Scientology policy dictates that Scientologists must sever all contact with Scientology's perceived enemies - even family members and business associates.

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Update from Susan Lentsch - Still No Visit from her Sea Org Daughter

September 3, 2008: Former Scientologist Susan Lentsch describes the ordeal of waiting for a visit from her daughter Katherine, who is in the Sea Org, and who has never received the promised three weeks of annual vacation.

disconnection in the News

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March 14, 2014 Scientology clergy force a mother to choose: son or daughter The Church of Scientology pressured Sara Goldberg for months to kick her son out of her life. She wouldn't do it. So the church put her on trial one night in a Scientology building in Clearwater. It was scary. Goldberg cried. She had been a devoted Scientologist for 36 years. Now her church was accusing her of committing a crime against Scientology — not "disconnecting'' from her renegade son. Clearwater, disconnection, Nick Lister, Press, Sara Goldberg
June 25, 2006 St. Petersburg Times: The Unperson The St. Petersburg Times publishes "The Unperson," a story about disconnection and Suppressive Persons in Scientology. disconnection, Press
February 23, 2006 Rolling Stone: Inside Scientology Rolling Stone publishes "Inside Scientology: Unlocking the complex code of America's most mysterious religion", discussing auditing, Scientology's secrets, and disconnection. disconnection, Press, psychiatry
September 27, 2001 Sympathy For The Devil: The Tory Bezazian Story Tory Bezazian was a veteran Scientologist who loved going after church critics - until she met the darkest detractor of all. More than a year after her very public defection - the first in memory to occur on the Internet - Bezazian is still adapting to her transformation. She has quickly become a highly visible foe of the church she served for three decades. Andreas Heldal-Lund, disconnection, harassment, Los Angeles, CA, Press, Scientology's Chilling Effect on Free Speech, Suppressive Person
March 31, 1995 Why Kathy Won't Come Home Ten years ago, a British judge described Scientology as "immoral, socially obnoxious, corrupt, sinister, and dangerous". Two weeks ago, a jury at Lewes Crown Court acquitted a man of trying to abduct one of its members. The man said he was trying to rescue his friend, Kathleen Wilson, 23. He said she had been brainwashed and would have left if she had had any free will. The jury agreed: she had been brainwashed. The Scientologists have never suffered such a setback. What is Scientology?, disconnection, Press
September 19, 1986 $30-Million Court Fight Lost by Scientology In a staggering blow to the Church of Scientology of California, a Superior Court judge Thursday upheld a jury's $30-million damage award to a former church member who said the organization wrecked him mentally and financially. disconnection, Fair Game, harassment, Larry Wollersheim, lawsuits, Los Angeles, CA
April 5, 1984 £120,000 Reward Offered by Sect A reward of £120,000 had been offered by the international body of the Church of Scientology for information leading to the recovery of what are said to be scriptures stolen from its European headquarters in Denmark. Meanwhile, forty "disenchanted" placard-carrying Scientologists went on a protest march through East Grinstead town centre in a demand for reforms at the UK headquarters at Saint Hill. disconnection, East Grinstead, Press

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February 20, 1968 Mrs. M. E. Whiting's niece, Erin O'Donnell, her Mrs. M. E. Whiting's niece, Erin O'Donnell, disconnects from her. disconnection
February 20, 1968 official, Mr V. Linklater, Frank & Stella O'Donnell A Scientology official, Mr V. Linklater, disconnects from Frank & Stella O'Donnell. disconnection
January 1, 1968 Mr R. C. Gallagher's, him Mr R. C. Gallagher's friend disconnects from him. disconnection
January 1, 1968 Various Scientologists, Mr F. J. P. Boric Various Scientologists disconnect from Mr F. J. P. Boric. disconnection
January 1, 1968 Various Scientologists, O'Donnells, Frank & Stella O'Donnell Various Scientologists, many of whom do not know the O'Donnells, disconnect from Frank & Stella O'Donnell. disconnection