L. Ron Hubbard

L. Ron Hubbard was a pulp science fiction writer who wrote Dianetics and founded Scientology. He died in 1986.

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Navy Telegram

May 24, 1951: L. Ron Hubbard sends a telegram to his mistress, Barbara: "Better keep our plans a close secret as I do not know what they would try to do to you if they knew. Be very careful. All my love, Ron."

FBI Summary on Hubbard

February 3, 1953: An FBI document summarizes some information about L. Ron Hubbard and Scientology. It mentions two US Marshalls attempting to serve a bench warrant on LRH while he was lecturing to the Association of Scientologists. It says "Allegations have been made that organizations he was affiliated with were of particular interest to perverts, hypochondriacs and curiosity seekers. In 1951 the State of New Jersey reported it had a case against him for teaching medicine without a license and in 1952 the Post Office was investigating him for mail fraud."

FBI Letter

February 28, 1957: FBI director J. Edgar Hoover replies to an inquiry from Senator Styles Bridges. Hoover's letter says, in part, " ... the FBI has received numerous inquiries concerning Lafayette Ron Hubbard and the system of "dianetics" which he apparently originated, but no allegation of a violation within the jurisdiction of this Bureau has been received and, consequently, no investigation of this matter has been conducted by the FBI. [Dianetics organizations have] encountered difficulty with police authorities in New Jersey, Michigan and Washington, D.C., for allegedly conducting schools in those areas, in which a branch of medicine and surgery was taught without a license. ... " Hoover also mentions a newspaper article carrying Sara Hubbard's allegations that LRH had subjected her to "scientific torture experiments."

FBI Report

February 3, 1959: In response to a request for an FBI file check, a report is written on L. Ron Hubbard and the Hubbard Dianetic Auditors School in New Jersey. The report says that the FBI hasn't investigated either one, but mentions the Look magazine article (including the claim that dianetics "is a milestone for Man comparable to his discovery of fire and superior to his inventions of the wheel and the arch" and the claims that it can cure everything from eye trouble, bursitis, ulcers, and colds). It also mentions the divorce suit and the bit about "competent medical advisors recommended that Hubbard be committed to a private sanitarium for psychiatric observation and treatment of a mental ailment known as paranoid schizophrenia."

Secret: Notes on Smersh

May 7, 1971: L. Ron Hubbard writes GO [Guardian Order] 070571 LRH "Secret: Notes on Smersh." (He took the word from the James Bond novels to refer to an international conspiracy that he believed was directing the attack on him.) An excerpt: "Penetration is always a win. We have made it in finding WHO attacks Scientology from where by doing what. This gives us an ever further penetration. We have found as well the EX intelligence officer mouth pieces [sic] in the UK that influence that government and push Nazi aims. We are getting even further penetration now into who is keeping this planet upset."

Black Propaganda

January 12, 1972: L. Ron Hubbard issues GO 111212, "Black Propaganda." It will later be cancelled and reissued as OSA Network Order 15 on February 18, 1988.

Guardian Order 732

April 20, 1973: L. Ron Hubbard writes Guardian Order 732, in which he devises the Snow White Program for Scientology's intelligence agency, the Guardian's Office (GO), in an effort to root out and remove "false files" about the Church and Hubbard held by governments around the world. This becomes a sophisticated worldwide espionage operation targetting 17 governments and three international organisations.

Willful False Reports

January 21, 1975: L. Ron Hubbard issues GO 111212, "Willful False Reports," in which he says, "The government could be willfully manufacturing false reports in order to get rid of somebody." It will later be cancelled and reissued as OSA Network Order 19 on February 18, 1988.

Guardian Order

June 27, 1975: L. Ron Hubbard writes an order for the Guardian's Office. An excerpt: "Info must find the who back of these IRS attacks and document it for exposure plus all other items of interest. It could be IRS and the government is attacking any vocal group to pave the way for some coup by the government. Evidence as to the why of these attacks must be gotten, powerful enough to destroy the attackers when eventually used or revealed." Hubbard said that somewhere in IRS was "an insane individual with insane plans" who was operating a "false reports factory." He wanted that person found.

GO Order

February 5, 1976: An order from L. Ron Hubbard suggests that Scientologist Jimmy Fischer obtain the school records of Clearwater Mayor Gabriel Cazares.

L. Ron Hubbard in the News

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August 23, 1998 Superstar Takes The Helm Of Hubbard Opus (brief mention of Scientology) L. Ron Hubbard
March 12, 1998 L. Ron Hubbard Gets A Day In Phila. He Is Cited For Fighting Drug Abuse, Not Founding His Church. Philadelphia Inquirer: L. Ron Hubbard Gets A Day In Phila. He Is Cited For Fighting Drug Abuse, Not Founding His Church. L. Ron Hubbard
March 1, 1998 Boston Herald: Judge Found Hubbard Lied about Achievements California Judge Paul Breckenridge found that Scientology "clearly is schizophrenic and paranoid, and this bizarre combination seems to be reflective of its founder LRH ... The evidence portrays a man who has been virtually a pathological liar when it comes to his history, background and achievements." L. Ron Hubbard, Press
November 22, 1997 Religion Is 'Where The Money Is' Reportedly, John Travolta and a number of his Church of Scientology friends wrote to Channel 4 chief, Michael Jackson, urging him not to broadcast this week's Secret Lives, which focused on Scientology's founder, L. Ron Hubbard. "I'd like to start a religion - that's where the money is," Hubbard said in the late 1940s. So he did ... if a hotch-potch of sci-fi and conveniently twisted Freud can reasonably be described as a religion. L. Ron Hubbard, Press
September 18, 1997 Hubbard Adherent's School Bid on Hold A proposal for a charter school featuring the teaching methods of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard has been withdrawn by its primary sponsor for personal reasons, according to her supporters. L. Ron Hubbard, Los Angeles, CA
July 30, 1997 L. Ron Hubbard Books In Public Schools? Philadelphia Daily News: L. Ron Hubbard Books In Public Schools? L. Ron Hubbard
July 30, 1997 Teacher Likes Hubbard Text Scientology Not Part Of Proposal In L.A. Sun Herald : Teacher Likes Hubbard Text Scientology Not Part Of Proposal In L.A. L. Ron Hubbard
July 29, 1997 School Would Use L. Ron Hubbard Texts Contra Costa Times : School Would Use L. Ron Hubbard Texts L. Ron Hubbard
July 27, 1997 Hubbard teachings in public classrooms Los Angeles Times: Hubbard teachings in public classrooms L. Ron Hubbard
May 29, 1997 The Fabricated Face Of Young L. Ron Hubbard Tucson Weekly: The Fabricated Face Of Young L. Ron Hubbard L. Ron Hubbard

L. Ron Hubbard in the News

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September 15, 1984 Clearwater Police Lt. Emmons, Tampa, Florida Dept., Law Enforcement Attorney Rodney Gaddy. Emmons, Mr. Gaddy, detail. Gaddy, Dia Clearwater Police Lt. Emmons travels to Tampa to discuss the Scientology issue with Florida Dept. of Law Enforcement Attorney Rodney Gaddy. Emmons goes through the interagency report with Mr. Gaddy explaining each section in detail. Gaddy finally agrees that fraudulent activity does exist in Dianetics and other Scientology practices and that L. Ron Hubbard is receiving monies based on fraud. Gaddy wants to assist the Clearwater Police Dept. in case preparation and presentation to the Federal authorities. L. Ron Hubbard
September 3, 1984 New York Times, Eugene Ingram, Federal, Ali Tamimi, Flynn, $2, L. Ron Hubbard. Flynn New York Times reports that Eugene Ingram has given Federal authorities an affidavit signed by Ali Tamimi, who asserts that he once collaborated with Flynn to pass a forged $2 million check written against an account held by L. Ron Hubbard. Flynn calls the claim "an outrageous attempt to frame me" and claims that Scientologists have been traveling around the country giving press conferences about him. In a telephone interview with Paulette Cooper, she states "and now they're trying to do the same thing they did to me to Michael Flynn." L. Ron Hubbard
January 29, 1984 Clearwater Police Report Number SR3.1 R (M-4), This, John, Erna Martinique's, organization. They, week, Jan. 1984. They, L. Ron Clearwater Police Report Number SR3.1 R (M-4) This report is concerning John and Erna Martinique's experiences with the Scientology organization. They stayed in the Scientology organization for about a week, in Jan. 1984. They discuss the showing of a film to new members that depicts L. Ron Hubbard as a Doctor of Philosophy and a learned man. They were given a book entitled, "Scientology - A New Slant on Life," which proclaims Hubbard to be a World War II hero who was crippled and blinded but cured himself with the development of Dianetics. The Martiniques also testified to many Scientology practices and procedures. L. Ron Hubbard
January 26, 1984 Michael Flynn, Clearwater Police Lt. Emmons, Laurel Sullivan. Emmons, financial, organization., Ms. Sullivan, Public Relations R Michael Flynn sends Clearwater Police Lt. Emmons a proffer of probable testimony by Laurel Sullivan. Emmons reviewed the proffer and found it to be extremely important testimony regarding the total financial, fraudulent overview of the Scientology organization. Ms. Sullivan was the top Public Relations Representative in Scientology and worked directly for L. Ron Hubbard for many years. Emmons gives a copy of the proffer to Marie King of the Pinellas State Attorney's Office for her review. He tells Ms. King of the extreme importance of Sullivan's testimony. Ms. King says she has to check with her boss about offering immunity to Sullivan for her testimony. After several days, Emmons asks King whether a decision had been made on Sullivan's immunity; King says it has not, and Emmons asks for a decision as soon as possible. Several days later, a decision still has not been made - but the Ontario police do extend immunity to Sullivan for her testimony in the criminal investigation in Canada. L. Ron Hubbard
December 1, 1983 L. Ron Hubbard, New Year's, says L. Ron Hubbard gives a New Year's speech in which he says, "I did not found the church, I founded the technology." (According to incorporation documents filed on December 18, 1953, L. Ron Hubbard DID, in fact, found the first Church of Scientology.) L. Ron Hubbard
February 14, 1983 Hubbard Letter to California Court L. Ron Hubbard sends a handwritten letter to California Superior Court Judge J. David Hennigan. The letter states: "I am alive and well and working at my own trade (as a writer)." He rejects as "false and ill-informed" claims that his estate is being mismanaged. The letter is dated 3 February. L. Ron Hubbard, Letter
September 24, 1982 Judge Places L. Ron Hubbard's Documents under Court Control California Superior Court Judge John Cole issues order that 21 boxes of L. Ron Hubbard's personal documents held by Gerry Armstrong will be placed under the control of the county clerk. California, court rulings, Gerry Armstrong, L. Ron Hubbard
May 6, 1982 L. Ron Hubbard L. Ron Hubbard writes "Crime, Cause of". L. Ron Hubbard
December 1, 1981 Gerald Armstrong, Church, Scientology, 2, L. Ron Hubbard's archivist Gerald Armstrong leaves Church of Scientology, taking with him about 2 percent of the accumulated biographical documents he collected as L. Ron Hubbard's archivist. L. Ron Hubbard
September 13, 1981 Church, Bill Franks, Guardian Jane Kember, Guardian's Office reorganized. States, Mary Sue Hubbard Church of Scientology executive director international Bill Franks announces that Guardian Jane Kember replaced and Guardian's Office reorganized. States that Mary Sue Hubbard resigned office "about a year ago" and that L. Ron Hubbard has served Church only as a consultant since 1966. Guardian Office, L. Ron Hubbard