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April 5, 1985 Judge Rules Out Videotapes Aimed At Discrediting Witness An attempt to discredit a witness testifying against the Church of Scientology in a fraud trial hit a snag Thursday when a Portland judge called surreptitiously made videotapes an "amateurish performance" and refused to let them be shown to the jury. "I think they are devastating, devastating against the church," Multnomah Circuit Judge Donald H. Londer said out of the presence of the jury after viewing 108 minutes of tape recorded in a Los Angeles park last November. crimes, defamation, Gerry Armstrong, lawsuits, Press
April 2, 1985 Judge Dismisses Church Suit That Accused Boston Lawyer Boston Globe: Judge Dismisses Church Suit That Accused Boston Lawyer lawsuits
April 2, 1985 Hubbard's Absence Leads to Dismissal of Scientology Suit A Los Angeles federal judge dismissed Monday a $2-million libel suit by the Church of Scientology of California against a Boston lawyer because of the failure of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard to appear at a court-ordered deposition. A Scientology attorney claimed that Hubbard was not available to be deposed. Waving a Scientology advertisement, the judge asked, "Then why do you advertise that he can be reached?" L. Ron Hubbard, lawsuits, Los Angeles, CA, Michael Flynn, Press
March 12, 1985 US District judge orders appearance of Scientology founder Los Angeles Times: US District judge orders appearance of Scientology founder lawsuits
December 21, 1984 Scientology Papers Opened And Then Resealed by Court Hours after thousands of personal records and writings of the founder of the Church of Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard, were released by a court to day, a judge ordered the papers resealed. Judge Lawrence Waddington of Superior Court responded to an emergency lawsuit filed by church members named in the papers who claimed their privacy rights were violated. The papers include diaries, letters, military records and unpublished manuscripts. News organizations were to be allowed only one 90-minute opportunity each Thursday to view the material. L. Ron Hubbard, lawsuits, Press
November 17, 1984 Dismissal Requested In Documents Case A Supreme Court of Ontario judge has been asked to dismiss criminal contempt of court charges brought against two Ontario Government lawyers by the Church of Scientology of Toronto. J. J. Robinette, representing the two lawyers, told Mr. Justice John Cromarty yesterday that there was no evidence to convict his clients over the release of certain church documents in police hands to another Government lawyer. crimes, lawsuits, Press, Toronto
November 8, 1984 Scientologists' Charge is Called Interference The Church of Scientology of Toronto pressed contempt of court charges against two Ontario Government lawyers in an attempt to interfere with criminal proceedings involving the church, the Supreme Court of Ontario was told yesterday. David Doherty, the lawyer for the two Government officials, alleged that church lawyer Clayton Ruby deliberately provoked a confrontation after he discovered that an official at the Ministry of Consumer and Commercial Relations had been granted access to documents a Supreme Court judge had earlier ordered sealed. crimes, lawsuits, Press, Toronto
October 30, 1984 One More Step In Legal Battle Taken By Church Of Scientology The Church of Scientology went another round in court yesterday in its marathon fight against Ontario's legal establishment. The case, and another scheduled for this morning before a panel of three judges of the Court of Appeal, aren't by themselves particularly noteworthy. But they form part of a long trail of litigation left by the church since a massive police raid on its Toronto headquarters in March, 1983. The police alleged that the church and several employees defrauded the public by making fraudulent representations about several church courses and a device called an E-meter, which the church claims is used in its confessional. lawsuits, Press, Scientology and Society, Toronto
October 24, 1984 Son of Church Founder Is Sued by Stepmother The wife of the founder of Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard, has filed a $5 million suit against Mr. Hubbard's son, charging "massive fraud" in his 1982 effort to have his father declared legally dead or mentally incompetent. The suit was filed by Mr. Hubbard's third wife, Mary Sue Hubbard, the stepmother of Mr. Hubbard's oldest son, Ronald DeWolf. lawsuits, Mary Sue Hubbard, Press
October 4, 1984 US Court of Appeals reinstates Scientology church defamation suit San Francisco Chronicle: US Court of Appeals reinstates Scientology church defamation suit lawsuits