Boston Herald: Sacred Teachings Not Secret Anymore

Source: Boston Herald
Date: March 4, 1998

by Joseph Mallia

Scientology teaches that humans first came to the earth from outer space 75 million years ago, sent into exile here by an evil warlord named Xenu, according to church documents.

The church also teaches its members to communicate with plants and zoo animals - and with inanimate objects such as ashtrays, former members say.

But these esoteric secrets have only recently been revealed publicly, because the Church of Scientology for decades used copyright lawsuits and other measures to keep them under wraps.

"When people hear the secret teachings of Scientology, they think, 'How could anyone believe such nonsense?"' said cult expert Steve Hassan.

"The fact is that the vast number of Scientologists don't know those teachings. Scientologists are told that they will become ill and die if they hear them before they're ready," Hassan said.

MIT student Carlos Covarrubias told the Herald that while he studied Scientology at its Beacon Street church, he was instructed to tell ashtrays to "Stand up," and "Sit down" - ending each command with a polite "Thank you."

The same ashtray techniques were documented by a BBC reporter's hidden camera at a Church of Scientology chapter in Britain.

Covarrubias - who left the church and now considers it a cult - spent about $ 2,000 to reach a particular level of church teachings. But longterm members must pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to entirely cross what Scientology calls the "Bridge to Total Freedom."

More advanced students are taught to do the following:

"Find some plants, trees, etc., and communicate to them individually until you know they received your communication."