Lisa McPherson

Lisa McPherson was a Scientologist who died after 17 days in the custody of the Church of Scientology.

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April 8, 2000 Scientology Suit For Jury To Decide, Circuit Judge Says A judge says issues of consent - not religion - are at the core of a lawsuit against the Church of Scientology. As criminal charges against the Church of Scientology over the 1995 death of Lisa McPherson hang in the balance, a wrongful death lawsuit filed against the church by McPherson's family grinds toward a June trial. McPherson, 36, died after a 17-day stay at the hotel. Lawyers for McPherson's family contend the 13-year Scientologist was held against her will and force-fed medication. deaths, false imprisonment, lawsuits, Lisa McPherson, Press
April 6, 2000 Scientologists Are Saying Church Being Persecuted Lawyers for the Church of Scientology argued yesterday that criminal charges filed against them in a church member's death were brought by prosecutors determined to negatively brand the church. Prosecutors countered this case is not one of religious freedom, but one of medical neglect. Lisa McPherson had been under the care of Scientology for 17 days following a minor car accident and a mental breakdown. Prosecutors said she was badly dehydrated, malnourished and that the medical care church members gave her was unlicensed and inadequate. crimes, deaths, false imprisonment, Lisa McPherson, Press
March 26, 2000 Records Outline Scientology Case The records came in unrelenting batches. Medical studies, scientific research, sworn testimony and more - thousands of pages from the Church of Scientology that Medical Examiner Joan Wood considered over five months before changing her ruling in the 1995 death of Lisa McPherson. Lisa McPherson, Press
December 8, 1999 When Can A Church Be Accused Of A Crime? Lisa McPherson, 36, was a Scientologist who died after being under the church's care in Clearwater in 1995. The state has filed charges of abuse and practicing unlicensed medicine against the church's Flag Service Organization, or simply "Flag." McPherson died that Dec. 5 after 17 days at the church's Fort Harrison Hotel under the supervision of Scientologists. The state says she died of a pulmonary embolism, with dehydration and immobility as contributing factors. The state says her final days featured raving delusions and forced medication. Clearwater, crimes, Lisa McPherson, Press
November 24, 1999 Scientology Prompts Review Of Death Case In an unusual step, Pinellas-Pasco Medical Examiner Joan Wood has agreed to reconsider her conclusions in the 1995 death of Scientologist Lisa McPherson. The medical examiner's findings are key elements in two court cases against Scientology. Three years after McPherson's death, the Pinellas-Pasco State Attorney's Office charged the church's Clearwater operation with two criminal counts: abuse of a disabled adult and practicing medicine without a license. The church also faces a wrongful death lawsuit filed by McPherson's family. crimes, Lisa McPherson, Press
October 30, 1999 Anti-Scientology Foundation Created A critic of the Church of Scientology said he is financing a new foundation named after Lisa McPherson, a Scientologist who died in 1995 while in the care of the church. Robert S. Minton said he would incorporate the Lisa McPherson Educational Foundation. McPherson, 36, suffered a severe mental breakdown 17 days before she died of a blood clot in her left lung. Her death prompted a wrongful death lawsuit, filed in Tampa, and criminal charges against the church in Pinellas County. Minton's foundation will reach out to disaffected members of the church and educate the public about what he says are the harmful effects of Scientology. Bob Minton, Clearwater, Lisa McPherson, Press
October 23, 1999 Jury May Levy Damages On Scientology The family of Lisa McPherson can seek punitive damages if the Church of Scientology is found to have caused her death, a judge ruled Friday. Scientology's Clearwater branch has been criminally charged with abusing and illegally practicing medicine on McPherson. Ken Dandar, said, "This organization exists for one reason - to make money," he said of Scientology. "Therefore, punitive damages are the only thing that wakes them up to stop what they are doing." Clearwater, deaths, lawsuits, Lisa McPherson, Press
December 29, 1998 In the Presence of Scientology In 1995, a 36-year-old believer of Scientology died. Now, three years later, the state attorney has filed charges against the church, which made its headquarters in Clearwater, Fla., 23 years ago. As believers and non-believers clash, the relationship between community leaders and church members is delicate. The coming trial - a status conference is scheduled today in St. Petersburg, Fla. - promises to be a low point in the long history of acrimony over the religion's presence here. And it will raise uncomfortable questions about the way the church deals with its own affairs and those of the surrounding community. Clearwater, Lisa McPherson, Press, Scientology and Society
December 9, 1998 McPherson relatives lead protest St. Petersburg Times: McPherson relatives lead protest Lisa McPherson
December 6, 1998 Washington Post: The Life and Death of a Scientologist After 13 years and thousands of dollars, Lisa McPherson finally went 'clear.' Then she went insane. Lisa McPherson, Press

Lisa McPherson in the News

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December 28, 1995 Three, death, Lisa McPherson's account. $200.00 Three weeks after her death, two transactions are made with Lisa McPherson's Scientology account. The account is credited $200.00 for "Grades & NED Processing (per 12 1/2 hours)", then debited $200.00 for "Wall of Fire Package". (Oddly enough, in the account history prepared by Scientology, these figures do not change the running total. The balance begins at $5,460. After adding $200, it remains at $5,460. After subtracting $200, it's still at $5,460. (Of course the two amounts would balance out, but it's strange that the balance doesn't change after the first of the two.) Lisa McPherson
December 27, 1995 Three, death, Lisa McPherson's account. $490.00 Three weeks after her death, three transactions are made with Lisa McPherson's Scientology account. The account is credited $490.00. The notation is "Public Inter-Account Transfer, Dept. 7." It's logged as a negative debit. A negative credit for $490 also appears on this date. These transaction may be related to the August 3 transactions; on that date, $490 was first credited to Lisa's account with the notation "Wall of Fire Package," then debited with the notation "Public Inter-Account Transfer, Dept. 7, To Prodex Corp from SRV 11827." Prodex is another name for AMC Publishing, Lisa's employer. In addition, there is a debit for $5,460 for "Grades & NED Processing (per 12 1/2 hours)". Lisa McPherson
December 19, 1995 Two, death, Lisa McPherson's, $5,773.00, account Two weeks after her death, Lisa McPherson's Scientology account is debited $5,773.00, the total amount in the account. The notation is "Repayment." Lisa McPherson
December 6, 1995 Police, Clearwater, Florida, Lisa McPherson Police in Clearwater, Florida begin an investigation into the death of Lisa McPherson. Lisa McPherson
December 5, 1995 Log of Lisa McPherson Watch The Scientologists who had been watching Lisa McPherson are debriefed. Excerpts: "yesterday she was refusing the protein shake and when Laura arrived today she was looking bad, she was not moving her body. ... Laura told Janis, that Lisa was not eating and maybe needed an IV." Lisa McPherson, log
December 5, 1995 Cult, Lisa McPherson, care Cult victim Lisa McPherson dies of severe dehydration while under cult care. Lisa McPherson
December 5, 1995 Three Scientologists, Flag Medical Liaison Officer Janis Johnson-Fitzgerald, Lisa McPherson, New Port Richey (25, 4, away), Scie Three Scientologists, including Flag Medical Liaison Officer Janis Johnson-Fitzgerald, take Lisa McPherson to New Port Richey (25 miles and 4 other hospitals away) to be treated by Scientologist physician David Minkoff (who is at least an OTVII). Emergency room personnel begin CPR. A nurse later tells police "she was dead" when she arrived. At 9:51 pm, Minkoff pronounces Lisa dead. Lisa McPherson
December 4, 1995 Lisa McPherson, Scientology's Fort Harrison. According, Elliot Abelson, Fort Harrison, McPherson's, tint, church's Medical Liais Lisa McPherson remains confined at Scientology's Fort Harrison. According to Scientology lawyer Elliot Abelson, near the end of her stay at the Fort Harrison, McPherson's skin took on a yellow tint. She was seen by someone from the church's Medical Liaison Office, which refers church staffers to health professionals. "It didn't seem to be an emergency situation," he said. Scientology officials have not produced any caretaker logs for this day. Lisa McPherson
December 3, 1995 Log of Lisa McPherson Watch Scientologists watch over Lisa McPherson, held captive at the Fort Harrison hotel; no logs exist for this day. Lisa McPherson, log
December 2, 1995 Log of Lisa McPherson Watch The Scientologists watching Lisa McPherson write logs summarizing events during their watch. Excerpts: "I gave her 4 Valarian root capsules, 4 Orinthane (not positive of the name -- haven't seen the bottle, but it is one of the herbal sleeping preparations) ... She has scratches and abrasions all over her body & on elbows & knees has pressure sores. ... The finances for her protein drinks ran out last night. I was in comm a security guard who said the source of the money was Lisa's employer & he thought he could get more this morning. ... She has tried to stand several times but is not strong enough yet. ... She feels the pain of the bruises on her body and comments on it when she is moved or bumps herself. ... When she awakened this AM she was very confused & combative ... At 5 AM she got 2 more chloralhydrates & has slept very well since then." Lisa McPherson, log