Clearwater Police Report Number SR3.1 FK-1., A, Johann Kempff, $50,000, fees., Mr. Kempff, Charitable Solicitation Ordinance, oc

Date: January 13, 1984
Clearwater Police Report Number SR3.1 FK-1. A subject named Johann Kempff complained the Scientology organization owed him around $50,000 in advanced fees. Mr. Kempff further alleged violations of the Charitable Solicitation Ordinance had occurred. Kempff tells Lt. Emmons that the Scientology organization had transferred $5,200 of his money into his girlfriend's standing account without his knowledge beforehand. When Mr. Kempff called the Scientology organization about his accounts, he was told his money had been transferred. Mr. Kempff then gave approval for the money transfer. Mr. Kempff informed the Scientology representative, James Grant, he was sending $10,000 to be placed in his advanced fees accounts, not his girlfriend's. When Mr. Kempff arrived at Scientology Headquarters in Clearwater, he found out his $10,000 had been placed into his girlfriend's account. Mr. Kempff was expelled from Scientology. For several weeks, I kept in contact with Mr. Kempff in case he wanted to pursue the matter of his missing $10,300. Mr. Kempff was attempting to collect the fees and refunds owed to him by working with Scientology officials. When Mr. Kempff finally decided on his own he couldn't collect his money from Scientology, he recontacted Lt. Emmons. Mr. Kempff filled out an affidavit that alleged violations of the Charitable Solicitation Ordinance. In addition to violations of the City Ordinance, Mr. Kempff felt Mr. Grant of the Scientology organization had taken his $10,000 and placed it into his girlfriend's accounts without his permission. I instructed Mr. Kempff to get a singed affidavit from his girlfriend, Monica Neilsson, who was in Sweden, concerning her involvement in the $10,000 transfer. Mr. Kempff complied with my request and a few days later returned to the Police Dept. with a notarized signed affidavit from Monica Neilsson. The affidavit stated Ms. Neilsson did not know about the second transfer of funds for $10,000 into her account. She was told to continue taking courses as she had unused monies in her accounts. When she felt she had definitely used up more courses then her money in her accounts, she was finally told that Mr. Kempff had been expelled from the Scientology organization, so she might as well use up Mr. Kempff's advanced fees monies. Monica was under the impression Mr. Kempff had given approval to use his money. Mr. Kempff wanted to prosecute Mr. Grant and another Scientology official for theft of his money. Lt. Emmons made several appointments trying to set up a State Attorney's investigation for theft. Mr. Kempff would fail to show at the appointed times. Mr. Kempff would show up at the Police Dept. a day or two later forgetting the actual appointment times. Finally Mr. Kempff went home to Sweden without pursuing legal charges.