Is Scientology breaking the law?

Allegations of illegal imprisonment by Scientology

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Margery Wakefield’s Affidavit


*** AFFIDAVIT *** April 13, 1990

I, Margery Wakefield, attest that the following facts are true.

I became involved with the "Church" of Scientology in October of 1968. I was a freshman at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor.

While in Scientology, I witnessed many individuals who had become psychotic while doing the upper levels. When people become psychotic in Scientology, they are either "offloaded" (sent away), or they are put into Scientology's prison, the dreaded R.P.F. (Rehabilitation Project Force). On two occasions I was put in the R.P.F. for punishment of things that I had done. I had to wear an old uniform. We had to work hard for about twenty hours a day. We were not allowed to speak to anyone unless we were spoken to, and then only in a military and formal manner. Sometimes we had to eat food that other people had left on their plates. Twice I was on the R.P.F. on a boat that the Scientologists had moored in Long Beach, California where they kept this prison. In 1980, I was "offloaded" from Scientology, and sent back to Wisconsin.

In 1980 I was kept prisoner in the Fort Harrison in Clearwater, Florida. I was kept under guard night and day for about three weeks. Even when I slept there were guards stationed outside my room so that I could not escape. One day I was taken to the airport and told to pick any place out of the state of Florida and to go there and not come back. A guard was sent with me on the plane to make sure I went to Wisconsin and didn't come back.

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