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December 12, 1939 L. Ron Hubbard, NY Explorers Club Using credentials that nobody could have possibly checked out, L. Ron Hubbard is approved for membership in the prestigious NY Explorers Club. He now begins to call himself "Captain Hubbard." Event, L. Ron Hubbard
September 1, 1939 Britain, Germany. Hubbard, Secretary, War, services, US, neutrality. Hubbard, Manhattan Britain declares war on Germany. Hubbard writes to the Secretary of War offering his services, nothing is done though as the US declares neutrality. Hubbard virtually abandons his family for a small apartment in Manhattan. Event
February 6, 1939 Mike Farrell, actor Mike Farrell, actor, "M*A*S*H" was born: Event
January 15, 1936 Catharine May Hubbard, born Catharine May Hubbard is born. Event
February 2, 1935 Portage, Wisc The lie detector was first used in court in Portage, Wisc. Event
December 18, 1928 L. Ron Hubbard, Guam, two-month, China L. Ron Hubbard and his mother arrive back in Guam after a two-month trip to China. Event, L. Ron Hubbard
September 6, 1927 L. Ron Hubbard, Helena High School, grandparents L. Ron Hubbard enrolls as a junior in Helena High School while living with his maternal grandparents. Event, L. Ron Hubbard
August 31, 1886 Henry August Wilson, L. Ron Hubbard's father, Fayette, Iowa. His, birth; Mr., Mrs. James Hubbard, Harry Ross Hubbard. L. Ron Hub Henry August Wilson, L. Ron Hubbard's father, is born at Fayette, Iowa. His mother dies at birth; Mr. and Mrs. James Hubbard adopt him and rename him Harry Ross Hubbard. L. Ron Hubbard made grandiose claims about his lineage, but in fact his father was an orphan. Event, L. Ron Hubbard
February 1, 1862 Anastasius Nordenholz, Buenos Aires. In 1934, publish Anastasius Nordenholz is born in Buenos Aires. In 1934, he will publish a book entitled "Scientologie - Wissenschaft von der Beschaffenheit und Tauglichkeit des Wissens" ("Scientology Science of the Constitution and Usefulness of Knowledge"), thus predating L. Ron Hubbard's use of the word by several years. Event, L. Ron Hubbard