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The Antisocial Personality

August 25, 1966: L. Ron Hubbard gives a lecture, 'The Antisocial Personality'.

Gradients and ARC

September 1, 1966: L. Ron Hubbard gives a lecture, 'Gradients and ARC'.

States of Identity

September 8, 1966: L. Ron Hubbard gives a lecture, 'States of Identity'.

Government and Organization

November 1, 1966: L. Ron Hubbard gives a lecture, 'Government and Organization'.

Scientology Definitions I: OT and Clear Defined

November 29, 1966: L. Ron Hubbard gives a lecture, 'Scientology Definitions I: OT and Clear Defined'.

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November 4, 2005 Mirror: Inside Cult Castle Anyone thinking of joining Scientology - once described as "corrupt, sinister and dangerous" by a High Court judge - should arm themselves with a few facts before signing up for a series of courses - courses that could cost them up to £200,000. Press, Saint Hill
January 31, 1994 Independent: The Prisoners of Saint Hill The Scientologists call it "baby-watching", but it has nothing to do with looking after infants. TIM KELSEY and MIKE RICKS investigate the potentially dangerous, and possibly illegal, secret treatment that the world's largest cult uses to deal with difficult members. false imprisonment, Press, Saint Hill
March 21, 1964 Have You Ever Been A Boo-Hoo? A look at Scientology at St. Hill in the 1960s: The feats Hubbard claims for his science are just as unusual. At various times Hubbard has held that Scientology "can cure some seventy percent of man's illnesses," that it is the only effective counterforce to the H-bomb threat and that it can make you immune to the common cold. He maintains that Scientology can raise a person's I.Q. one point for every hour of auditing. What is Scientology?, L. Ron Hubbard, Press, Saint Hill