L. Ron Hubbard

L. Ron Hubbard was a pulp science fiction writer who wrote Dianetics and founded Scientology. He died in 1986.

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Scientology Founder L. Ron Hubbard

Who started Scientology? Did L. Ron Hubbard start Scientology to make money? What was L. Ron Hubbard like?

Navy Report

February 5, 1942: Naval officer L. Ron Hubbard writes a report; in it, he quotes Commander L. D. Causey, the US Naval Attache to Australia, as saying, "I have sent a message to the CinC Asiatic as of this morning stating that I wish you to be removed from Brisbane, stating that you are making a nuisance of yourself. You have never been under my orders and I consider you as having nothing to do with me."

Army Report

February 13, 1942: A document purportedly written by US Army Colonel Alexander L. P. Johnson to the Commander of the Base Force, Darwin, Australia describes L. Ron Hubbard as "an intelligent, resourceful and dependable officer" and recommends that an earlier (unspecified) request be granted.

Navy Memo

February 14, 1942: A memo from the US Naval Attache to Australia complains about L. Ron Hubbard: "By assuming unauthorized authority and attempting to perform duties for which he has no qualifications, he became the source of much trouble. ... This officer is not satisfactory for independent duty assignment. He is garrulous and tries to give impressions of his importance. He also seems to think that he has unusual ability in most lines. These characteristics indicate that he will require close supervision for satisfactory performance of any intelligence duty."

LRH Letter to Navy

October 8, 1942: L. Ron Hubbard writes the Chief of Naval Personnel asking that he be nominated to "PC school".

Navy Letter

February 5, 1943: The Navy forwards to L. Ron Hubbard a letter from a Dave Margolis. Margolis wrote to the Navy requesting that it make Hubbard pay an unpaid bill. The Navy instructs Hubbard to attend to the matter.

Navy Letter

October 18, 1943: L. Ron Hubbard writes a letter to the Navy asking for orders taking him into combat duty.

Aleister Crowley telegram

May 22, 1946: Aleister Crowley cables his US office after reading reports from his branch headquarters in America and Jack Parsons's accounts of the occult ceremony he had performed with L. Ron Hubbard: "Suspect Ron playing confidence trick--Jack Parsons weak fool--obvious victim prowling swindlers." In a letter a few days later he said, "It seems to me on the information of our brethren in California that Parsons has got an illumination in which he lost all his personal independence. From our brother's account he has given away both his girl and his money. Apparently it is the ordinary confidence trick."

Navy Letter

February 19, 1948: L. Ron Hubbard writes to the US Navy, asking that his previous letter of resignation be disregarded, in response to a reply from the Chief of Naval Personnel regretting Hubbard's decision to resign.

Navy Letter

May 1, 1951: L. Ron Hubbard writes to the Veterans Administration stating that he is "willing to submit to a physical examination in connection with my claim for disability compensation." By 1951, he had already sold many copies of Dianetics, in which he claims that his "research" had enabled him to completely cure himself of all the injuries and maladies he suffered during the war.

L. Ron Hubbard in the News

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April 23, 1951 Wife of Dianetics Founder Asks Divorce on Cruelty Grounds L. Ron Hubbard, founder of the Dianetics Research Foundation, was sued for divorce by his wife, Sarah Northrup Hubbard, on charges that he had another wife when he married her, and subjected her to "systematic torture" which threatened her life. The complaint also outlined a long series of alleged abuses, charging that Hubbard "dominated her, physically and mentally, and subjected her to a systematic torture, including beatings, loss of sleep, strangulation and scientific torture experiments." L. Ron Hubbard, Press
April 17, 1951 Hubbard's Daughter With Him In New Jersey Dianetics founder L. Ron Hubbard's infant daughter, whom Hubbard last week was accused of snatching and hiding somewhere in the county, is instead with her father in New Jersey. The wife, Mrs. Sara Northrup Hubbard, 25, charged her child, was placed in the nursery the same night Hubbard allegedly forced her from her apartment and drove her to Arizona under threats he would kill her. L. Ron Hubbard, Press
April 15, 1951 Dianetics Man Reports He's in Cuban Hospital Mrs. Sara N. Hubbard, suing L. Ron Hubbard, inventor of dianetics, for divorce or annulment, disclosed yesterday that she has received a letter from him mailed in Cuba which assures her that her 13-month old daughter Alexis Valore "is getting excellent care." The missive further stated that in the event of Hubbard's death the child "will get a fortune" unless Mrs. Hubbard should obtain the baby's custody. In that event, Hubbard was said to have warned, the child would receive nothing. L. Ron Hubbard, Press
April 11, 1951 Hiding of Baby Charged to Dianetics Author Mrs. Sara-Northrup Hubbard, 25, yesterday charged that her husband, L. Ron Hubbard, 40, inventor of "Dianetics," a new brand of psychology, had conspired to hide her baby from her. In a nine-page petition for a writ of habeas corpus she stated she had not seen the child Alexis Valorie, 13 months old, since February 23rd when the child was taken from her nursery and she herself' was "kidnapped" and taken to Yuma, Arizona. crimes, L. Ron Hubbard, Press
December 1, 1950 review of Hubbard's work Look magazine publishes a scathing review of Hubbard's work calling it a "poor man's psychiatry." L. Ron Hubbard, obstructing psychiatry
May 9, 1950 Astounding Science Fiction publishes article on Dianetics Astounding Science Fiction magazine publishes "Dianetics" by L. Ron Hubbard. L. Ron Hubbard
August 18, 1933 article on L. Ron Hubbard Washington Daily News runs a 3-column article stating that L. Ron Hubbard found gold, platinum, and iridium on his in-laws' farm in Maryland. Nothing comes of big plans to unearth the hidden wealth; the family continues to live in near-poverty. L. Ron Hubbard

L. Ron Hubbard in the News

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January 2, 1999 David Letterman's Top Ten List, L. Ron Hubbard: David Letterman's Top Ten List mentions L. Ron Hubbard: L. Ron Hubbard
February 4, 1997 Operation Clambake, (www.xenu.net) The "Operation Clambake" web site (www.xenu.net) adds a scanned copy of "OT III" to its growing collection of once-secret cult documents, so it can be seen in L. Ron Hubbard's own handwriting. L. Ron Hubbard
October 1, 1996 Los Angeles City Council, Berendo Street, L. Ron Hubbard Way. 8, 3, street, vote, later The Los Angeles City Council votes on a resolution to rename part of Berendo Street to L. Ron Hubbard Way. The vote is 8 to 3 in favor of renaming the street, but without a unanimous vote, the issue will come up again a week later. L. Ron Hubbard, Los Angeles
February 1, 1995 Koos Nolst Trenite, Usenet Kook, Month, L. Ron Hubbard, others Koos Nolst Trenite wins a Usenet Kook of the Month award for his posted transcripts of telepathic auditing of dead cult founder L. Ron Hubbard and others. L. Ron Hubbard
December 6, 1989 Ethics Order Nr. 150-1, published, Comm Ev, Scientologist Ethics Order Nr. 150-1 is published, regarding the Comm Ev of a Scientologist, "A.M.," running a WISE consulting company. He is found guilty of "altering" the works of L. Ron Hubbard, based on ideas he discussed during a lecture; he is also found guilting of violating the policy "Keeping Scientology Working" for having two handbooks which were not written by LRH sitting in a filing cabinet. The prescribed handling includes 500 hours of amends work - 100 hours for the company, 400 hours for WISE; turning the company over to a qualified manager"; and filing a petition with the Legal Director of WISE requesting permission to fill any future management position. L. Ron Hubbard, WISE
February 9, 1989 L. Ron Hubbard, HCOB L. Ron Hubbard revised HCOB "Blow-Offs" L. Ron Hubbard
September 17, 1987 L. Ron Hubbard's, RTC, LRH's works, works L. Ron Hubbard's estate grants RTC an exclusive license in the copyrights of LRH's works, with the right and obligation to enforce the copyrights in those works. L. Ron Hubbard
January 24, 1986 L. Ron Hubbard, 'suspicious', . Although, years, death, Vistaril, anti-psychotic medication L. Ron Hubbard dies under circumstances that can at best be characterised as 'suspicious', . Although his condition had been steadily deteriorating for years, even the coronor noted that there were irregularities surrounding his death, including the presence in his body of vast quantities of Vistaril, a powerful anti-psychotic medication. L. Ron Hubbard
February 1, 1985 L. Fletcher Prouty Affidavit L. Fletcher Prouty, a former colonel in the US Air Force, creates an affidavit stating that the records released by the US Navy documenting L. Ron Hubbard's service in the armed forces "are incomplete ... those materials and records provided give ample evidence that proves the existence of other records that have been concealed, withheld and overlooked." L. Ron Hubbard, Navy
September 24, 1984 loses, IRS, 1970-72. Tax Court, L. Ron Hubbard, question. IRS -, instance, tax-related material, IRS, US tax-payers' money Scientology loses its appeal over the IRS tax assessment for the years 1970-72. The Tax Court judge documents in detail how huge sums were moved out of Scientology accounts into those of L. Ron Hubbard during the period in question. The judgement also describes the obstructionist tactics used by Scientology to thwart the IRS - for instance, deliberately jumbling two million pages of tax-related material, so that IRS officials would have to sort it out at the cost of a great deal of time and US tax-payers' money. IRS, L. Ron Hubbard