Is Scientology breaking the law?

Allegations of practicing medicine illegally by Scientology

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An ex-Scientologist describes his involvement in Scientology as a teenager 

Back in 1975, I spent about six months in Scientology.

For about $800.00 Scientology sold my mother a course in Dianetic Auditing, along with the course I would receive Dianetic Auditing that would cure me of my drug addiction. ... My drug use at the time was nothing exceptional for that day and age. I smoked some pot, dropped some acid, drank a few beers, and poped a few ludes and amphetamines (not all at the same time). Matter of fact, I was pretty clean at the time because my broken leg required a two month stay in the hospital, and after that I wasn't able to get around real well, and was basically broke. But this Scientology shister basically told my mother that I would be dead within a year if I did not receive treatment. He also told me that the auditing would help heal my leg faster! So in a sense he was trying to sell me medical assistance in the form of some hokey classes.

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