The Calculated Risk

Date: February 21, 1966
L. Ron Hubbard writes HCO Exec Letter "The Calculated Risk." An excerpt: "The calculated risk taken on 23 January 1963, has paid off. ... I saw that when the gun-waving Federal Marshals stormed the Church in Washington, we were in for a series of raids and enturbulent actions by governments. ... The strategy was this - the only thing which would ultimately win for us was total technology. If I interrupted research to swat flies, we might lose. Therefore I handed over most of the defense to others and speeded up research. By working 18 hours a day on research and the rest on administrative matters, by August of 1965 I had the full answers to total freedom. Well, the calculated risk paid off. The ultimate "weapon" was attained - The ultimate weapon is total freedom."
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