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September 19, 1946 Hubbard, VA, aliments; Hubbard writes to the VA listing a variety of aliments; he is sent for a physical where only arthritis and a "Minimal duodenal deformity" are found. Event
August 10, 1946 L. Ron Hubbard, Sara Northrupp, Polly Grubb first L. Ron Hubbard marries Sara Northrupp without divorcing Polly Grubb first. Event, L. Ron Hubbard
February 16, 1946 L. Ron Hubbard, US Navy L. Ron Hubbard is honorably released from active duty in the US Navy. Event, L. Ron Hubbard
December 12, 1945 L. Ron Hubbard's, Navy report, 5/20, (which, 12/20, 14/20, respectively). This, "legal blindness", doubtful. There, "legally bli L. Ron Hubbard's last Navy report. He is rated at only 5/20 in both eyes (which glasses corrected to 12/20 and 14/20 in right and left respectively). This was certainly poor eyesight but whether it was "legal blindness" is doubtful. There is no record in his file of him having been declared "legally blind". Event, L. Ron Hubbard
December 6, 1945 One, US Naval Reserve, Hubbard, benefits, problems, not, significantly, combat-related injury: malaria, knee, conjunctivitis, ul One day after being mustered out of the US Naval Reserve, Hubbard submits a claim for a pension and disability benefits. He lists a long catalog of problems, though not, significantly, anything that could be described as a combat-related injury: malaria, a sprained knee, conjunctivitis, an ulcer, and arthritis. Strangely, his recurrent malaria had never previously been documented by Navy doctors. Event
December 5, 1945 L. Ron Hubbard, Oak Knoll Naval Hospital, USNR officer, Officer Separation Center, San Francisco. His, day, conducted. (He, deta L. Ron Hubbard is discharged from the Oak Knoll Naval Hospital and ordered to report to his last station as a USNR officer, the Officer Separation Center in San Francisco. His post there lasts only one day, during which the formalities of separation are conducted. (He was then detached, albeit still on active duty, from which he was released on February 16, 1946.) During his time in the army, he never saw battle or smelled gunpowder fired in anger. The four medals he received (he would later claim over twenty medals) were the ones commonly given to those who served in the areas that he was in. He was not wounded and never was singled out for bravery or heroism despite claims to the contrary. All of his time in the navy is accounted for, he was not employed as a secret agent and he did not go behind enemy lines for any purpose at any time. Event, L. Ron Hubbard, San Francisco
September 5, 1945 L. Ron Hubbard, US Naval Hospital, Oakland, CA., ulcer. His, arthritis, headaches L. Ron Hubbard is admitted to the US Naval Hospital at Oakland, CA. to be treated for a duodenal ulcer. His other complaints included arthritis, hemorrhoids and headaches. Event, L. Ron Hubbard
December 2, 1944 Jack Williamson, Sergeant, US Army, war, (including Hubbard), wives Jack Williamson, a Sergeant in the US Army and a member of a group of science fiction writers who meet to discuss the war, holds a dinner for his fellow writers (including Hubbard) and their wives. "Hubbard was just back from the Aleutians then," said Williamson, "hinting of desperate action aboard a Navy destroyer, adventures he couldn't say much about because of military security ... I recall his eyes, the wary, light-blue eyes that I somehow associate with the gunmen of the old West, watching me sharply as he talked as if to see how much I believed. Not much." Event
November 25, 1943 L. Ron Hubbard, USS Algol L. Ron Hubbard is posted to the USS Algol. Event, L. Ron Hubbard
July 7, 1943 L. Ron Hubbard, PC815 L. Ron Hubbard's command of PC815 and career as ship's commanding officer ends officially. Event, L. Ron Hubbard