Picket Photos, Los Angeles, March 13, 1999

On Friday, March 12, Neal Hamel and I did a couple of quick passes around ASHO (Big Blue), including L. Ron Hubbard Way, in anticipation of the all-day pickets on Saturday.

On Saturday, March 13, over 30 critics converged on Celebrity Centre, ASHO, and FOLO, to commemorate L. Ron Hubbard's birthday, educate the public, enturbulate the Scientologists, and exercise our Constitutional rights to free speech and peaceful assembly.

Although the Scientologists got film permits to keep us off streets at Celebrity Centre and ASHO, we did plenty of picketing along heavily-travelled Franklin at the Celebrity Centre, and the police kindly permitted us to picket on L. Ron Hubbard Way whenever the Scientologists weren't filming.

Here are the pictures I took that weekend. (Click any thumbnail to see the full-size version.)

Friday, March 12, 1999

Tarps around ASHO (Big Blue) - the parking lot was enclosed by white tarps. One effect of the tarps was to hide much of the message sign ("Free Personality Testing!") from passing cars and pedestrians.

Neal Hamel on LRH Way, Friday, 3/12.

Nice Mark from the San Jose area came out to take lots of pictures of Neal and me on Friday afternoon.

Saturday, March 13, 1999

One of the photographers at the picket, in his "OSA Spy" t-shirt. Someone told me this is Garry Scarff.

Me (Kristi Wachter) and Michael Pattinson in front of the Celebrity Centre sign.

The banner on LRH way and the white tarps around the parking lot, and the set for the filming that shut off the street to picketers (except for brief periods between shooting).

The new schoolhouse on LRH way, grand opening scheduled for Sunday, 3/14/99.

Nice Mark (from the Bay Area) talking with a photographer from the press.

We got to picket when the Scientologists weren't filming - here, a police offer talks with someone (a Scientologists, I think), while Don NOTs pickets beyond the film set.

Bruce Pettycrew and Zinjifar (with plush Xenu) on LRH Way.

Administrati on LRH Way in front of the ASHO lion; barely visible behind him are Rondata (I think) and Zinjifar (with plush Xenu).

Far left: a new picketer, Rollerblader; center: the new schoolhouse; right: a policeman, keeping the peace and keeping us moving.

Dennis Erlich and Michael Pattinson (I'm not sure who that is on the left).

Snefru (left) and others holding up www.xenu.net banner on LRH Way.

Picketers stroll down LRH Way in spite of the film permit, thanks to the LAPD. Left: Scientologist Armando (in the black suit), who had good confront and high tone level; center: picketers, carefully staying on the sidewalk; right: the film set.

The tarps around the parking lot, seen from LRH Way.

Rondata, Zinjifar (with plush Xenu), and Administrati in the background - I'm not sure who the lady on the right is - picketing on LRH Way.

Administrati posing in front of the ASHO lion with my favorite sign of the whole picket: "If you can't convert 'em - hurt 'em."

Michael Pattinson and Snefru carry the www.xenu.net banner down LRH Way yet again.

Bridge Publications, with a Sea Org recruiting sign in the window.

Getting ready for a group photo.

Still getting ready for the group photo.

Group photo - left to right: Xenu, Rondata, Snefru, Don NOTS, Taniwha, Neal Hamel (in hat, partially hidden), Zinjifar (kneeling), Administrati, Michael Pattinson, new picketer Donna (her sign says "Scientology stole my daughter"), and Dennis Erlich, on the phone to the ARSCC(wdne).

Group photo again.

Best photo I got this weekend: Xenu on LRH Way. (Just look at those big purple eyes!) Also visible: Administrati, Neal Hamel (in hat), and Snefru, plus other picketers in the background.

Picketers at FOLO on Hollywood Blvd: Snefru gives info to a passerby, Administrati chats with Dennis Erlich, and picketers show their signs in the background.

Picketers at FOLO on Hollywood Blvd: Elvis (in Scientology Kills t-shirt) and Zinjifar (far right), with Don NOTs' sign visible in the background.

Picketers at FOLO on Hollywood Blvd: Don NOTs facing me, Xenu facing away.

Picketers at FOLO on Hollywood Blvd: Xenu!

Picketers at FOLO on Hollywood Blvd: Bruce Pettycrew, new picketer Lori, and Dennis Erlich.

Picketers at FOLO on Hollywood Blvd: Jeff Jacobsen.

Picketers at the Shrine Auditorium: Snefru and Jeff Jacobsen.

Picketers at the Shrine Auditorium: Dr. Benjamin Wog and his ubiquitous video camera.

Picketers mingle with Scientologists (OSA?) at the Shrine Auditorium.

Picketers at the Shrine Auditorium: Don NOTs and his white-on-black sign, which provided EXCELLENT visibility in the dark. Lots of Scientologists milling around in front of the Shrine in the background.

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