Three, death, Lisa McPherson's account. $490.00

Date: December 27, 1995
Three weeks after her death, three transactions are made with Lisa McPherson's Scientology account. The account is credited $490.00. The notation is "Public Inter-Account Transfer, Dept. 7." It's logged as a negative debit. A negative credit for $490 also appears on this date. These transaction may be related to the August 3 transactions; on that date, $490 was first credited to Lisa's account with the notation "Wall of Fire Package," then debited with the notation "Public Inter-Account Transfer, Dept. 7, To Prodex Corp from SRV 11827." Prodex is another name for AMC Publishing, Lisa's employer. In addition, there is a debit for $5,460 for "Grades & NED Processing (per 12 1/2 hours)".
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