question, Detective Sgt. Wayne Andrews, Susanne Schnurrenberger, Switzerland, Germany, Ildiko Cannovas, Hungary, Laura Arrunada

Date: January 28, 1997
In discussing three people the police want to question, Detective Sgt. Wayne Andrews said he thinks Susanne Schnurrenberger is in Switzerland or Germany, Ildiko Cannovas is probably in Hungary and Laura Arrunada may be working in the medical field in Mexico. These three are wanted by Clearwater police for questioning (Susanne has been found). He recently asked for help locating them by posting a request for information on the Internet. The three former employees "worked in an office that would have had control over her'' during her stay, Andrews said. Church of Scientology spokesman Brian Anderson said that is false. He said the three have no connection to McPherson's death and the investigation is nothing more than a harassment campaign against the church by police.
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