longer being able to tolerate the robotic control, de-humanizing and cruel treatment of staff members by certain church executives. Since leaving the church I have never originated any attacks on the church, as revenge or getting even is not my goal. I am, however, not afraid to tell the truth about what I know and have experienced while in the church. If those concerned with these experiences have done no wrong in them, then they have nothing to fear in the truth being told. (By: Gene Decheff)

Geoffrey Burling
SP Level 0.9, Olympic-Class Bore. I was never a member of the CoS, but my native Portland was a busy recruiting ground for that organization. I Describe myself as a second-string critic because I feel I lack the time to monitor the newsgroup and compose the quality of post I am satisfied with. My posts are sometimes thoughtful, sometimes scurrilous.

GoofY (also known as Steven de Brouwer)$/
I was one of the first 100 Angry Dutchmen to put the Fishman papers on the web. Also quoted a lot of OT7-48, and made some satires on the seekret peepers... Had to move my Co$-papers away from the university computers. Very suppressive, but not active. Posts on ARS are mostly cross-posts from nl.scientology. (By: GoofY)

Grady Ward
Status: Critic
Been harassed?: Been sued by scientology, won the trade secret claim, settlement negotiations vis a vis the "SCAMIZDAT" copyright infringement claim. As of Jan 21, 1999 appeal to the 9th circuit
I have never been a scientologist or member of any other cult. I've been known as a free speech activist on the Internet for a number of years after various stand-offs with the National Security Agency and the U.S. Department of State. I believe scientologists are Nazis with systematic training: getting "rid of your reactive mind" is identical to getting rid of your conscience.

Gregg Hagglund
Priest in an obscure 'NewAge' denomination, Gregg is active on a referral basis as an exit counselor to those leaving controlling 'newage' cults. After attending a private workshop on the needs and fears of those exiting/escaping from Scientology he became interested in researching the cult and its activities. After lurking for several months on a.r.s. and having done a lot of reading Gregg has committed himself to open opposition to the Cos. 'I am opposed to Cos because of the harm it does in the name of religion and under the guise of a religion, when it is clearly operating as a business, con game and money scam. It is their *presumed right to conduct harmful activities* and impose their will on others without limit I oppose, not whether they in believe Xenu etc. The programmed activities and repressive actions [sanctioned by the hierarchy of the Cos] upon their own members and anyone they deem 'enemy' are extremely aggressive, abusive and routinely inhumane. I believe the rapid nonviolent demise of this criminally active money hungry cult will preserve the lives and sanity of thousands, if not millions of individuals throughout the world.' (By: Gregg Hagglund)

Hartley Patterson
Status: critic
Been harassed?: no
Level: SP3 (my ISP is on the banned list)
A long time SF fan, discovered ARS 1997, started picketing Jan 1998. The CoS manages to combine a good few of my interests and dislikes. Everyone should have one good cause, this is mine. Pet hate - the Orwellian echoes of slogans like 'Think for Yourself'.

Heidrun Beer
a/k/a Clear Baby web
Been harassed?: Not really. Been SP-declared, but nothing of the typical harassment which is reported from germany and the US.
Level: Case: up to 0T7 processing. Auditor: can audit NOTs, but also other processes from international experts. I am developing some processes myself too.

Developed from a church-member to a freezoner but now growing out of that too. Trying to explore the works of various "heirs" of LRH, but also areas which are totally independent and never touched SCN. I believe that the future of spiritual enhancement will be a wider approach that combines methods of more than one researcher, similar to medicine where a good doctor has to study the techniques of many "tech developers". Right now I work as a computer programmer in order to open a training/processing center. It will no longer work with Hubbard technology though.

(usually lower case; IRL: Rob Clark) Unpleasant to read due to extreme rudeness, but often puts in some very funny jabs. Viciously attacked by COS. (By: David H Dennis) Henry was forced off the Net for a time when he lost his job due to the efforts of Scientology Private Detective Gene Ingram. His departure, which lasted several months, spawned a whole host of imitators, none of which really captured the style and originality of the original. A more gentle version (well, most of the time) returned after the unscheduled break. At his best when arguing with Co$ reps like Andy Milne (qv), he has sometimes become involved in flamewars with other critics which have tended to leave all the participants looking decidely singed. (By: Sister Clara)

Homer Wilson Smith
A major member of the Free Zone and creator of For the Scientology 'Tech', against the Church as an organization. Homer maintains the Lazarus Early Warning Alert system for cancels in a.r.s. (By: David H Dennis)

(no email; used a penet account)
(no email; used a penet account). Coherence: Poor; Relevance: Very Low; Repetitiousness: High; Humour: None. Pure vitriol. This guy's sole purpose for existing is to make Jeff Jacobsen's existence difficult; apparently has a personal grudge. Launched thinly veiled attacks on the Cult Awareness Network (CAN) under the guise of tutorials in Scientology. (By: David H Dennis)

Ian Rennie
a/k/a theangelremiel (on Yahoo!)
Status: Critic, joined late april 1999.
Been harassed?: No.
Level: SP3 (I think)
I'm a student at York University in the UK, I found out about scientology partly through the net, partly through my father's 3000-book science fiction collection (including the issue of astounding with Dianetics in it & the first ever article on lasers to be published in a magazine). I have no complaint about scientology itself, my objections are to the CoS.

a/k/a Ishmael569 (DejaNews archives)
Status: I am a critic, apostate, defector--whatever you prefer. I was involved to varying degrees from 1975 to 1992.
Been harassed?: Not yet.
Level: SP2
Trained as auditor two years at Flag. I believe dianetics is pseudoscience and a perverted form of abreactive therapy. Scientology is not a religion but a cult. Scientology is a very expensive and sophisticated bait & switch scam. I consider it to be one of the most pernicious cults in existence.

Ivan Stang
aka Rabbi Ben Meshugina, Head of the Church of the SubGenius. Rarely posts on ars. Some excellent stories. (By: David H Dennis)

Jack Farmer
Jack and Sally Hooper had a wonderful Internet affair, after one of them left the other's address at the bottom of a post. Jack's an illegal PC, and is obsessed with fat cells, among other things. He is the *original* ars spammer; he used to put out up to a hundred posts a day in his efforts, most of which had a one-line reply at the end, something like 'Ha ha ha ha ha; worng agian, as per usaul!', or '100% wroing, as usuall.' He was wonderful with the spelling errors, and was capable of ten or more in a *single* sentence! Runs the Crusade BBS. (By: Martin Hunt)

James Parker
An above average Scientologist, James can occasionally put together a coherent sentence. He has not, however, learned how to give his messages much in the way of entertainment value. 'Woody' seems to now be controlling this poster's brain, making him far less interesting than he was in the past. (By: David H Dennis)

James Wood
a/k/a JamesM on IRC
I first came across Scientology in the 1970's while doing undergraduate work studying psychology, specifically focusing on the idea of thought reform/brainwashing. I've been a critic since. I've since become particularly upset at their attempts to stifle free speech and their use of the legal system to harass people and destroy lives. (By: James Wood)

A combination of Brian Stone and David Talbot. (By: David H Dennis)

Jeff Jacobsen
Very articulate, to-the-point posting style. He maintains an ftp site with the all-important affidavits from the Fishman case and is the author of several essays on cults and on Dianetics. Jeff knows about cults through personal experience (don't remember which cult, though). Jeff is also a CAN member and, perhaps because of this, has drawn particular venom from the apologists. Russell Shaw has threatened to picket Jeff in return for his picketing of a Scientology org. Jeff Jacobsen's Web page: (By: Martin L Poulter)

Jens Tingleff
I am a research engineer who doesn't like totalitarian groups who try to censor Usenet. I got drawn into the conflict right around the time of the raid on Dennis Erlich. I spend too much time reading Usenet, and a respectable amount of time digging up information, getting French court documents to places where they might do some good (e.g. the Web) and going to pickets. I post a fair amount of Joking & Degrading material to a.r.s., but I try to stay clear of the flamewars. I Try to offer moral and financial support to deserving critics. Webpage: (By: Jens Tingleff)

aka Robert Carlson, He came on as an scn at first, but I so successfully trolled him that I made him post critical articles to ars under the name 'Jetsceptic' as per my 'orders' as an agent of the cult. This would never have been known but for the fact he posted the troll to ars, a month after discovering how fooled he was. (I posed as Jason Kries, OSA INT ARS Project I/C). He left in humiliation, after the expected praise for exposing me in the 'Martin Hunt, Bare-Faced Liar' series of posts turned against him in grand style. (He may have gotten the idea for that subject line from one of the critical books I ordered him to go to the library and read.) He made a few feeble posts, and then departed in shame, gales of laughter ushering him along. Later, he came back to make trouble for the #clambake IRC channel. (By: Martin Hunt)

Jim A Fetters
Writes great SubGenius- inspired parodies of Scientologist postings. (By: David H Dennis)

Jim Lippard
Prominent skeptic, has matched contributions to Erlich fund. Web page: (By: David H Dennis) Skeptic and Critic. Never a member of the Church of Scientology. Former member of the Church of the SubGenius (Reverend Jim Lippard). (By: Jonathon Barbera)

Joe Harrington
FACTnet member who has posted lots of useful FACTnet material. Joe is the author of 'Imagine the new scientology world order' which gets reposted from time to time. (By: Martin L Poulter)

Johan Wevers
I got involved in the fight against scientology when the cult* raided my provider, xs4all. I maintain a Fishman homepage, and temporarily put up parts of the NOTs on it. I'm a strong advocate of strict freedom of speech, and I admitted to being the 2nd Vorlon who posted the NOTs to alt.religion.scientology in August, 1996. (By: Johan Wevers and Martin Hunt)

John Ritson
Ran into Scientology back in 1968, had practically forgotten about them (unless you walk down Tottenham Court Road, or live in East Grinstead, where they are the major cause of suicide, you would be pretty unlucky to encounter them in the UK) until March 1995 when annoyed by 'Woody' spamming Usenet on behalf of the 'Cruch'. Founder member of the British BodyThetan Society dedicated to protecting these loveable loyal little creatures from attempts by the confused, suppressive Hubbardistas to destroy them or blame them for all problems. Owner of a blue bathrobe (and a pink-striped white shirt). (By: John Ritson)

Jonas Flygare
aka flax, a randomly updated page My engagement today is as much as I have time for, which isn't too much, unfortunately, and reading the newsgroup to keep up to date with the goings on. Oh, and I do own (really!) 'Great Mambo Chicken and the Transhuman Condition.' Good book! (By: Jonas Flygare)

Jonathon Barbera
formerly Qliphah on irc. Phoenix, Arizona, USA; former Churchie who was expelled (declared an SP) in 1994. Critic of some of the practices of the Church of Scientology and its related organizations. I am fond of and interested in most Scientology tech and consider myself an Independent Scientologist (called a Squirrel in the Church). I began posting to ars in 1992 as a Churchie and began posting more as a critic beginning in 1995. (By: Jonathon Barbera)

Justin the Blue
No home page yet, but hope springs eternal. Vitals: Auburn coat, chestnut mane and tail, 8 and 1/2 hands high at the withers. Turn ons: metaphysics, collecting maps, drawing maps, mah jongg, cribbage, the Lambert Conformal Projection. Turn offs: unnecessary litigation, holier-than-thou 'religions'. Not, I repeat NOT a Scientologist even though Koos says I'm a double agent. Been lurking since before Dennis Erlich even *started* posting. Founder of the Golden Gate Bridge Club (GGBC), for those of us who are Koos's Institutional Cases (we come 24 to the case). Only post sporadically, as I don't believe in chiming in unless I have something to say. Remember, religion is but a tool. If you have the courage, don't follow *anybody*. If you don't have the courage, at least don't let yourself be used. On irc as 'blue-jay' at those rare times I can get round to there. (By: Justin the Blue)

Karin Spaink
Writer. Never a member. Got involved after CoS chose to raid her provider, XS4all, in September 1995, because of the presence of the Fishman Affidavit on one of their user's homepages. She put up her own Fishman homepage and asked others to do likewise. CoS has been threatening with lawsuits on account of copyright infringement of the OTs ever since. The first lawsuit, in December 1995, was dropped by CoS because they could not come up with the evidence. The second lawsuit was scheduled for February 1996; Karin won, and is the proud owner of the first legally approved Fishman Affidavit homepage. Needless to say, CoS has appealed; the appeal is pending. CoS now wants to settle. (By: Karin Spaink)

Keith 'Justified And Ancient' Cochran
Critic, never a member. HMOFIC-ARSFC. (HeadMother FuckerInCharge-AltReligionScientologyFinancialCommittee[tm].) First got interested because of the illegal cancels. Got my first KobrinGram over the '7 lines'. Got my second over putting the Fishman Affidavit on my (now defunct) FTP directory at Netcom. Third time's the charm, they say... (By: Keith A. Cochran)

Keith Henson
And dear Keith is still here. Got bored with simply posting and decided to take the cult on directly. Got rewarded with a court case that he gives every indication of enjoying. Was a friend of Timothy Leary prior to the latter's death. That alone makes me a fan. (By: Sister Clara) Exploits documented in Ed Regis' book, _Great Mambo Chicken and the Transhuman Condition: Science Slightly Over the Edge_, Addison-Wesley Publishing Company, Inc. 1990. See review at (By: Dick Cleek)

Keith Wyatt AKA Gun_Bunny
[SSP-3] (the Critic's critic), Banned from IRC #scientology 1996. I first appeared on ARS in April 1995 with a horrible troll regarding critics threatening my life. This didn't go over too well and ever since that time I've been the subject of heavy criticism. I believe that we all practice FAIR GAME and Dead Agenting we just never wrote it down like LRH. I studied GO operations in the late 70's and 80's while a member of the RCP and WWP and used their techniques to our advantage. I have never been a member/agent of the OSA or CoS, although I have been audited in the Freezone recently. I look at the writings of LRH as a metaphor more than a truth. I think the investigative techniques of the CoS are the best of any private organization in the US, although not as strong as the IRA, PLO and other political organizations. Some of my posts are trolls and others are serious, you decide which post are the trolls. Yes, I was homeless from January to May 97 and suffer from alcoholism. I'm a faithful Catholic and some people love me outside of ARS (REALLY!). Most admired people on ARS are Bev, Diane, Keith Henson and RCP=Revolutionary Communist Party, USA (Gone, see CSPR); WWP=Workers World Party; SSP=Suppressive Suppressive Person award given by Webpage: (By: Keith Wyatt). Keith Wyatt (,,,, and Gun Bunny on IRC. He also posted as gun_bunny from an open account at the Eugene Public Library). In his posts, he has stated that he is a recovering alcoholic, was homeless for a while, and served in the military. Other posters have accused him of working for the CoS. His posts archived on Deja News, however, show no obvious connection with the CoS: groups he posted to from his earliest known account ( include,, alt.paranet.ufo and misc.activism.militia. This posting pattern continued - while on AOL, he published his Social Security Number on misc.activism.milita - and only gradually did he post primarily on ARS. He presently appears to have dedicated his life to getting attention by defending Scientology, and has proven to be their most enduring and effective apologist. Hopefully they are paying him something for his labors. (By: Geoff Burling)

Ken Long
According to Tony Sidaway: 'Supports Scientology (which he refers to as 'the subject'). Opposes most of current activities on the net for reasons, he says, of Scientology ethics. Compare to a fundamentalist Jew who opposes the state of Israel on biblical grounds. Ken did some work at Flag for which he was not paid. He wants equity, not revenge.' Now 'considers himself a Free Zoner', per Deirdre. (Tony Sidaway predicted that this would happen). (By: David H Dennis)

Kim Baker
Perhaps the most eloquent and moving anti-COS poster; see my archived posts on the first page for details. (By: David H Dennis) Kim was a member of Co$ before she began posting to ars. Subsequently, she chose to blow and became a vehement critic. When FACTNet was raided, she was asked to join the FACTNet board and became, for a while, the poster who spoke for that organisation and the issuer of FACTNet press releases. Finding the pressures of that position too great, she came once more under the influence of OSA who managed to persuade her to sign two affidavits which perpetuated a number of myths about the critics which Co$ was anxious to promote in order to help them in their US legal cases. She subsequently went to a lawyer and signed a third affidavit disavowing the first two. It would be fair to say that Kim is not trusted by many, if not most, critics as a result of these actions. Despite this, she posts on occasion and still enjoys good relations with the group of critics that are closely associated with FACTNet. Her story can be found on various websites, including Marina's and my own. (By: Sister Clara). I would only add that I was the lone South African poster to a.r.s. at one stage, and since very few of the critics knew me personally, or I them, I feel I should never have posted so personally to a.r.s in the first place - no-one could come and check it out for themselves. The events described here took place between August 1994 and November 1995. Since November 1995, to date, my position has remained the same - I am critic of Scientology, and other *South African* critics have no problems trusting me, because they actually *know* me. I occasionally post to a.r.s., but prefer to keep my distance, personally. (By: Kim Baker)

Koos Nolst Trenite
Coherence: Coherent to him, not to people trying to read it; Content: bewildering and incomprehensible; Repetitiousness: Moderate (most of the posts look and feel similar); Courtesy: High. (surprisingly enough, a nice guy); Humour: ? Koos, who apparently worked closely with L. Ron Hubbard at one time, posts the results of 'security check' audits conducted by him for the Church of Scientology. The messages, alas, are formatted in a bizarre way that makes him nearly incomprehensible. He won Kook of the Month for his messages, despite stiff competition. Tony Sidaway: 'He is under the impression that he can channel LRH's thoughts. He posted a communique late in December 1994 announcing that he had deposed David Miscavige as leader of the Church of Scientology.' See also the Koos FAQ by Tilman Hausherr, (By: David H Dennis)

My stint in Scientology began with a quest to find some therapy for my depression shortly after beginning college. I had found that the cost of psychological counseling was way beyond my means, and I somehow ended up in a Scientology center. There too, the cost seemed prohibitive, and so I was lured into being on staff, signing a two-year contract so I could get auditing and courses for free. I was on staff for 8 months and then quit and just became public. I earned an average of less than $15 for each week while on staff, sometimes only $2 or $3. At the end of college, the Time magazine article echoed all the things I'd felt ever since I read Dianetics and became involved with the cult, and so I quit for good. 4 years on and off, my life wasted, my free time taken away, my arm (figuratively) twisted to do things I didn't want to, my credit ruined, my wallet bilked. They saw I was vulnerable and stupid at the time, so I was lied to and taken advantage of. And then, when in a moment of drunken stupidity after I told the OT3 who was auditing me that I'd read and agreed with the Time article, I was given a copy of the Knowledge Report that she had filed. Before that, she made like she was my best buddy. What a phony bitch. I guess I got declared, but I didn't know it then. I found most Scientologists do not have much of an education, and to be completely ignorant about what college is, or are simply high school and college dropouts. They couldn't make it in the real world so they hide in some madman's twisted fictional world, and pretend that they are living life to its fullest. (By: KrishM)

Kristi Wachter
a/k/a Jour, Jour0
Status: Critic; in for about a month (barely) in the mid-80s.
Been harassed?: I've been stalked on foot and by car, and revenge-picketed at my residence.
Level: SP3?
I think Scientology is breaking the law and hurting people. I think it's fun to tell the truth and fun to change the world, and I think there's inherent value in standing up to bullies, so I enjoy picketing Scientology. I also enjoy debating with my Scientology handlers; those chats seem like excellent opportunities to improve my patience, compassion, self-control, and debating skills.

L. Sobocinski
Coherence: Decent; Humour: None. He used to post reasonably coherent stuff, but recently he has descended closer to the Rick level. Tony Sidaway says that he's actually a decent guy in private mail. (By: David H Dennis) An OT8, many of us will find it hard to ever forgive him for some quite appalling NAZI gibes aimed primarily at Tilman Hausherr(qv). (By: Sister Clara)

Lance S. Buckley
[SP4, GGBC #26, ARSCC(UK), J&D, KoX, KbM#11] A critic since hearing about the attempted illegal rmgroup of a.r.s by Helena Kobrin. Tends to divide his time between Joking and Degrading, Transcribing TV shows and converting the results to HTML, Lurking on IRC's #scientology, Attending all the pickets he can with his trusty video-camera 'Vera' and Spreading the word about Scientology in the real world wherever possible to anyone who will listen. Lance's Scientology pages can be found at: (By: Lance S. Buckley)

Lars Westergren
Minor Swedish critic, 22 yrs old. Never been in contact with Scientology until I started reading a.r.s but decided to take action after reading about their treatment of members and attempts to silence criticism. Agnostic, pacifistic humanist. Mass murderer in previous life according to Koos Nolst Treniete. (By: Lars Westergren)

Lee Thompson-Herbert
I've been a critic of the Church of Scientology since 1990 or 1991, when the CoS started a disinformation campaign against the antidepressant drug Prozac. I was a clinical psych student at the time, and I was utterly disgusted that the culties were smearing one of the drugs that actually _helped_ people. I didn't find a.r.s until 1995. After the cult started misusing court orders to rampage through critics' houses, I became a more visible critic. I started posting through the (now defunct) anonymous server under the pseudonym Sionnach Ruadh. After I made signs at a protest, I started getting harassing phone calls. I guess they didn't like 'CHURCH OF THE HOLY LAWSUIT.' Since the scumbags already know where I live, I have no reason to use an anonymous server anymore. Member, Knights of Xenu (1995). Joker and Degrader. SP3. (By: Lee Thompson-Herbert)

M Dunn
Coherence: Excellent. A first-rate advocate of Scientology, one of the few on the newsgroup. Fully engages in dialogue with anti-Scientology forces. (By: David H Dennis)

Maggie Council
SP4, KoX, Never a member; became curious from working downtown Clearwater and seeing all the pseudo-Navy suits. On a.r.s. since 1994. Got a Kobringram from the Time of the 6 Lines, and University officials received letters demanding that my account be revoked in 1994 or 5 [still here, though]. Co-compiler of List of Front Groups, and Timeline of Harassment [Clearwater edition]. Went to D.C. in 1995 to view Scn tax exemption papers. Wasn't allowed to see 'em. Don't mix me up with Margaret. Anthropological resources available; the anthropology of Scn is really amazingly scary sometimes. (By: Maggie Council)

Marina Chong
SP4(*), KoX, GGBC#13, KBM#5, Joker/Degrader. Official cheerleader of ARSCC's Joker and Degrader division, and much respected comrade in arms. Marina is a Singapore Girl with attitude. A veritable mine of technical information when you least expect it, and a critic of the cult who is well known for her no nonsense approach. Marina's vital statistics are *ouch* er, yes... are her own business. She's picky as hell too. Marina has kindly hosted pages generated by other critics, and also mirrors some of the other sites. So have a look around, you'll find a nice collection of stuff here. Marina's Manor on the (By: Lance S. Buckley)

Marion Delgado
I first encountered Scientologists here in Fairbanks giving their tests. Once I saw their stupid, insulting tests, I started to make fun of them, but the ones here were pitiful, underfed and threadbare, living in a shack. I got reinterested seeing their anti-hacker stuff (I feel they put USA today up to its 'FBI-sourced' antihacker scare-story). I hate copyright fakery (Island records, Disney) used to suppress critical art. The more I learn about Scientology the more I dislike it. However, I agree with it on many points: the existence and importance of the reactive mind, the dangers that psychiatry presents (cf. Frances Farmer), the possibility of reincarnation, that fixing neurosis increases testable intelligence (not reality-testing). (By: Marion Delgado)

Martin Hunt
I am a longtime and frequent poster to ars, and I maintain several of the newsgroup's FAQs: a booklist, the large ARS FAQ, a terminology list, a who's who, and more. I am an ex-Scientologist, and I consider Scientology to be a criminal organization, the purpose of which was to garner money, power, and fame for the man at the top - L. Ron Hubbard - before he died in 1986. The cult's mangement is still operating on Hubbard's corrupt policies, and thinks nothing of suing and harassing its critics into silence. I believe that Scientology represents a grave threat to the concepts and tenets of freedom, democracy, and the internet. (By: Martin Hunt)

Martin L. Poulter
A softly spoken, gentle man who has really pissed off the UK branch of Scientology. During a recent demonstration outside the cult's London office, he was singled out in print as being the leader of a mob of Howling Copyright Terrorists - an appointment that was news to both him and the rest of us there. His web pages are a blend of righteous indignation and calculating analysis: definitely worth a visit for those interested in the UK point of view. Martin and his pages have appeared on television in the UK a couple of times now, once on Cyber.Cafe, a late night net related show, and also on Newsnight, a prestigious BBC2 current affairs program. Harassment Martin has experienced: Kobringram letter, derogatory leaflets handed out on street in London. (By: Lance S. Buckley)

Maureen E. Garde
Maureen is perhaps best known for the ARSCC Wine and Cheese parties that she holds in her basement. What may be less well known is that she went to law school with another well known ars personality, the one and (thankfully) only Helena K Kobrin. Legend has it she even attended Helena's wedding. Makes you wonder what happened to HKK considering the fact that Maureen turned out so nice even though she is in the legal profession. When I last looked there was no mention of Helena here, but considering how many lay lawyers frequent ars, it's refreshing to see trained legal opinion for once. A few of the eye-opening topics for your perusal are: 'The Purpose of Scientology and the Courts', 'What is Scientology (a brief discussion)', 'Scientology's Litigation History.' (By: Lance S. Buckley) The item about my attending [HKK's] wedding is incorrect. I Started following a.r.s. when I saw Helena's name mentioned in a post. (By: Maureen Garde)

Michael Reuss
Software engineer, Loveland CO, USA. ARS-CC R&D, KoX, GGBC, SP5 and Honorary Kid. I was ambivalent when first drawn to a.r.s (in 3/95) by some horrible logic and misuse of the word 'criminal' in an article cross-posted to sci.skeptic by Co$ persona Rick Sherwood (Woody). Once here, I was appalled to learn of the Co$ raiding Dennis Erlich's home, a blood smearing incident at Tom Klemesrud's home and Kobrin's RMGROUP attempt 3 months prior. Since then, I've seen (firsthand) them attack free speech, commit abuses against (current and former) members, lie, and harass their critics. The Co$ made me into a critic by such activities. (By: Michael Reuss)

Finger him for a free CoSG pamphlet, although it's just not the same without all the funny graphics. :-) M L Poulter comments: Subgenius, longtime a.r.s participant and maintainer of a cool ftp site. Victim, if that's the word, of another crap attempt at 'outing'. Vera posted his real name to a.r.s, but this completely failed to impress anyone: Modemac had been using his real name on other groups for months. (By: David H Dennis)

Neil Muspratt
Brisbane, Australia. Critic, SP3, never been a member, periodic poster. One of the local org staffers attempted to recruit me one night way back in 1985, quite a disturbing experience for a then 18 year old. I had heard the Co$ was weird and this event proved it. I had no real interest in the cult for years until I stumbled across a.r.s in June 1995. Lurked a bit, then read most of Ron Newman's web page in a 3 hour non-stop session and couldn't believe how the cult could be so stupid to try what they pulled in the most public forum on the planet. Then I got angry. Started picketing in March 1996. My aim? Make people aware of the actions of an obnoxious organisation that preys on unsuspecting human beings. (By: Neil Muspratt)

Number 3
One in the audience at the ongoing performance of scientology vs everyone; tries to attend and report on the court cases in San Jose, and to keep up with the legal cases; puts in an occasional relevant article from periodicals; tries to find some common sense in turbulent ars scene. Web site at (By: Number 3)

Padre Martini
Archdukebishop of West Texas, Experience with Scn: None, other than attending pickets and asking loads of questions about Scientology that never seem to get answered. Believes in the freedom of religion, but that no one has the right to censor the Internet, raid people's homes, lie, rape, murder, steal, frame, and drive people insane in the name of L. Ron Hubbard. Maintains a Frequently unanswered questions list and a large collection of the worst L. Ron Hubbard quotes ever, which are used liberally to back up his claims. (By: Padre Martini)

Paper Tiger
Anonymous critic, ARS archiver, Asker of Annoying Questions, Atheist and Skeptic. Discovered ARS in June 1995 when Scientologist 'Chris Miller' made a post to soc.women in which 'she' lied about having a daughter working for Morrison and Foerster, the law firm representing Dennis Erlich, in order to besmirch their reputation. SP3, LFDoX (Little Furry Daughters of Xenu), KBM (Killfiled by Margaret). (By: Paper Tiger)

Patricia Savenije$.htm
Occasional poster in a.r.s., but fairly active in nl.scientology. Likes to mock up scienos, but is also truly interested in what makes them tick. She hates the organization, not necessarily all of its members: 'Many people have been seriously harassed and intimidated for speaking openly about what goes on inside the 'church' of Scientology. They were sued into bankruptcy, their houses were raided and for some of them, suicide was the only way out of all the misery. Their voice deserves all the volume it can get - in newsgroups and on the web, to begin with.' (By: Patricia Savenije)

Paulette Cooper
Paulette was virtually a one-woman anti-cult campaign in the 1970s, and wrote one of the first critical books about the cult, 'The Scandal of Scientology', for which she was mercilessly hounded by the cult. Having made her contribution, she now writes lightweight books about pets, etc., but does occasionally visit ARS, recently posting a diary of the cult's harassment against her. (By: Dave Bird)

AKA RBOC on IRC #scientology. Anon Critic and Cynic, with eclectic views and interests. Collector of Sci-Fi (NOT Hubbard's!) Works for the PhoneCo, A Cult with REAL Technology! Used to help out in cryonics lab, though not with Keith Henson. Drawn to ARS by the raid on Dennis, been around ever since. Believes $cientology ==Spiritual Enlightenment, like Two Cans and a String==Telephone Network. Reached number 2 on the ARS posting volume report one week, at which news invoked *Slack!* Still posts when the mood strikes. Likes: Redheads with Pierced Nipples, MST3K, Air-Cooled Vehicles, Northern California, Fog. Dislikes: Fundamentalists with Pierced Nipples, MCI, Volvos, and Southern California. .sig: *Cheap*Fast*Reliable*--Pick Any Two! (By: Pbxtalk)

Phil Scott
My background and career is applied engineering and physics, I've come to value the truth. As a critic I feel that the Co$ crime and corruption need to be exposed, the satanic connections, the connections to US, then Interpol intelligence (heavily documented), and the international currency manipulations via operatives in the world bank etc.... these are _key_ and relevant issues, especially when taken as a whole system of influences. It is also my view that Truth should never be suppressed, even when found in regrettable circumstances or packages. LRH indeed has made some significant advances....some fatal, many in fact, the basic gestalt was from satanic roots.... but some have added remarkably to the knowledge of man...I'll give one small example... LRH discovered that if a person does something that he knows is wrong or unjust, that the person will shrink from it.... as one lives life these instances are numerous, and a being becomes compressed and very hard core about defending these errors...and is thus locked into his error. This is valuable insight..... trashing that locks one into his own pit. My motto, 'value the truth, be truthful, tell the whole truth.... get educated... an ignorant person cannot comment truthfully. Life is born on truth... and truth is born on humility...... the resulting developments are then both valid and quite valuable'. (By: Phil Scott)

Pope Charles
William Barwell, 30 year critic of Scientology, never a member. I found ARS about the same time Dennis Erlich arrived. I have watched this cult degenerate year by year for decades and was shocked but not surprised to see the antics this vicious cult has been up to on the net, (and off). The cult needs some help so I decided selflessly to give it the help and guidance it so desperately needs. Sig: 'Pope Charles, SubGenius Pope Of Houston, Slack!' (By: Pope Charles)

Rachel Kadel
Both funny and intelligent; worth a look. (By: David H Dennis)

Ralph Hilton
Ex- Sea Org. 10 years at Flag. Joined 1972, left 1982 (and declared SP). Cl 5 OT7 in the CofS. Still a Scientologist really but disagree with many things about the CofS including many crimes, pricing and control of peoples' lives. I audit people using a technology which I can't call Scientology because they might sue me. I think the future of Scientology technology is outside of the CofS. (By: Ralph Hilton)

Rasta Robert
Became interested in Cof$ vs the 'net throughout the copyright case in the Netherlands against over 20 Dutch ISPs and writer Karin Spaink. Since then I've read up on the history of $cientology, I even bought a secondhand Tech Dic recently, to better be able to deconstruct the cults' mangled language. I've been participating since March '96 in nl.scientology and on ARS. The internet could be the cults debacle, as a medium it cannot be controlled like the old mass media. I Blow Body Thetans with my yidaki (aka didjeridu) by means of circular breathing and happen to have a blue/green bathrobe. (By: Rasta Robert)

Rebecca Hartong
I first encountered Scientology about 4 years ago on AOL in the mental health folders, debating the merits of modern psychiatric treatment. I first began reading and posting to alt.religion.scientology about 3 1/2 years ago with the idea of continuing to battle CCHR's campaign of lies about psychiatry, and I have continued on as an occasional poster (but constant reader) since Scientology began threatening freedom of speech on the Internet. My opinion of Scientology is that the 'philosophy' (such as it is) is a pathetic mish-mash of misunderstood Eastern religious ideals and pulp sci-fi. The 'management' of Scientology (such as IT is) is criminal, loathsome, and thoroughly obnoxious. (By: Rebecca Hartong)

Rem Walker
Humour: Unintentional. Another Woody clone. (By: David H Dennis)

Rex Basterfield
I spent 1975 doing HQS, Life Repair and part of Student Hat at the Birmingham (UK) mission (I knew Jon Atack). Following a period of what would now be identified as depression, I discovered Dianetics(tm) and Scientology(tm). I was exhilarated by the promises in the seemingly logical DMSMH and the fantastic statements in Scn. I read many of the books. I jumped in with my naivete and, after some early success (mainly with self-processing), I slowly slid into intense disappointment. I managed to extricate myself with only two home visits from a Guardian. Years later, I was prompted to get an internet account when I heard about ARS on television. I don't feel qualified to discuss the wicked and bizarre things the church has apparently done to its people over the years. My own angle is more to do with the philosophy, which proudly boasts what it can do for the Self and yet, clearly, is ultimately bound to throw most people permanently off the wonderful lifelong path to Self Knowledge. (By: Rex Basterfield)

Scientologist. Apply the tech in my life, find it does help me; made gains that are still there after six months vacation from the Acad. (Took a breather after staff contract terminated.) Next year, I'll go back to complete my training as a Class IV auditor. As staff, collected a lot of hats: Qual Sec, examiner/attester, Word Clearing M1, M2, M4, M9. Key to life, LOC. About LRH, think that, even if he wrote it up off his head, he must have stumbled on something because I've seen it work too many times. Hobbies are: the Net, ARS, electronics, programming (QBasic, VB/VBA, Excel4 macro expert). Honor roll, still in good standing. (By: Richmann)

Rick Davis
Same as Rick Sherwood. (By: David H Dennis)

Rick Sherwood
aka Woody, Coherence: Dreadful; Repetitiousness: Extreme; Humour: Unintentionally funny. One of the most prolific posters on ARS, Rick Sherwood is indeed an enigma. His posts usually consist of only three or four lines, consisting of stock phrases he picks out of a small pile arranged neatly on his desk. Depending on the exact arrangement of stock phrases, he can be quite funny. However, due to his extremely frequent posting, you run through his entire set very quickly. At that point, he becomes very dull and predictable. (By: David H Dennis)

Robert Adams
Another Clambot. (By: David H Dennis)

Robert Marcus
Coherence: Dreadful; Level of Interest: Threats - a real killer of a guy; Courtesy: None whatsoever - you wouldn't want to meet him in a dark alley; Humour: None. Robert Marcus is now best known for his death threat to Diane Richardson, where he said that she was coming closer and closer to 'six feet under'. Most posters to ARS were quite outraged by this. He later wrote a very strange apology, which included a quote of Rodney King's famous 'Can't we just get along' speech. I must say that his way of getting along (by wishing them six feet under!) is rather unique and refreshing! We all deeply appreciate these brilliant insights, of course. :-) Before he became famous, he wrote saying that he was leaving ars because they were on the side of death and not life. (By: David H Dennis)

Rod Keller
Nickname 'Stomps' on #scientology. Compiler of A.r.s Week in Review - write me for a free email subscription. Interests - dangers of the Purification Rundown, Scientology cosmology, how the tech alters the idea of 'ethics' to allow members to do the horrible things Scientology does. Sometime defender of unpopular causes and/or people on a.r.s. Member of the ARSCC. (By: Rod Keller)

Roger Gonnet
Ex Franchise founder, ex-Lyon (France) org founder and CO, ex companies-cousellor, ex translator of 2 millions words of elwrong and now, translator of 270000 + words criticizing scientology; wrote a book on the subject (Scn-Dn, a cult armed for war; chronicles of a commercial religion company of unlimited irresponsibility). Member of KKKGB (Kriminal Kult Killers Gang's Bird); maintaining a site of more than 5 megs, reactualized many times a week. (By: Roger Gonnet)

Rogue Agent
Rogue Agent is still missed by many of us. He had the uncanny ability to think like a Scientologist and absorb the tech in detail. Must have been effective as Co$ targeted him and eventually drove him off. (By: Sister Clara)

Roland Rashleigh-Berry
Since his arrival in Spring, 1997, Roland has played a key role in real actions against CoS, not just on ARS, by taunting the cult with an open display of XEMU. He wears a XEMU costume at pickets, helps give out 'XEMU Loves You' helium balloons to the kiddies, and wrote the famous 'XEMU Leaflet' which has such a dispiriting effect on the CoS. Since the 'Ho [Helena Kobrin] pressured force9 into removing the leaflet homepage, he is now expanding XEMU's homepage at XEMU :->. He was given a bloody nose by a mad clam [Scientologist] at one UK picket, after which CoS paid him the remainder of his refund on untaken courses. He has a very dark and crazy sense of humour which not everyone can get along with, doesn't suffer fools or trollers gladly, and tends to lash out - verbally - at idiots. (By: Dave Bird)

Ron Newman
For a huge amount of information about scientology, check out his outstanding web page, generally acknowledged as the best on the subject, at: (By: David H Dennis) Ron's pages are generally regarded as the most comprehensive record of Scientology's abuses both on and off the Internet. His name has appeared more than once on official Scientology legal documents, and after reading his pages you'll have a good idea why they are so worried about him. The scope of these pages is staggering, especially when you consider that they are solely maintained by Ron. If ever there was a labour of love, this is it. For anything from the latest breaking news, to archives of past cult indiscretions, you will certainly find it here. There is even a search engine for your convenience, so maybe you'll be able to find out about 'Dead Agenting' and 'Xenu' after all. Happy Hunting! (By: Lance S. Buckley) He has established and maintained a stellar web site dealing with the CoS/Internet controversy and continues to keep the site current and relevant. He has provided sane, rational responses to media representatives who contact him for information regarding the controversy. (By: Diane Richardson)

Scott A. McClare Criminal Cult:
SP 3, GGBC 42, KoX. Critic, Canadian, English/Rhetoric major at U. of Waterloo. Never been a Scientologist. Got interested in Scientology after reading _Mission Earth_ and learning that the Church wanted R. Miller's _Bare-faced Messiah_ banned. Got downright angry when the Church started censoring Usenet and bullying public critics who posted to the Internet. Interested in Scientology literature from the propaganda angle, rejects out of hand the 'Criticism of Scientology = Persecution' argument and the claim that Scientology is compatible with Christianity. Scott's Chunk of the (By: Scott A. McClare)

Sister Clara
SP4. SisterC on IRC. Never a member but saw account of Internet v Scientology war in a magazine and subscribed to a.r.s. to have a look. Arrived a day or so after the raid on Dennis Erlich in early 1995. Read with mounting anger all the documents posted at that time which catalogued Scientology's harassment both of its critics and its own followers. Began posting in response to 'Big Win' posts about a month after joining the newsgroup and has been here ever since. Gained battle scars by receiving threatening e-mails from Ms Kobrin. Maintains a web presence at which includes a CAN mirror and CAN information page. (By: Sister Clara) The biggest and most perverse contrarian on ARS, she would argue with her neighbours why the fire brigade shouldn't be called when her own house was on fire. (By: Dave Bird)

Socks the Cat
Another conspiracy theorist but, unlike Tom, absolutely and utterly loopy in the way that I think only Americans can really be (whoops, how to make friends and influence people...). His ID is based on the name of Clinton's cat. 'Nuff said, methinks. Never could work out why he chose to post to ars. (By: Sister Clara)

aka The Squirrel, An Australian skeptic. His posts are well worth reading, combining the right proportions of fact, taunt and humour. Of particular interest was a series of posts explaining how Dianetics can rightly be considered a pseudo-science. The clambots' attempts to dead-agent this character with several repetitions of 'Squirrelly, you lying gits!' have been amazingly inept. (By: Martin L Poulter)

No page; no horse; a mustache. If I am EVER convinced that the criminal cult has stopped tampering with the net, lying to people, and using the courts as a tool of oppression, I will cheerfully and immediately unsubscribe and head back to my favorite newsgroups. But if there's a scorpion in the room, I want to know WHERE. When hell freezes over, I'm gonna make a mint selling iceskates to the little demons. Meanwhile, anyone got a good book on creative origami? (By: STella)

Steve A
(Full name available to genuine callers and nubile young women of dubious virtue). Qualifications: SP4, GGBC, KBM, Unsalvageable PTS/SP #12 (there are others, but these are the ones with the nicest medal ribbons) Just thought: you'd better add to mine that I own a blue bathrobe. I forgot. Why am I here: I came to a.r.s. in late '94, partly out of curiosity because I'd heard stuff about CCHR and the raid on I was so disgusted with what I saw that I stayed. Since then, I have 'enjoyed' a short flurry of emails with Helena Kobrin, and assorted hate mail messages from Scientologists, and I've attended three protests at the London org. (By: Steve A)

Steve Marinick
He reminds me to tell you that he's an ex-Sea Org member. Or is he ex? Time will tell. (By: David H Dennis)

Steve Whitlatch
Steve was a scieno staff member for two years at the Phoenix org in the mid '70s. Anti-scientologist. Undisputed Op-Pro-By-Dup World Champion. scieno case level: never had a case. scieno tech training: worse than useless. scieno admin training: qualified to scream 'help me, help me please!'. Because of his ties to media persons critical to scientology, Steve was removed from staff in 1977 (by Bruce Hamilton, GO/OSA, Las Vegas, Nevada). No recent GO/OSA harassment. scienos generally steer clear of Steve. Took 13 years to stop thinking in scientology terms. Honesty cures scientology. Protected by God and Law. (By: Steve Whitlatch) An interesting former Scientologist. (By: David H Dennis)

Stu Sjouwerman
Coherence: Excellent; Level of Interest: High; Relevance: High; Repetitiousness: None; Courtesy: Very Good; Humour: None. This surprising late entry to the Scientology sweepstakes gave a highly intelligent and coherent explanation of the CoS position. Looks like another Milne, but less frequent postings make him sensible to read. This was a second-generation Stu; the earlier one was boring and repetitive, and posted a few large spam articles he called 'FAQs'. (By: David H Dennis)

Stuart P. Derby
-Stu, Critic, never a member, started paying attention to Co$ following the 1995 'rmgroup' attempt, began regular reading of a.r.s in summer of '96. Just a lowly SP2, but I've been told that Scientology can help me with that. A true computer geek, I'm motivated to criticize Co$ for their abusive tactics against critics on general principle (and all that free Prozac!). No bathrobe, no pajamas. Besides Co$ and computers, I also have interests in linguistics, cognitive sciences, copyright law, science fiction, and urban folklore. Web page: (By: Stuart P. Derby)

He is usually hanging in the background of ars, but it was reported that he posted at least once. He is one of the regulars on IRC. Not so much is known about him. He said that he is very critic against the CoS Empire. (By:sKuNk)

Tarla Star
Auburn-haired topless relief driver on the Crosstown Bus to Toadl Freedom. Owns her own blue and white chambray bathrobe. Been an arshole since just before the Great Raid of '95. Made infamous by Andrew Milne in the PR blunder of a lifetime, now know as 'The Outing of Tarla Star' (in big bold lights, please). Lost a good friend to the cult in '76, lost my anonymity in '95, lost my patience about the same time, and had a serious hate-on with the cult ever since. Favorite pastime on ars: critiquing L. Ron Hubbard's published garbage. You may consider me a CRITIC of the CoS. (By: Tarla Star)

Ted Mayett
Las Vegas, Nevada, Member for 12 years, on and off. Completed four major courses. I was a low-level monkey, until finding the Internet I knew nothing about this cult. Today I am an activist. I would see them corrected or shut down. I argue vehemently that there is a difference between the criminals running the cult and the local members who are not necessarily criminals. (By: Ted Mayett) Famous for daily picketing of Las Vegas Scientology orgs. (By: Dick Cleek)

The Pilot
(anonymous, invalid email address of I am a Current Member who wants to reform the CofS and is hiding from OSA; I'm Pro Tech and Anti Policy. I give out insider data, and I'm hosted by many websites but none are in direct contact with me. See, for example See the 'SCIENTOLOGY REFORMER'S HOME PAGE' by the Pilot at The Pilot's Home Page is at Get the original Pilot materials (the 32 part SUPER SCIO book) at: (By: The Pilot)

Tilman Hausherr Maintainer of the Celebrities in scientology FAQ
Never in a cult. Software developer, lives in Berlin, Germany. On the internet since August 1994 when I was told about a.r.s. in a CompuServe forum. I observe evil cults as a hobby, because I consider cults like scientology to be human rights abuses even worse than the ones monitored by AI. Not affiliated with any anti-cult group but sympathetic to them. (By: Tilman Hausherr) Tilman is an 'on the button' critic. No Hype. No Jazz. Just Facts. If my memory serves me, he's the only high profile German poster on ars. This makes him a convenient target for the cult of Scientology, as there are few things they enjoy more than accusing someone of Nazi-like behaviour. Since he is German that proves their point! *sigh* Have a root around his pages. There you will find some wonderful stuff, including the 'must have' Celebrity FAQ which details the well known, and not so well known members of the cult. Want to know how long John Travolta has been in? Want to know who spouts Scieno propaganda at his concerts? Want to know why Bart Simpson stares like that? You'll find all the answers in the FAQ. (By: Lance S. Buckley)

Tom Klemesrud
Drawn into ars and the struggle with Scientology through the happy (?) accident of being Dennis' gateway to the Internet (he runs a BBS) and thus was drawn into the Court case. A great conspiracy theorist (but who knows - he may be right most of the time). (By: Sister Clara)

Tom Lasher
Another Clambot; Tom greatly resembles Woody in his early days. He may even BE Woody. He tries to pretend to be British, but the messages he sends are transparently forged. If you wish to drop him a line, send it to (By: David H Dennis) Some evidence exists that he was one of the cancel bunnies given his account activity. (By: Dick Cleek)

Tony McClelland
A member of CultAware, the Australian equivalent of CAN, Tony posts very infrequently to a.r.s, but when he does he is well worth reading. The net is grateful to him for exposing the Co$ claim to have taught 2 million South African children to read as a lie. He posted in full the correspondence with SA government officials which showed this. Tony has been extensively and viciously dead-agented. He has been accused by an OSA representative of wire-tapping and harassment, although once again they have failed to produce any evidence. (By: David H Dennis)

Tony Parker
Coherence: None; Level of Interest: None; Relevance: Laughable; Humour: Unintentional. Tony Parker is a brand new Clambot (as of July 1995). He follows up Woody's posts with messages that, if anything, are even less comprehensible than Woody's. The intent seems to be to get Woody's 'message' (such as it is) out of the killfile and back to the world. I don't think it's going to work. Parker's email address is listed as 'parkera' in his headers; the address given above would probably serve to reach him. If, of course, he responds to his email. (By: David H Dennis)

Tony Sidaway
aka Sherilyn, He got involved immediately after the raid on Dennis Erlich and since then has been the most prolific critical poster. His postings can fairly be divided into 'sensible' and 'silly' categories. An example of a sensible post is his summary of the OT3 document. This drew a barrage of abuse from the clambots who went eerily silent when asked to point out what, if anything, Tony had got wrong. Tony has also built up a large list of factual questions that Andrew Milne is unable to answer. On the silly side, he derives a (literally) perverse pleasure from taunting Vera about the size and/or smell of her panties. His increasing fascination with this subject has led to his adopting the title 'The Panty Inspector' (By: Martin L Poulter) Sherilyn is a prolific poster to ars and can deliver a kick in the balls to cult apologists along with the best of them. In fact Sherilyn *is* one of the best. Another relative newcomer to the arcane art of HTML, you may find glitches, but nothing major and mostly cosmetic. Judging by the high quality of Sheri's posts, hers will definitely be a site to keep a close eye on. (By: Lance S. Buckley)

Often very funny posts. Note that all of this person's posts are forgeries; he has no valid email address to share with us. (By: David H Dennis)

Vera Wallace
Status: Gone; Official spokesperson; Repetitiousness: High; Courtesy: None. Vera is now gone from Earthlink. The catalyst was her repeat of the infamous 'outing' of TarlaStar. The latest on Vera is that she seems to have taken on legal training. She now sounds a great deal like Helena Kobrin, Church Lawyer, and very little like her former lusty, vivacious self. The sighs of many unrequited Scientology critics can be heard around the newsgroup, as the cute air-headed 20 year old suddenly becomes a tough as nails Scientology lawyer. Vera wrote a public message giving TarlaStar's real name, address and phone number in a public post, and including some nicely veiled threats that implied possible future unpleasantness. (By: David H Dennis)

Ex-Scientologist and former Sea Org executive now writing about the cult of Scientology, particularly its lies and betrayal. Read my postings at: (By: Warrior)

ARS poster wgert is the official spokesperson for Scientology on this newsgroup. His methods and communication skills are the direct result of Scientology training. Pay attention. (By: Bruce Pettycrew) Yes, wgert or William Gertler is probably the official spokesperson for the criminal organization of scientology on this NG. His appearance after an unusual break, just after the cult had abused Keith Henson, is also very interesting. Wgert posted an article that was the most blatant form of damage control I've seen for a long time. He openly lied about the actual incident. (By: Anti-Cult)

aka Keith Little, Coherence: Excellent; Repetitiousness: Low; Humour: Unknown. Another competent Scientologist who engages in reasonably high quality discussions with his opponents. Unfortunately, he appears to have been chased off the group by his friends in Scientology, who apparently resent the fact that he's been known to use his brain on occasion. A halfway-intelligent organization would have encouraged him. (By: David H Dennis)

William Bardwell
Sometime scn critic, not to be confused with William Barwell without the 'd'. (By: Martin Hunt)

In real life: Juergen Behrndt. Born in Germany, 1956. A member of Co$ from 1989 to 1995 at the Hamburg Org. Has done the Int RD, Comm Course, Objectives, three Purifs, PTS RD, 2 CCRDs (but not clear); total costs: DM 120,000 or $80,000 US. Tried Flag 'Case Cracking' in the summer of 1990; after that, gone nuts. Completed the Narconon Program in 90/91; last TE (tech estimate) said he needs to do it all again. Left the Church in December, 1995; now suing the Hamburg Org at for a refund of DM 95,000 or $63,000 US. FAX +49 531 81047 (By: Juergen Behrndt and Martin Hunt)

Wolf Tripp
Coherence: Excellent; Relevance: High; Courtesy: Very good; Repetitiousness: None; Humour: None. A very interesting poster, this person likes the 'Tech' and defends the Scientology organization in many ways, while conceding that services are somewhat overpriced and management has some problems. He claims that he got a great deal from Scientology when he was in it, and that he has effectively 'graduated' from the Church, having learned all it had to teach him. An intelligent advocate of some Scientology principles. (By: David H Dennis)

Coherence: Good; Level of Interest: Moderate; Relevance: High; Repetitiousness: Low; Courtesy: Medium; Humour: None. One of the better CoS posters, this user actually does respond in a reasonably coherent way to anti-CoS posters. He doesn't reach the high plane Whippersnapper and Elizabeth McCoy do, but he's not too bad. The main reason he doesn't get a higher rating is that he uses arguments that have already been largely debunked in the newsgroup. (By: David H Dennis) WONDERFULR is Russell Shaw and the name is short for Wonderful Russ. (By: Jonathon Barbera) Russ is personable, likeable, jolly, has a sense of humor, etc. Wonderfool is a public OT, a local businessman who has been in scientology for about 25 years. He is familiar with people and activities from when I was involved in scientology, mid '70s. Wonderfool russ has been brainwashed. I often ask OTs how they feel about Xenu, Marcabs, Body Thetans, etc. I ask them if they might want to make a statement about any of those things. I did basically that with wonderfool. There is a point at which probing OTs for remarks on the space opera stuff reaches a hard shell that prevents them from considering the core beliefs (Xenu, etc.) to be false. At that point, they become unreasonable, uncommunicative, evasive, illogical, insane. Before that point, I can make progress with them. Just simply talking about the goofy space opera stories naturally brings doubt to their minds. (Steve Whitlatch, from ars post)

Xenu's Sister
I've been a critic of Co$ for over 20 years (a Sociology teacher in high school showed us a documentary detailing how scummy and scary the cult was). Before that, my only contact was being roped into taking a personality test, but I walked out before it was given. Since then, I've told nearly everyone I come into contact with through the years how silly, disgusting and dangerous the cult is. I've been subscribed to a.r.s since it was created, but tend to go in and out of lurker mode. I HATE WITH A PASSION all the egofest in-fighting of critics because it's embarrassing and plays into $cientology hands. I believe that those who battle the cult head-on (in public or private) are the true heroes, and that $cientology will turn to dust sooner rather than later. I charge a $200.00 handling fee for reading e-mail from $cientologists. (By: Xenu's Sister)

Xfiles3291 (Lori Ann Chauvette)
Web Page:, Manchester, NH USASP1I work in a pet store here in New Hampshire, and I love my job. Why did I get involved with posting to ARS? It started out simple enough: I was doing research for cults in general for a web page I'm doing after the Heaven's Gate mass suicide in California. I started out doing research on everything from Jehovah's Witnesses to Hare Krishnas for these pages in hopes to keep people that are tempted to join these cults. Most of my research on the Net kept directing me towards Scientology, so I went to a number of pages, and was shocked at what I was finding there. Then I started posting to ARS to get more info on everything, and have been posting there ever since. (By: Xfiles3291)

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