CCHR - the Citizens Commission on Human Rights - is an anti-psychiatry Scientology front group.

CCHR publications villify psychiatrists, calling them "doctors of death"; their publication The Men Behind Hitler claims "Hitler's philosophy and his concept of man in general was shaped to a decisive degree by psychiatry".

While CCHR publicly claims to be working to stop psychiatric abuses, it reflects the Scientology teaching that all psychiatric treatment is abusive. CCHR lobbies against medical psychiatric treatment, including specific medications and treatment options, and opposes mental health parity bills.

What Is Scientology? devotes 18 pages to CCHR.


Scientologist Lisa McPherson receives commendations for her Scientology ethics file for supporting CCHR: March 1993 CCHR Commendation, May 1993 CCHR Commendation (celebrating the passage of "comprehensive anti-Psych legislation" in Texas), and a similar May 1993 CCHR Commendation

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