Julie Mayo

Julie Mayo, wife of David Mayo, was a top-ranking Scientologist. She and David had to escape from captivity in Scientology. Like David, she contributed to the development of Scientology "tech".

Julie Mayo in the News

Datesort icon Title Blurb Tags
January 1, 1983 Julie Mayo, Scientology Julie Mayo leaves Scientology. Julie Mayo
January 1, 1973 Julie Mayo, Flagship Apollo, L. Ron Hubbard, (Training, Services Aide/CS 4) Julie Mayo begins work on the Flagship Apollo and meets L. Ron Hubbard. She will eventually spend several years as his technical aide (Training and Services Aide/CS 4). Julie Mayo
January 1, 1972 Julie Mayo, SHSBC, Sea Org Julie Mayo finishes the SHSBC and joins the Sea Org. Julie Mayo
January 1, 1971 Julie Mayo, Scientology Julie Mayo joins Scientology. "I had gotten interested in Scientology because people told me that it would enlighten me regarding out of body experiences, telepathy, and it would answer various questions I had concerning the meaning of life. I also wanted to do my bit concerning helping mankind." Julie Mayo
January 1, 1971 Julie Mayo, SHSBC Julie Mayo begins the SHSBC. Julie Mayo