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Katie Holmes is an American actress who became involved in Scientology when Tom Cruise began dating her.

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When did Katie Holmes get involved in Scientology? Who is Jessica Rodriguez? Has Katie Holmes signed a "Lisa clause" release?

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October 7, 2005 Tom and Katie Expecting Even by Hollywood's skewed standards, the birth of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes' baby is set to be decidedly odd. When Holmes is wheeled into the delivery room, she will be under strict instructions not to cry or scream out, no matter how painful her labour. She has agreed to convert to her fiance's Church of Scientology, which insists on "silent births" to avoid traumatising newborn babies. And that is only the start of the sect's unique take on how to bring up children. Astra Woodcraft, Jessica Rodriguez, Katie Holmes, Press, silent childbirth, Tom Cruise
October 7, 2005 The Face: Katie Holmes There is speculation about the extent to which Holmes, who was raised a Catholic, has embraced Scientology, for which Cruise is an evangelist. She has reportedly said that Scientology allows her to continue as a practising Catholic but she has been learning about the sect and has allegedly had a "Scientologist chaperone" with her during interviews. Fans who fear that she doesn't know what she's getting into have set up a "free Katie" website. Katie Holmes, Press, silent childbirth, Tom Cruise
October 6, 2005 Quit Yellin', It's Only Childbirth Katie Holmes' mission impossible will be giving birth without painkillers - or screaming. That's because her fiance, "Mission Impossible" star Tom Cruise, is a Scientologist. Practitioners of Scientology are against drugs but insist on "silent birth" because they believe it's traumatic for babies to hear their mothers groan or cry. John Travolta, Katie Holmes, Kelly Preston, Press, silent childbirth, Tom Cruise