Beck and Scientology

Beck is a singer-songwriter who first became well known in 1993 for the song "Loser." He's released more than ten albums since then, including the Grammy-winning Odelay.

When did Beck join Scientology?

Beck's parents, David Campbell and Bibbe Hansen, were Scientologists when he was born, and he was raised as a Scientologist. As a child he attended the Apple School of Los Feliz, which was run by Scientologists. According to entries for Beck in Scientology's Service Completion Lists<, he completed a few lower-level courses in 1986-89 under the name Beck (or Bek) Campbell, including Essentials of Dianetics courses and Pro TRs.

What level has Beck reached in Scientology?

Even though no course completions have been located for Beck since 1989, in late 2007 he was interviewed by a writer for the Italian magazine L'Uomo Vogue, and that writer reported that Beck had reached the level of Clear.

Has Beck received any special recognition in Scientology?

Beck and his wife, Marissa Ribisi, are listed as Patrons in 2006 in Impact 114< (the official magazine of the International Association of Scientologists). They were later listed as Patrons with Honors in Impact 115 (and their son, Cosimo, was listed as a Sponsor).

Does Beck promote Scientology?

Not very much. In a few interviews, when asked about Scientology, he's made positive statements about Scientology's drug program. He also played a benefit to raise money for the Los Feliz Mission in 2005.

Is Beck involved with any Scientology front groups?

None known as of 2008.

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