Jeff Jacobsen

Jeff Jacobsen is a Scientology critic whose research led to an investigation into the death of Lisa McPherson. His Lisa McPherson Memorial Page is one of the best Scientology resources on the net.

Jeff Jacobsen in the News

Date Titlesort icon Blurb Tags
December 27, 1998 Jeff Jacobsen, business Jeff Jacobsen revenge picketed by Scientology at his business Jeff Jacobsen
December 26, 1998 distributes, Jeff Jacobsen's neighborhood Scientology distributes fliers in Jeff Jacobsen's neighborhood. Jeff Jacobsen
September 11, 1998 pickets Jeff Jacobsen's business Scientology pickets Jeff Jacobsen's business Jeff Jacobsen
March 8, 1997 During, Ft. Harrison, Jeff Jacobsen, Brian Anderson, Brian, cremated. Is, church? Brian's answer; During a picket in front of the Ft. Harrison, Jeff Jacobsen asks Brian Anderson how often Brian goes to funerals and asks that the body be cremated. Is this a practice of the church? Brian's answer; "keep moving." About 20 people hold a candlelight memorial for Lisa across from the Ft. Harrison Hotel. About 300 Scientologists crowd the sidewalk, taunt and bump the mourners, and blow out their candles. Jeff Jacobsen
February 22, 1997 pickets Jeff Jacobsen, business Scientology pickets Jeff Jacobsen at his business Jeff Jacobsen
October 20, 1995 After, 4, deposition, Jeff Jacobsen After a 4 hour deposition, Jeff Jacobsen is told "we will raid you and sue you; you are on notice!" by Lynn Farny, CoS attorney Kendrick Moxon's assistant. Jeff Jacobsen
June 9, 1995 Chris Miller, Jeff Jacobsen, enforcement Chris Miller accuses Jeff Jacobsen of lying to federal law enforcement. Jeff Jacobsen
May 6, 1995 Two, (one, Jeff Jacobsen's home), numbers, Mesa, Arizona Two private investigators (one having also staked out Jeff Jacobsen's home) write down license plate numbers, videotape and photograph a picket of Scientology in Mesa, Arizona. Jeff Jacobsen
May 1, 1995 Two, Jeff Jacobsen's home, Arizona, Jacobsen, police. They, Jacobsen's garbage Two private investigators are camped outside Jeff Jacobsen's home, in Arizona, but leave when confronted by Jacobsen and later the police. They had also gone through Jacobsen's garbage. Jeff Jacobsen
April 4, 1995 Jeff Jacobsen, 4, (thwarted, code) The phone company calls critic Jeff Jacobsen to say there were 4 attempts by an imposter to gain access to his phone bill information (thwarted by a pass code). Jeff Jacobsen