Church, Fort Harrison Hotel, United Churches, Florida, building;, Guardians Office, information. Jimmy Mulligan, Commodore Staff

Date: December 17, 1975
A full month before the Church of Scientology announces it has purchased the Fort Harrison Hotel, citizens of the city are still being told that an ecumenical group called United Churches of Florida will occupy the building; but Guardians Office executives are already making plans to establish listening posts for gathering information. Jimmy Mulligan, an assistant to Commodore Staff Guardian Mary Sue Hubbard, writes Dick Weigand, deputy guardian for information U.S. Mulligan tells Weigand that the Clearwater department planned to combine its communications with those of police departments in Dunedin and Largo, and that in "April 1976 -- the communications center is going 'all civilian.' ... I think this is an excellent opportunity for us and I would like to see us represented in that communications center." Thus, GO staffers lay plans for Scientology agents to infiltrate the police department's communications center.