Scientology's Revenge Picket, 11/21/98

Scientology revenge-pickets me at my home, November 21, 1998

Three Scientology representatives picketed my home on November 21, 1998, in retaliation for my picket at Scientology's San Francisco org (83 McAllister) earlier that day.

My picketers, Ben, "Stridenta," and "Tall Black Man" (I've since learned that his name is Craig), engaged in conversation with me and the few passersby who came along.

They handed out the usual lying, libellous flier claiming I'm a religious bigot and a hate monger.

They were not at all shy about having their pictures taken, and I got photos of them at the org (where Stridenta called me a bitch and Craig said I could suck his dick) and in front of my apartment building.

I transcribed and posted our conversation .

Craig and Stridenta at the org

Craig, Stridenta, and Ben at my residence / higher resolution

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