A Flier I Distributed to My Neighbors


I live right down the street from you, at [my address].

I have been picketing Scientology since April, trying to raise public awareness about well-documented allegations that Scientology is committing a wide rage of illegal activities, including false imprisonment, fraud, coerced abortions, and practicing medicine without a license.

Scientology's response has been to stalk me, picket my home, and distribute libellous fliers to my neighbors. Scientology has taken identical actions against other critics in other cities. (In contrast, I have never picketed a Scientologist's home, and all of my fliers have addressed management policies, not individual Scientologists.)

Scientology claims I am a religious bigot, "stirring up intolerance in the streets" and spreading lies over the Internet. They're lying. I am not intolerant of their beliefs; I'm only asking that they obey the same laws everyone else has to obey.

Scientology's history of lying is well-documented; the organization lies about its founder, its critics, its members, its front groups, its accomplishments, its beliefs, and its practices. In documenting their lies, I have relied on court documents, sworn statements, newspaper articles, and first-person accounts, as well as Scientology policies available at the public library. I provide references to the sources of my information, so people can read the originals and make up their own minds. I have repeatedly asked Scientology representatives, Scientologists, and the general public to point out any errors or inaccuracies on my extensive web pages and in my fliers. To date, I have received just one correction. I promptly verified the new information and updated my materials to reflect the correction.

On December 5, I will be protesting at Scientology's offices all day long in memory of Lisa McPherson, who died in Scientology's custody on December 5, 1995. It is highly likely that Scientology protestors will be picketing my home at [my address] in retaliation. They typically hide their affiliation with Scientology (it's not on their signs or their fliers). Since I will be at Scientology's offices all day, I won't have an opportunity to present my side of the story in person, so I wrote this flier instead.

If you have any questions about my protest or if you want to know more, please feel free to call me at [my phone number] or e-mail me at humanrights@racerrecords.com . If you have a computer, you may also want to look at www.xenu.net, www.scientology-lies.com, and Scientology's own site, www.scientology.org.

Many of my neighbors have shown no interest in either my protest or the counter protest, and of course, that's fine with me... I just thought you might like to know what the protest was about.

I trust you to make up your own mind.

Thanks for reading this far.

Your neighbor,



Kristi Wachter

This page was last updated on May 8, 1999.