Isaac Hayes and Scientology

Isaac Hayes is a musician and songwriter, best known for writing the theme from Shaft and voicing the character of Chef on South Park.

When did Isaac Hayes join Scientology?

In 1993, when he did the Purification Rundown and the Overcoming Uups and Downs in Life Course. He told Scientology's Celebrity magazine that he was introduced to Scientology by Reverend Alfreddie Johnson.

What level has Isaac Hayes reached in Scientology?

According to Scientology Service Completion lists<, Isaac Hayes attested to Clear in 2002.

Has Isaac Hayes received any special recognition in Scientology?

Yes. He was featured on the cover of Scientology's Celebrity magazine twice, issue 278 in 1994 and 352 in 2003.

Does Isaac Hayes promote Scientology?

Yes. His testimonials appear in Scientology: The Fundamentals of Thought and in the Scientology film Orientation.

He also reportedly resigned from South Park in protest after an episode poked fun at Scientology<.

Is Isaac Hayes involved with any Scientology front groups?

Yes. He is a spokesman for the World Literacy Crusade, a Scientology group that promotes L. Ron Hubbard's flawed study tech. He promotes the World Literacy Crusade on his web site<.

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