Scientology Lies

Picket photos, San Francisco, February 3, 2001

On Saturday, February 3, 2001, Peaches, Tim, Tory Bezazian, Murdoch, Keith Henson, Arel, Phr, and I (Kristi Wachter) picketed the San Francisco Scientology office.

Our handlers for the day were Jeff Quiros, who came out to take several pictures of us, and Craig, who handed out libellous fliers about Peaches and me (and Bob Minton), and videotaped us..

I posted a report to the alt.religion.scientology newsgroup.

Murdoch, Tim, and Tory picket; Jeff Quiros takes pictures, while Craig hands out bigot fliers

Murdoch and Tory listen to Jeff (hidden behind Tory's sign) ... that's Peaches' sign off to the left

Tory urges Scientology to stop hurting children while the studly Jeff Quiros does the Obligatory Photo Shoot

Scientology signage (Now Hiring, Come In And Take Your Free Personality Test, Ignite Your Potential With Dianetics), graced by the presence of three Scientologists, including Mr. Get Your Facts Straight and Jeff Quiros

Robin holds literature (I think at this point she's still giving out Purification Rundown brochures and hasn't yet moved on to bigot fliers), while Craig talks to a passerby

Murdoch and Keith talk with Craig (with videocamera), while Peaches pickets

a sidewalk full of SPs! Tory and Murdoch are visible to the left; in the center, Scientologist Robin talks with a passerby; at right, Arel does the same

Peaches and Tory picket; Scientologist Robin talks with a passerby and hands out libellous bigot fliers

Tim, Tory, and Murdoch; Arel's sign is visible behind Murdoch (and that's Robin off to the left)

Peaches, Tim, & Tory

Craig videotapes while talking with Keith (I think that's a bigot flier in Keith's hand); I believe that's Robin & Jeff in the background between them

Craig, Jeff Quiros, Josh, and Robin in front of the org

Keith and Tory pose while Jeff takes still more pictures of the critics

group photo: Peaches is in front; Tory, Tim, Arel, and Keith are in back (and that's Craig off to the left)

same group, showing the other side of their signs

left to right: Tory, Tim, Peaches, Arel, Kristi, Phr

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