What's the goal of $cientology?
"Make money. Make more money. Make other people produce so as to make money."

&emdash;$cientology HCO PL March 9, 1972, "Governing Policy"

Does $cientology lie about the cost of auditing?
$cientology's web site says it doesn't cost a lot to take $cientology services. It costs thousands of dollars to go "clear" and about $400,000 to "go up the Bridge." Doesn't that sound like a lot to you? Ask a Scientologist to show you the whole price list. You'll be amazed.
Is the "Personality Test" a fraud?
A scientific investigation of the "Oxford Capacity Analysis"&emdash;that pink "personality test"&emdash;in Britain concluded that the OCA "is not a genuine personality test" and that the way $cientology uses it is "potentially harmful." It's never had anything to do with Oxford, either.

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Is $cientology a bait-and-switch operation?
First $cientology tells you you're controlled by your "reactive mind." Thousands of dollars later, you find out you made up your reactive mind, and now you need to get rid of the dead space aliens that are all over your body. Why don't they tell you that BEFORE you spend all that money? Would you pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to get rid of dead space aliens?
Does $cientology lie about compatibility with other religions?
$cientology claims to be compatible with other religions. However, their statement to the IRS says that Scientologists "are required to look only to Scientology Scriptures for the answers to the fundamental questions of their existence and to seek enlightenment only from Scientology." $cientology also teaches that "there was no Christ."
Does $cientology help you to think for yourself?
"...any attitude of antagonism or derived wholly from the engrams themselves. ... Anyone attempting to stop an individual from entering [dianetic] therapy either has a use for the aberrations of that individual...or has something to hide."

&emdash;Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health, pp. 524 & 527

Did $cientology's "standard tech" kill Lisa McPherson?
$cientology's Introspection Rundown prescribes silence and illegal imprisonment for someone suffering a psychotic break. Lisa McPherson died in the custody of $cientology in 1995.

&emdash;see $cientology's own logs of Lisa's last days at


Don't believe what you read in this flier&emdash;ask a Scientologist a few good questions. REALLY think for yourself&emdash;get both sides of the story.

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