Over 20 Scientology Sect Members Forced To Leave Beslan

Source: Daily News Bulletin
Date: October 22, 2004

Over 20 members of the religious scientology sect left North Ossetia on Friday.

The North Ossetian law enforcement agencies told Interfax that the sectarians left the republic after receiving a warning from them that their activity in Beslan is unlawful, as they lack essential certificates and licenses.

Spokesman for the North Ossetian police Ismel Shaov told Interfax, "They all were registered at the Polyot hotel and tried to influence the survivors [of the September 1-3 hostage crisis] and their relatives."

"In response to appeals by the North Ossetian Health Ministry, public, psychology experts, and the survivors themselves, law enforcement agencies had nothing to do but take administrative measures against them," Shaov said.

All the members of the scientology sect had foreign passports, many of them had dual citizenship, and there were also actual foreigners among them, he said.

"There is information that members of other sects, such as the Moonies, Jehovah's Witnesses, the Society for Krishna Consciousness, and others are also unlawfully acting in Beslan," Shaov said.

Measures will be taken to stop their activity in line with the Russian law, he said.