Guardian Office

The Guardian Office (now the Office of Special Affairs) attempts to silence criticism of Scientology. It is also in charge of front groups like Narconon and Criminon.

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GO ED 4 - Hepatitis in the Cadet Org

May 5, 1979: CADET GO ED [Guardian Office Executive Directive] #4, by Stephen LeMarr for the BOARD OF DIRECTORS of the CHURCHES OF SCIENTOLOGY An excerpt: "Then in Feb. the hepatitis scene happened and we were swarmed over by County and State Health Inspectors. The County Inspector (an ally) found out about the existence of the Fountain and said this is not OK and let's quickly work together and handle it. He continually predicted an attack from another agency and was not able to say which one. We found the Annex could be used and was legal with a small amount of renos and started to work. Sure enough, we were raided by 2 Special Agents of the State. But because of our taking full responsibility for our scene and well into having the Annex ready for use, there was nothing they could do to us. I will not go into detail of what they could have done but will indicate that we were suited in 1974 for running illegal child care and this would have been our second offence. First time we got probation and you could imagine what the second offense would have gotten us."

Guardian Order 3031, The Controller Committee

December 27, 1979: Guardian Order 3031, "The Controller Committee," stresses compliance with the law. Scientology representative Lynn Farny later cites this document as evidence that Fair Game is not practiced by Scientology. However, Robert Vaughn Young testifies that Fair Game DID continue, and says he knows this because he participated in discussions about how to Fair Game Gerry Armstrong.

Carol Garrity Affidavit

May 21, 1982: Affidavit of Carol Garrity. An excerpt: "I am aware that many similar operations were conducted against Tonja Burden while I was working for the G.O. [Guardia Office] I am aware that a G.O. agent, Bill Broderick was placed in a position to spy on Tonja Burden and that the G.O. acquired an apartment in Tonja Burden's apartment building to spy on her and harass her."

GO 111212, Black Propaganda, Reissued as OSA Network Order #15

February 18, 1988: LRH's Guardian's Office Order 111212, "Black Propaganda," is reissued as OSA Network Order #15. (It was originally issued on Jan. 12, 1972.) In it, Hubbard describes how OSA can use lies to destroy Scientology critics.

Letter to CO PAC

October 24, 1989: Scientologist Gabriele writes a letter to the CO PAC about the care and hygiene of three children who were attending the Cadet Org and whose guardian was often sent away on assignments. Two of the children have lice, and the author seems to be concerned about who, if anyone, is doing laundry and keeping house for the children.

Guardian Office in the News

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July 15, 2008 SPY VS. SCI: The Latest Scientology Protest Anonymous protests Scientology in Portland, Oregon to raise awareness about the dirty tricks of Scientology's Guardian Office and Scientology's criminal Snow White conspiracy. Guardian Office, pickets, Portland, OR, Press
June 30, 2008 Anti-Scientology Group On Attack The anti-Scientology group known as Anonymous says its July 12 "Spy vs. Sci" plans to demonstrate in "cities all around the world." Anonymous members - who include former Scientologists - are focusing on alleged "abuses" of the church's intelligence agency, known as the Office of Special Affairs (OSA). The group charges that critics are "targeted, harassed, threatened and intimidated in an attempt to silence or punish them." Guardian Office, New York, pickets, Press
January 13, 1987 Scientologists Lose Appeal The Church of Scientology will seek leave to appeal yesterday's court decision dismissing its bid to quash the search warrant that led to the largest seizure of documents in Canadian history. One hundred policemen seized about two million documents in a 20-hour raid on the organization's Toronto headquarters. crimes, Guardian Office, lawsuits, Press, Toronto
January 15, 1985 Defendants Answer Summonses Crown Attorney Is Predicting Long Trial In Scientology Case A Crown attorney says he expects a lengthy trial for the Church of Scientology of Toronto and 16 members and former members charged as a result of a four-year police anti-rackets investigation. The accused face one or more of three charges - theft over $200, possession of stolen documents and breach of trust. The church itself faces 17 charges. crimes, Guardian Office, Press, Toronto
December 20, 1984 Police, Provincial Employees Included 19 People Charged In Scientology Case Germany created a government office Wednesday to coordinate its fight against the Church of Scientology and to keep people who are affiliated with the group out of key public jobs. Federal and state governments will work together to try to keep companies and people with links to Scientology away from jobs involving teaching and counseling, Kohl said in a statement. The German government claims Scientology is largely a money-making organization - with some traits of organized crime - that seeks world domination. crimes, Guardian Office, Press, Toronto
January 15, 1983 Scientologist Faces Jail Term Mary Sue Hubbard, 51, wife of the founder of the Church of Scientology, is scheduled to begin serving a four-year federal prison sentence for her role in a conspiracy to burglarize federal buildings, following the failure of a series of appeals. She was the last of eight Scientologists to be sentenced in a 5-year-old case that grew out of efforts by church members to burglarize federal buildings and illegally obtain government records on the church. crimes, Guardian Office, Mary Sue Hubbard, Press
January 24, 1980 The Scientology Papers: Hubbard Still Gave Orders, Records Show L. Ron Hubbard, the former science fiction writer who publicly resigned in 1966 from leadership of the Church of Scientology, continued to give orders to its leaders into 1977, a Washington court has been told. Evidence obtained in 1977 in raids on U. S offices of the cult by the Federal Bureau of Investigation revealed there was a detailed program to cover up Mr. Hubbard's involvement in the leadership of Scientology. Called Operation Bulldozer Leak, it was part of the documentary evidence filed by federal prosecutors with the U. S. District Court that last month gave long prison terms to Mr. Hubbard's wife and eight other Scientology leaders for their roles in conspiracies to steal government documents and to obstruct justice by kidnapping an informer. The nine are free pending an appeal of the validity of some of the evidence. Guardian Office, L. Ron Hubbard, Press
January 23, 1980 2 Leaders In Britain Still To Face U.S Court In Conspiracy Case Testimony before a U. S. District Court in Washington said FBI raids on offices of the Church of Scientology in 1977 were specifically in search of evidence of conspiracies to steal government documents and obstruct justice. The FBI agents found it, the court was told. Much of the evidence was in the reports of the cult's spies planted in jobs in strategic offices, and in the files that they stole. Thousands of seized documents that helped convict nine U. S. Scientologists named as conspirators also gave the court evidence of other crimes and clandestine activities. Canada, crimes, Guardian Office, Kathy Feshbach, Press
January 23, 1980 The Scientology Papers: Cult Harassment, Spying In Canada Documented New light has been shed on the Canadian operations of the controversial Church of Scientology by files made public by a U. S. District Court in Washington. The evidence refutes denials by Toronto cult leaders of information I reported more than five years ago in a series of articles based on internal cult documents and interviews with defectors. Other accounts since then of clandestine operations by the cult in Canada are also supported by the files, submitted in court after being seized in Los Angeles and Washington as part of a 2 1/2-year investigation by U. S. authorities. The trial resulted in jail sentences for nine leading U. S. Scientologists, who are out on bail pending another of many attempts to have documentary evidence used in the case ruled illegal. Canada, crimes, Guardian Office, Kathy Feshbach, Press
January 22, 1980 Secret Ontario Documents Found in U.S. Cult's Files Confidential documents from various Ontario Government offices including an attorney-general's communications about police intelligence operations have been found in U. S. Church of Scientology files. The documents were part of the evidence submitted by federal attorneys in the Washington prosecution of U. S. leaders of the cult on charges of conspiring to steal government documents and obstruct justice by coverups and by kidnapping an informer. crimes, Guardian Office, Press, Toronto

Guardian Office in the News

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November 10, 1975 GO Memo Henning Heldt writes a memo entitled "Re: China Shop: Clearwater Sun" about a Clearwater newspaper, which has been designated a target for attack due to its critical articles on Scientology. Scientology plans to take over the paper: "Our target on this, very confidentially, is ownership or control of the paper. So, as you know, the finance information on the paper, its debts, its income (and how it could be cut) are prime information needs. Also detailed info on the posts of the staff editors, etc." Guardian Office, Henning Heldt
October 21, 1975 GO Letter Cindy Raymond sends a letter to various Guardian's Office officials, enclosing Michael Meisner's letter from the 13th (dealing with a transcript of an interview between Gene Allard and California Deputy Attorney General Lawrence Tapper) and also appending stolen government documents. Among the recipients: Michael Taylor, Henning Heldt, Richard Weigand, Gregory Willardson, Jane Kember, Mo Budlong, and Mary Sue Hubbard. Guardian Office, Letter, Mary Sue Hubbard
October 13, 1975 GO CSW Henning Heldt sends a CSW (Completed Staff Work) to Jane Kember dealing with "the turnover of B-1 data from IRS LA, IRS DC, and Justice Dept. Tax Division to PR and legal to get the reports D/A'd (dead agented), and for attacking along PR and legal lines." He attaches a proposed GO 1361-1, listing additional goals, including placing additional Scientology agents in the Los Angeles and Washington DC "target areas" and preparing the stolen government documents for release to the press. Guardian Office, Henning Heldt
October 13, 1975 GO Memo Michael Meisner writes a memo dealing with the transcript of an interview between former Scientologist Gene Allard and California Deputy Attorney General Lawrence Tapper. A copy of that transcript had been given to the IRS. Cindy Raymond later sends copies of this memo to other Guardian's Office officials. (Note that Scientology documents revealed a plot to frame Lawrence Tapper for getting a nun pregnant - one of Scientology's more bizarre attempts to smear a government official.) Guardian Office
October 10, 1975 GO Memo A Guardian's Office memo excerpts "IRS Intelligence Files - 1972-1974". Guardian Office
October 3, 1975 Guardian Office Memo Requests Update on Stealing Department of Justice Files A Guardian's Office memo is sent to Richard Weigand requesting a compliance report on target 17 of GO 1361. (Target 17 directed the infiltration and theft of files relating to Scientology from the Tax Division or the United States Department of Justice in Washington, D.C.) Weigand added a handwritten note to the memo that target 17 "is almost done" in Washington DC, but that six more weeks would be needed to complete the target at the Justice Department in Los Angeles. crimes, Guardian Office, Richard Weigand, Washington DC
September 30, 1975 Scientologist Michael Meisner, Guardian's Office Scientologist Michael Meisner sends a memo to his superiors in the Guardian's Office, summarizing stolen government documents regarding "the IRS National Office Intelligence files" and the "SSS [Special Services Staff] files". The latter were specifically called for in Guardian's Order 1361, Target 10. Guardian Office, Michael Meisner
September 24, 1975 Scientologist Michael Meisner, Guardian's Office Scientologist Michael Meisner sends a memo to his superiors in the Guardian's Office, summarizing stolen government documents regarding the "IRS/Hawaii Intelligence Files." Guardian Office, Michael Meisner
September 21, 1975 Scientologists Commended for Breaking into Government Offices Gregory Willardson writes a CSW (Completed Staff Work) to Jane Kember and requests commendations and awards for various staff members who had been involved in executing GO 1361 (which directed breaking into government offices and stealing documents), including Cindy Raymond. crimes, Guardian Office, Jane Kember
June 27, 1975 Guardian Order L. Ron Hubbard writes an order for the Guardian's Office. An excerpt: "Info must find the who back of these IRS attacks and document it for exposure plus all other items of interest. It could be IRS and the government is attacking any vocal group to pave the way for some coup by the government. Evidence as to the why of these attacks must be gotten, powerful enough to destroy the attackers when eventually used or revealed." Hubbard said that somewhere in IRS was "an insane individual with insane plans" who was operating a "false reports factory." He wanted that person found. Guardian Office, L. Ron Hubbard