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Allegations of illegal imprisonment by Scientology

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“Miss X” describes three incidents of false imprisonment

[ Note : On March 7, 1999, I removed a number of identifying details and some of the more distasteful elements of the description at the request of a person, "A", who claims to have had intimate knowledge of this incident - someone other than Miss X. After hearing from "A", I am more convinced of this story's veracity, and more sensitive to the feelings of those whose stories are catalogued on the Internet. "A" also indicated that some of the specifics about who held what position were incorrect; I have included "A"s comments below. Although "A" and Miss X disagree on some of the details, I believe they both have personal knowledge of a specific incident of illegal imprisonment, and I believe they agree on the fundamental points - that someone was held against her will and horribly damaged by Scientology's treatment of her.]


Date: Tue, 29 Oct 1996 12:11:45 -0800

While on staff in the Sea Org, I had personal knowledge of two Sea Org staff and one "public person" who suffered psychotic breaks and were locked up in "ISO" (isolation) . I will talk about the Sea Org staff in this post. The "public person" is discussed in another post.

[Note that these "psychotic breaks" were almost certainly diagnoses delivered by unqualified Scientology personnel, not medical professionals.]

The first was Peter L., who was an "OT" and was Sea Org staff at Bridge Publications. His wife, Vicky L. was also Sea Org staff, and was the Commanding Officer of the LA Org. Peter was put in isolation (referred to as "ISO") and was guarded around the clock by other Sea Org staff who were OTs. One such person who was assigned to watch Peter and to make sure that he "destimulated" to the point that he was no longer "Type 3" was a fellow Sea Org staff member by the name of Bill Duckhorn. A big, strong, burly fellow, Bill was also on staff at Bridge Publications.

["A" says that Vicky L. was Commanding Officer of Publications Organization at the time that Peter worked there - *before* it became Bridge Publications.]

The whole affair was very hushed up. There was no announcement made to staff about Peter’s having gone "Type 3". I found out about it from "the rumor line", which is the way staff in the Sea Org find out about lots of things management doesn’t want us to know of or talk about. There is even a Hubbard policy which states, "If it isn’t written, it isn’t true."

There are MANY Sea Org staff at Bridge Publications that knew about Peter’s terrible ordeal. The list of persons who knew about it includes Treasury Secretary, Ben Elkington; Manufacturing Secretary, John Mustard; Director of Income, Rosan Rich; Sales Manager, Michael Long; Sales Manager, Mike Golden; Mimeo I/C, John Toten; Sales Manager, Rick Findley; Flag Representative, Virginia (last name escapes me at the moment); The Auditor Magazine Editor, Diane Coletto; The Assistant Auditor Magazine Editor, Sue Baldwin; the Assistant Guardian, Steve Huff; and the Assistant Guardian Finance, Jae Duckhorn - just to name a few.

["A" says that Ben was Treas Sec Pubs US *before* 'Bridge' existed; that the description of John Mustard is correct; that Terry F. was Director of Income for 2-3 years, until 1981; that Donelda W. was Dir Income when Ben was Treas Sec and Rosan was Assistant Guardian Finance (*Guardian's Office - now OSA) for Bridge in 1981 when John Lynch was Treasury Secretary and Terry F. was Directory of Income; that John Toten had passed away; that Diane went into Division 6 (Marketing) when the Auditor magazine was transferred to ASHO in the late '70s, where she worked until she was killed by her husband John; that Sue Baldwin transferred to ASHO with the magazine, that Jae was sent to Saint Hill in England, and that Rosan Rich became Assistant Guardian Finance (GO/OSA) in 1980 or 1981.]

If you are reading this, please let me know, Peter. I hope you are doing better now. I would like to hear your story about what happened from your point of view.

The other person was Sea Org staff at Bridge Publications as well.

["A" says that all Sea Org/Pubs US/staff contracts were cancelled and superceded by 5-year contracts with 'Bridge Publications Incorporated.']

Her name was B . Her psychotic break was not due to exposure to the "OT Levels". It was rumored that she had "gone Type 3 PTS" when her child was taken away from her custody. B was a friend of mine, and we sometimes used to hang out together with our children during "family time".

["A" believes the cause of B's psychotic break, if there was one, is based on rumor. A says of this paragraph, "Neither of these statements are true," but I'm not sure exactly what A means here.]

In the Sea Org, parents only got one hour per day at most to spend with their child(ren).

["A" says that B's friends knew that B's child lived with her, unlike most Sea Org members.]

This one hour included the time it took to get to and from the "Complex" (at Berendo Street and Fountain Avenue) and the Cadet Org, which was next to Celebrity Center (at Bronson Street and Franklin Avenue). This took about 10-15 minutes each way, which meant we only had about 30 minutes per day to spend with our children. Many staff were pressured, if not outright ORDERED, to remain on post during family time to get their "stats" up (produce more than the week before).

But to get back to the main story...

As with all persons who "went Type 3", there was no announcement made to staff to explain B ’ s sudden disappearance from her post at Bridge. I just happened to find out about her having been put in "ISO" one day when I went up to the top floor of the Main Building at the Cedars Complex...

["A" says Miss X must not have been on BPI staff, or she would have known what B's post was.]

She was locked alone in a small room with only a bed, and a guard was posted outside 24 hours a day. Inside, the room was like a scene from the movie "The Exorcist"! She looked like a crazed, wild animal.

Eventually B "destimulated" enough (at least this is what I was told), and she was sent back to her parents. I never heard from her again. I often wonder how she is doing. And I would like to hear her tell the story about what happened.

Are you reading this B ? I hope you are doing OK. I think of you often and pray that you are at peace.


Love, Miss X - Another Old Timer (and Big Brother’s BIG Sister)

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One person named in the article comments:


I understand that a man, using various pseudonyms, is said to be to be "Miss X". Amongst other inaccuracies & rumors, I was not "Sea Org staff at Bridge Publications".

This author knows a lot of names, but isn't a friend of mine, old or new, male or female, and she/he has a shudderingly filthy imagination.

Other people named in the article are welcome to contact me.

Terry F. (Nov 2000)

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