Is Scientology breaking the law?

Allegations of illegal imprisonment and kidnapping by Scientology

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Moira Hutchinson's Story

January 27, 1997

Shortly after this I was summoned to the Sea Org HQ in East Grinstead, supposedly for one day, I was kept there for a whole week so that I could complete a program very similar to the RPF where I had to write down all of my transgressions committed against the church and carry out menial physical duties .

I did this program three times in my time in Scn. I had been told I could complete my second one, by the Ethics Officer. The COUK saw that I had completed and she barked out an order to the Ethics Officer that there was no way that I was finished and I had to go back to the program until she felt I was done and my ethics were intact.

This indicates that participation in the RPF is not voluntary; rather, assignment to the RPF and completion of the program are determined by someone else.

... I went down a back set of stairs and left the building via the fire escape. This was due to a tacit agreement between my friend and myself that I had to leave.

The church made three attempts to get me to return. (I would have had to report straight to the RPF, of course!). In the third one, I was actually kidnapped to be taken to East Grinstead. I managed to jump off the train at the station before East Grinstead. Luckily I had enough money on me to pay for a train ticket back to Plymouth.

It was awful, words can’t totally explain what I felt. I was shut in a room with this officer for up to four hours at a time. I was constantly asked with various slants on the question, what CI (counter intention) I had to ‘clearing the planet’, LRH, SCN, and Dianetics. This interrogation left me feeling like I was sitting on the edge of a huge black abyss. I got to the point that I would say anything to avoid being pushed any further.

I became pretty close with an officer in the ASHO whose husband was on the RPF. I remember her telling me, very excitedly, that she was to be allowed to share her half hour meal breaks with her husband. When she told me this, she had not seen him for a year.

Moira Hutchison

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