Is Scientology breaking the law?

Allegations of illegal imprisonment by Scientology

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The wrongful death lawsuit brought by Lisa McPherson's family alleges that she was falsely imprisoned

28. Rather than assist her to obtain professional and licensed psychological counseling, which is forbidden by SCIENTOLOGY, the members of SCIENTOLOGY placed LISA McPHERSON in isolation against her will on November 18, 1995, at the Ft. Harrison Hotel subjecting her to a denial of her freedom of movement, her freedom of choice over food, her freedom to sleep and her freedom to communicate with friends, family and professionals. Those taking care of her had strict orders not to talk to her in any way. Thus she was incommunicado and kept in strict isolation, a prisoner of Scientology, all according to Hubbard's directives which the staff were following: a withholding of food and sleep, which is according to the "tech" of SCIENTOLOGY.

29. On November 18, 1995, LISA McPHERSON, seeking to escape from this isolation, drove her motor vehicle and lightly rear-ended a vehicle stopped in traffic. LISA McPHERSON sustained no injuries. However, upon exiting her motor vehicle, she requested help by stating to emergency personnel, "I NEED HELP," I NEED TO TALK TO SOMEONE," "I HAVE DONE BAD THINGS, THINGS I DID NOT KNOW WERE EVEN BAD," I DON'T NEED A BODY TO LIVE", in a robotic/programmed tone with a fixed stare while exhibiting unusual behavior by taking off her clothes in public but telling the paramedics that she was not crazy, she was just trying to get their attention because she needed help.

36. At the said headquarter facilities, SCIENTOLOGY agents, staff, volunteers, representatives, employees, and/or other members, trained in the methods of L. Ron Hubbard, and under the strict authority of the "Senior Case Supervisor", ALAIN KARTUZINSKI, systematically began a series of techniques or bulletins in following its own policies of SCIENTOLOGY which included "isolation" as a prerequisite to, or part of, a technique or bulletin known as "Introspection Rundown," which involves the total isolation of LISA McPHERSON in a room against her will, where no one is to talk to her during her isolation. During this time she was denied freedom of movement, proper medical treatment, and she was denied proper nutrition, starved and underwent severe dehydration including over-medication of illegally prescribed drugs plus high dosages of vitamins and minerals, at the hands of individuals who were trained in Hubbard's anti-medical techniques, as issued in his directives.

37. During this time, LISA McPHERSON tried to flee and was physically restrained, including being tied to the bed , and her condition worsened until she was babbling incoherently and unable to sleep. No medically licensed personnel were brought in to see her. The only qualifications of those told to watch her was that they were available to do it. Some who saw her in her condition could not even tolerate watching her going crazy or looking at her morbid condition and had to leave the room.

76. As part of its established practices, Defendant, SCIENTOLOGY, provides treatment and care in excess of 24 hours to its members who it decides, through its managing agents, to forcibly keep in isolation. SCIENTOLOGY has many facilities where it places the members of SCIENTOLOGY in isolation, one of which is the Ft. Harrison Hotel, which is a "facility" as defined in F.S. Sec. 400.021(8) and (11); F.S. Sec. 400.402 (3); and F.S. Sec. 400.551(1), which under Florida Law was required to be licensed and professionally staffed.

77. On November 18, 1995, LISA McPHERSON became a member of the protected class as defined in Chapter 400, Florida Statutes, and Title 58, Florida Administrative Code, when, while in the exclusive care, custody and control of Defendant, FLAG, LISA McPHERSON became incapable of caring for herself, needed psychological and medical care, and was unable to ambulate.

119. Defendants, FLAG, MINKOFF, JANIS JOHNSON, DAVID HOUGHTON and ALAIN KARTUZINSKI conspired to keep LISA McPHERSON in isolation inside the Ft. Harrison Hotel against her will until she conformed to the rule of Scientology from November 18, 1995 to December 5, 1995.

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