U.S. District Court Judge William Byrne Jr., multi-million, Paulette Cooper, Scientologist, Ted Patrick. Paula Dain, 1983, Coope

Date: September 25, 1984
U.S. District Court Judge William Byrne Jr. refuses to dismiss a multi-million dollar civil rights lawsuit against Paulette Cooper, accused by a Scientologist of intimidating witesses in a criminal investigation of cult deprogrammer Ted Patrick. Paula Dain filed the lawsuit in 1983, claimed that Cooper had tried to threaten a potential witnss in another case in San Diego in 1979. Don Randolph, Dain's attorney, said Cooper harassed Canadian exit counselor Nan McLain to keep her from testifying during a grand jury investigation of Patrick on kidnapping charges. Cooper allegedly told McLean her reputation within the deprogramming community would be ruined if she spoke out, saying she would be cut off from legal defense funds provided by n anti-Scientology group. The trial is scheduled to begin February 5th.
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