Jesse Prince

Jesse Prince was second-in-command of one of Scientology's main organizations, the powerful Religious Technology Center (RTC), and served on RTC's Board of Directors. After leaving Scientology, he became a key witness in the Lisa McPherson wrongful death lawsuit. He was framed by Scientology for possession of marijuana.

Jesse Prince in the News

Datesort icon Title Blurb Tags
November 16, 1998 Bob Minton, Jesse Prince, November 16, 1998 Bob Minton and Jesse Prince picketed at the airport by Scientology, November 16, 1998. Jesse Prince
November 9, 1998 Jesse Prince, PIs;, drunk-driving, Scn PIs Jesse Prince is followed and his tires slashed by Scientology PIs; false drunk-driving complaint made by Scn PIs Jesse Prince
September 9, 1998 Bob Minton, Jesse Prince, New Hampshire,pickets house Bob Minton and Jesse Prince, New Hampshire,Scientology pickets house Jesse Prince
September 8, 1998 Bob Minton, Jesse Prince, pickets, New Hampshire residence Bob Minton and Jesse Prince, Scientology pickets, New Hampshire residence Jesse Prince