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February 14, 1954 According, CoS, Church According to CoS, the first official Scientology Church is founded "by community members in Los Angeles," without the direct participation of L. Ron Hubbard. Event, L. Ron Hubbard, Los Angeles
January 15, 1954 Church, Spiritual Engineering's Certificate, Incorporation, recorded;, L. Ron Hubbard Sr., L. Ron Hubbard Jr., Henrietta Hubbard The Church of Spiritual Engineering's Certificate of Incorporation is recorded; it is created by L. Ron Hubbard Sr., L. Ron Hubbard Jr., Henrietta Hubbard, John Galusha, and Barbara Bryan. Event, L. Ron Hubbard
January 6, 1954 Quentin Hubbard (Geoffrey Quentin McCaully Hubbard), born Quentin Hubbard (Geoffrey Quentin McCaully Hubbard) is born. Event, Quentin Hubbard
December 18, 1953 L. Ron Hubbard, Church, American Science, Church, Scientology, Church, Spiritual Engineering L. Ron Hubbard personally founds the Church of American Science, the Church of Scientology, and the Church of Spiritual Engineering. Event, L. Ron Hubbard
November 18, 1953 New Jersey-based Church, L. Ron Hubbard, Sr., L. Ron Hubbard, Jr., Henrietta Hubbard, others The articles of incorporation for the New Jersey-based Church of Scientology are signed by L. Ron Hubbard, Sr. and L. Ron Hubbard, Jr. and witnessed by Henrietta Hubbard and others. Event, L. Ron Hubbard
January 6, 1953 Geoffrey Quinten McCaully Hubbard, born Geoffrey Quinten McCaully Hubbard is born. Event
September 9, 1952 Hubbard Association, Scientologists, Phoenix, AZ The Hubbard Association of Scientologists is incorporated in Phoenix, AZ. Event
February 12, 1952 Don Purcell, Dianetics, Hubbard, mis-management Don Purcell and other members of the Dianetics board of directors vote Hubbard out for gross mis-management. Event
February 12, 1952 Hubbard College, L. Ron Hubbard, Wichita, Kansas, Dianetics auditors The Hubbard College, the first organization established and controlled by L. Ron Hubbard, is founded in Wichita, Kansas to train Dianetics auditors. Event, L. Ron Hubbard
February 8, 1952 L. Ron Hubbard L. Ron Hubbard makes a speech "Summary of the Service Facsimilie Chain". Event, L. Ron Hubbard