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The Guardian Office (now the Office of Special Affairs) attempts to silence criticism of Scientology. It is also in charge of front groups like Narconon and Criminon.

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Guardian Office Memo Requests Update on Stealing Department of Justice Files

October 3, 1975: A Guardian's Office memo is sent to Richard Weigand requesting a compliance report on target 17 of GO 1361. (Target 17 directed the infiltration and theft of files relating to Scientology from the Tax Division or the United States Department of Justice in Washington, D.C.) Weigand added a handwritten note to the memo that target 17 "is almost done" in Washington DC, but that six more weeks would be needed to complete the target at the Justice Department in Los Angeles.

GO Memo

October 10, 1975: A Guardian's Office memo excerpts "IRS Intelligence Files - 1972-1974".

GO Memo

October 13, 1975: Michael Meisner writes a memo dealing with the transcript of an interview between former Scientologist Gene Allard and California Deputy Attorney General Lawrence Tapper. A copy of that transcript had been given to the IRS. Cindy Raymond later sends copies of this memo to other Guardian's Office officials. (Note that Scientology documents revealed a plot to frame Lawrence Tapper for getting a nun pregnant - one of Scientology's more bizarre attempts to smear a government official.)


October 13, 1975: Henning Heldt sends a CSW (Completed Staff Work) to Jane Kember dealing with "the turnover of B-1 data from IRS LA, IRS DC, and Justice Dept. Tax Division to PR and legal to get the reports D/A'd (dead agented), and for attacking along PR and legal lines." He attaches a proposed GO 1361-1, listing additional goals, including placing additional Scientology agents in the Los Angeles and Washington DC "target areas" and preparing the stolen government documents for release to the press.

GO Letter

October 21, 1975: Cindy Raymond sends a letter to various Guardian's Office officials, enclosing Michael Meisner's letter from the 13th (dealing with a transcript of an interview between Gene Allard and California Deputy Attorney General Lawrence Tapper) and also appending stolen government documents. Among the recipients: Michael Taylor, Henning Heldt, Richard Weigand, Gregory Willardson, Jane Kember, Mo Budlong, and Mary Sue Hubbard.

GO Memo

November 10, 1975: Henning Heldt writes a memo entitled "Re: China Shop: Clearwater Sun" about a Clearwater newspaper, which has been designated a target for attack due to its critical articles on Scientology. Scientology plans to take over the paper: "Our target on this, very confidentially, is ownership or control of the paper. So, as you know, the finance information on the paper, its debts, its income (and how it could be cut) are prime information needs. Also detailed info on the posts of the staff editors, etc."

GO Memo

December 4, 1975: A Scientology memo summarizes the contents of some "LA Intel Files," including information about Scientology links to the Process, references to the "Scientology murders" (Doreen Gaul and James Sharp, teenage Scientologists who were murdered, possibly by the Zodiac killer or someone associated with Charles Manson), an allusion to LRH being arrested in 1968 for counterfeiting, and FBI information on Scientology.

GO Order

February 5, 1976: An order from L. Ron Hubbard suggests that Scientologist Jimmy Fischer obtain the school records of Clearwater Mayor Gabriel Cazares.

GO Memo

February 12, 1976: One week after Scientology threatened to sue the St. Petersburg Times for libel, Duke Snider, deputy deputy guardian U.S., writes Henning Heldt, deputy guardian U.S., that he had come up with an excellent defence should anyone accuse the church of trying to silence The Times. "There are 3 papers here, the CW Sun, St. Pete Times, Tampa Tribune," he said. "The CW Sun and St. Pete Times printed the most stuff. Tampa ran a lesser amount but still some entheta (translation: unfavorable publicity). "When we sent out the letters threatening libel we did not have time to get around to the Tribune, they had printed less, but still some entheta and we wanted to go over their articles more carefully." Just that day, he said, his office was preparing to send a letter to the Tribune threatening a suit, but then his plan came to mind. "So with the Tribune (Tampa)," Snider said, "we do not threaten any action but just let PR (public relations) handle. As a defence we then point to them and say 'We didn't threaten them or try to shut them up, it's just those who are completely unreasonable or unfair and despite all our best efforts will not stop printing falsehoods that require us to take recourse to legal action'."

GO Memo

February 12, 1976: The Flag Collections Officer [possibly Molly Harlow?] writes a memo to Joe Lisa entitled "Re: Rumours." It discusses rumors the Scientologists were trying to plant at the Clearwater Sun and the Chamber of Commerce that L. Ron Hubbard was in Europe and had come to the US to relax, do photography, and record choirs - not to set up the fake United Churches front that Scientology was hiding behind.

Guardian Office in the News

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October 9, 1979 9 Scientologists OK Conviction So They Can Appeal Nine leaders of the Church of Scientology, in a rare legal maneuver, have agreed to be found guilty by a federal judge on reduced charges of conspiracy and theft as an outgrowth of their long battle with the federal government over allegedly stolen U.S. documents. crimes, Guardian Office, Henning Heldt, Los Angeles, CA, Mary Sue Hubbard, Press, Richard Weigand

Guardian Office in the News

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February 14, 1977 GO Memo A memo entitled "Re: ARM Pac Directorate" details Scientology activities regarding the "anti-religious movement." It gives the home address of alleged deprogrammer Sandra Sachs; notes that a probation officer would not provide information about Sachs or Ted Patrick, but that the info could instead be gotten from Scientologists in the Los Angeles or San Diego police departments; mentions a planned picket of the Hare Krishna Temple in Los Angeles; and discusses the Brotherhood of the Sun and Melodyland. In the section on San Francisco, it notes, "As you know we are setting up a kidnapping to be done eventually by Michael Trauscht, so as to set him up for fraud charges by the parents. We are currently working on this as there is a family already recruited ... There is also another FSM who is in communication with the anti-cult groups in that area, and who is looking for Frances Rufty through those people and by tracing down the cars visiting the house in Berkeley where Trauscht had stayed. [Editor: In other words, a Scientologist had infiltrated organizations concerned about cults, who was tracing people who had visited one exit counsellor's home.]" The author goes on to describe problems with getting regular, timely reports from the Assistant Guardian in San Francisco; he was sent to cramming, and was slated for a sec check if he didn't start complying. Guardian Office
December 18, 1976 Mitchell Hermann Mitchell Hermann sends "Project Troy" to Henning Heldt and Richard Weigand, pursuant to Weigand's request. Weigand had directed Hermann/Cooper to write "a project to get prediction on future IRS actions." Project Troy calls for the placement of a permanent bugging device in the office or the IRS Chief Counsel. Thus, the Guardian's Office would be able to monitor all "IRS planned actions as regards the C of S of C [Church of Scientology of California] exemption so that Legal can be briefed to take effective action." Guardian Office
November 4, 1976 GO Document Duke Snider writes to Henning Heldt about the meeting he'd had with Michael Meisner on 10/28. He says that Meisner "seemed to finally realize ... that his actions would ultimately seriously effect the church..." and that Meisner had expressed concern for his wife and parents and over the fact that he was being kept uninformed about the Guardian's Office's actions on the cover-up. Snider concludes that Meisner is not a traitor and will cooperate with the GO. Guardian Office, Henning Heldt
October 15, 1976 GO Document Mo Budlong writes to Richard Weigand, describing a project called "Weavers Needle"; Budlong says it "can be utilized to debug and accomplish any infiltrating target you may be having trouble with in your area." Guardian Office
October 6, 1976 Michael Meisner Moves to a Scientology-Rented Apartment; Coverup Continues Michael Meisner moves into an apartment at 444 South Burlington Street in Los Angeles. The apartment was rented by Paul Poulon (Collections Officer for the Information Bureau); the Guardian's Office wanted to reduce expenses and it was cheaper for Meisner to hide out in an apartment than in hotel rooms. Meisner spends most of his days at local libraries doing research on the security of government buildings, in order to support one of the cover-up stories, _viz._, that he had entered various government buildings to do an expose on the lack of security. Cinty Raymond and Meisner meet approximately twice a week to discuss the ongoing cover-up. crimes, Guardian Office, Los Angeles, CA, Michael Meisner
September 29, 1976 GO Report Deprogramming: Arizona Set-up - B-1 Missionaire's Report Guardian Office
September 28, 1976 Mo Budlong writes to Richard Weigand, describing a plan for hiding Michael Meisner from his arrest warrant Mo Budlong writes to Richard Weigand, describing a plan for hiding Michael Meisner from his arrest warrant. This constitutes conspiracy, harboring a fugitive, and obstructing justice. crimes, Guardian Office, Michael Meisner
September 20, 1976 Mike Cooper, Michael Meisner. Meisner, he's, arrest. Cooper, Meisner, San Diego, -, Scientologist -, FBI, Meisner, San Diego, vi Mike Cooper meets with Michael Meisner. Meisner says he's absolutely opposed to leaving the country to escape the warrant out for his arrest. Cooper tells Meisner that a San Diego police officer - a Scientologist - had told the FBI that he had arrested Meisner in San Diego for a pedestrian violation. In fact, Meisner had never been to San Diego. The Guardian's Office used a police officer to throw the FBI a false lead. Guardian Office, Michael Meisner
September 16, 1976 Duke Snider, Richard Weigand, Warren Young matter. Young, San Diego, Scientologist, FBI, Meisner, San Diego, violation. In fact, Duke Snider writes to Richard Weigand, telling him to take care of the Warren Young matter. Young, a San Diego police officer and a Scientologist, had told the FBI that he had arrested Meisner in San Diego for a pedestrian violation. In fact, Meisner had never been to San Diego. The Guardian's Office used a police officer to throw the FBI a false lead. Weigand writes back, saying that the policeman is "on SCN lines", and Snider writes back saying he was glad the matter was under control. Guardian Office, Michael Meisner
September 10, 1976 Michael Meisner, Los Angeles, authorities. At midnight, Guardian's Office, hotel Michael Meisner moves to a different hotel in Los Angeles to continue to evade authorities. At midnight, other Guardian's Office members move him to yet another hotel. Guardian Office, Los Angeles, Michael Meisner