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Helena Kobrin Letter

December 11, 1996: Helena Kobrin writes to Graham Berry regarding RTC v FACTnet

Helena Kobrin Letter

December 13, 1996: Helena Kobrin writes to Graham Berry regarding RTC v FACTnet

Graham Berry Letter

December 16, 1996: Graham Berry writes to Helena Kobrin regarding RTC v FACTnet

Jeffrey Chase Letter

December 23, 1996: Scientology counsel Jeffrey Chase replies to Graham Berry's request to depose Scientology executives, including David Miscavige and Norman Starkey, in the RTC v FACTnet case; Chase says that none of the proposed deponents can provide testimony related to the summary judgement Berry is seeking.

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November 25, 1981 Gerry Armstrong letter about LRH biography Gerry Armstrong, working on an official biography of Hubbard for Scientology, writes to a fellow high-ranking Scientologist, Cirrus Slevin, expressing concerns about the discrepancies between the official LRH biographies and what he's learning from reading LRH's diaries and other sources: " ... nothing published about LRH, of whom nothing is known, is a fact ... Continuing the claim that [Hubbard] has never erred and never lied is counter-productive. It is an unrealistic position, and too far removed from reality and people for it to be publicly accepted. " Gerry Armstrong, Letter
October 21, 1975 GO Letter Cindy Raymond sends a letter to various Guardian's Office officials, enclosing Michael Meisner's letter from the 13th (dealing with a transcript of an interview between Gene Allard and California Deputy Attorney General Lawrence Tapper) and also appending stolen government documents. Among the recipients: Michael Taylor, Henning Heldt, Richard Weigand, Gregory Willardson, Jane Kember, Mo Budlong, and Mary Sue Hubbard. Guardian Office, Letter, Mary Sue Hubbard
March 20, 1972 Sara Northrup Letter to Paulette Cooper Sara Northrup, LRH's second wife, writes to Paulette Cooper, describing mysterious and threatening visits to her and her daughter Alexis from "agents" who wouldn't identify themselves. Letter
December 15, 1966 Scientology Staff Letter A Scientology Treasurer writes a letter to a Scientologist: "One person who wrote the Church and said he couldn't pay his bill, was written back not to feel that way because "there's nothing a thetan can't do."" Letter