Scientology Lies

Scientology pickets, September, 1999

In September 1999, I picketed Scientology three times: in San Francisco on September 4, in Sacramento on September 6, and in Las Vegas on September 11.

San Francisco, September 4, 1999

Scientologists stand outside the org talking (including Burly Guy, second from left, and Craig, my stalwart revenge-picketer at right), while picketers picket at the right of the photo

Scientologists outside the org, including Burly Guy at left and Craig at right. And look - they're "Now Hiring!"

Keith Henson pickets (left), while Josh (standing near the org doorway) snaps photos

The ever-fashionable Peaches, with other picketers behind her

Picketers At Cause! Left to right: Phil, Phr, SP Ultra, Brent Stone, Administrati; kneeling: Keith Henson, Peaches

Us again: Phil, me (Kristi Wachter), SP Ultra, Brent, Administrati, with Keith kneeling...

and us once more, showing the other side of our signs

A sign in the cafe next to the org for a presentation about the fictional "reactive mind"... I'm not sure whether the cafe owners are directly affiliated with the org or simply let them put up fliers like this.

Me and Phil showing off Phil's new truck

Sacramento, September 6, 1999

A sidewalk sign at the Sacramento org

Another sidewalk sign at the Sacramento org, with my inflatable alien looking on

Window displays at the Sacramento org

The entryway to the Sacramento org

Me picketing in full regalia

Las Vegas, September 11, 1999

Me picketing at the "little org" in Las Vegas, their incredibly tacky Celebrity Center

Me picketing at the "big org" in Las Vegas. (Look! They're "Now Hiring!", too!)

My gracious host and co-picketer, Ted Mayett

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