Scientology Lies

Picket photos, San Francisco, December 5, 1999

On December 5, 1999, four of us - Kristi Wachter, Peaches, Phr, and Phil - picketed the San Francisco org in memory of Lisa McPherson, and in hope that no life will ever again be lost to Scientology. A full picket report was posted to alt.religion.scientology.

No-Longer-Nasty Mark and his camera

Jeff Quiros and his camera

Phil talks with Jeff Quiros; Peaches is in the background

Phr, Peaches, and our new coffee-mate, Richard

Phr, Peaches, and Kristi

No-Longer-Nasty Mark returns to camera duty, while the young lady who briefly filled in for him returns to the org

Phil again

Madwog and Longhair do a short country waltz in honor of Lisa's love of country dancing

The org turned out the lights when we returned for our second vigil

The candle Madwog brought for Lisa

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