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June 6, 1989 Supreme Court Makes It Harder To Prove On-The-Job Racial Bias (brief mention of Scientology) lawsuits
June 5, 1989 Headline: High Court Deals Blow To Minorities//Ruling Makes It Easier For Bosses To Refute Bias Claims (brief mention of Scientology) lawsuits
April 28, 1989 Headline: Court Rule Challenges Historians' Right To Reprint Unpublished Data (brief mention of Scientology) lawsuits
April 21, 1989 Scientologists Lose Privacy Appeal Scientology lost another round in a long-running legal effort to keep religious confessions out of the hands of police and prosecutors. The issue arose when Ontario Provincial Police, acting on warrants alleging possible tax fraud, raided the Toronto premises of the church and the home of one member in 1983, seizing more than 850 boxes of material including files, books, correspondence and other documents. crimes, lawsuits, Press, Toronto
October 28, 1988 Church Lawyer Alleges Ministry Bias Premier David Peterson has been asked to appoint independent lawyers to prosecute the Church of Scientology, after allegations that the Attorney-General's Ministry is caught in a conflict of interest. Lawyers for the church also asked the provincial auditor yesterday to examine the propriety of the ministry's having financed a civil suit launched by one of its own lawyers against the church and several media outlets. Casey Hill, defamation, lawsuits, Press, Scientology and Society, Toronto
October 25, 1988 Paper Wants Scientology Documents Unsealed The St. Petersburg Times has asked a federal judge to unseal four court files pertaining to the Church of Scientology. The files, which otherwise would be available to the public, were sealed in 1986 by U.S. District Judge Elizabeth A. Kovachevich at the Scientologists' request. The suits alleged that Scientologists invaded the plaintiffs' privacy and abused the courts by filing malicious actions. Tanja C. Burden of Las Vegas said Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard, his wife, Mary Sue, and the Clearwater church enslaved her for more than four years. The sealing of the files put all record of the cases and any subsequent developments out of public view. Clearwater, Gabe Cazares, lawsuits, Press, Scientology and Society, Tonja Burden
October 18, 1988 Headline: High Court To Rule On Flag-Burning As Protest (brief mention of Scientology) lawsuits
October 18, 1988 High Court Agrees To Review Texas Flag Burning Law, Ohio Libel Award (brief mention of Scientology) lawsuits
October 18, 1988 Supreme Court Takes Action To Seal Information Leaks (brief mention of Scientology) lawsuits
October 18, 1988 Supreme Court Will Hear Ohio Pension Case (brief mention of Scientology) lawsuits