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May 11, 1982 16 witnesses unlock sect's closed society "Of the 16 who testified, Flynn said he represents Lavenda Van Schaick and Paulette Cooper directly in separate lawsuits against the Church of Scientology. He said he is involved also indirectly in lawsuits filed by Ernest and Adelle Hartwell and Janie Peterson." lawsuits, Paulette Cooper
May 7, 1982 Writer says sect harasses her "It has been 11 years since freelance writer Paulette Cooper published what she calls 'the book that launched a thousand suits.' And it has been about a week since she was served with the eighteenth lawsuit filed against her by the Church of Scientology." lawsuits, Paulette Cooper
May 2, 1982 Sect still scrapping in five local lawsuits "The lawsuit filed this past week by the Church of Scientology against the city of Clearwater brings the number of local legal scraps the sect is involved in to five." lawsuits
May 1, 1982 Judge OKs hearings on sect "The Church of Scientology's request to prevent Clearwater from holding public hearings to investigate its operations was denied Friday in federal court." lawsuits
April 20, 1982 US Supreme Court rules on Scientology case Los Angeles Times: US Supreme Court rules on Scientology case lawsuits
April 20, 1982 Scientology Founder's Wife Loses Final High Court Plea, Faces Prison The Supreme Court let stand the convictions of two former leaders of the Church of Scientology, rejecting their final efforts to contest the legality of the FBI's search of the church's Los Angeles offices in 1977. The court's action apparently clears the way for Mary Sue Hubbard - the one-time "controller" for the church group and wife of its founder, L. Ron Hubbard, who was not charged in the case - to begin serving a five-year prison term on a conspiracy charge. crimes, IRS, lawsuits, Mary Sue Hubbard, Press
April 19, 1982 High Court Refuses Housing-Bias Appeal (brief mention of Scientology) lawsuits
April 2, 1982 Suit Against Church Whittled A District Judge has dismissed seven of 14 allegations of wrongdoing against the Church of Scientology by a Boston-area woman and said he will consider whether the First Amendment bars some of the remaining allegations in the $200 million class action suit. The claims were filed by a former member of the church, La Venda Van Schaick, who claimed she was induced into joining the church by false representations, defrauded, subjected to emotional distress, locked in a room, and harassed in many other ways. Boston, MA, false imprisonment, fraud, harassment, La Venda Van Schaick, lawsuits, Press
March 8, 1982 Supreme Court Allows Laws Against Head Shops (brief mention of Scientology) lawsuits
August 21, 1981 Church of Scientology member files suit over violation of rights Los Angeles Times: Church of Scientology member files suit over violation of rights lawsuits