Picket Photos

Photos from my pickets

Like many picketers, I bring a camera with me when I picket. That way, if there's any kind of physical confrontation (like when Scientologist Frank Ofman attacked Bob Minton ), it's possible to produce photographic evidence of what happened. It's also a way to help readers visualize what happens at a picket.

Feb 6 1999, SF - Aug 29 1998, SF - Aug 28 1998, SF - Aug 26 1998, LA - July 22 1998, Phoenix - June 7 1998, LA - June 2 1998, SF

February 6, 1999: San Francisco picket by Phr, Administrati, Peaches, and Kristi

Sea Orgers loitering in the doorway
Kristi in the cafe

August 29, 1998: San Francisco picket by Stacy Young, Bob Minton, Grady Ward, Keith Henson, ExMudder, Phr, Taniwha, and Kristi

arrival at the org
the San Francisco org
Videoboy with his powerless camera

Bob and Stacy

group photos at the end of the picket

August 28, 1998: Phr, Meklar, and Kristi picket in San Francisco

Phr at the San Francisco org

August 26, 1998: Los Angeles picket in Los Angeles by Zinjifar and Kristi

Kristi at Celebrity Center
Kristi on Hollywood Blvd
Zinjifar on Hollywood Blvd

OSA goon following us in traffic
OSA goon blocking Zinjifar's truck
OSA goon's license plate

July 22, 1998: Phoenix picket by Bruce, Jeff, and Kristi

Kristi and Bruce
Jeff and Kristi

June 7, 1998: Los Angeles picket by Zinjifar and Kristi

Kristi at ASHO

the Celebrity Centre sign

June 2, 1998: San Francisco picket by Taniwha and Kristi

both sides of Kristi's sign

Scientology staffer just after he took my picture

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