Is Scientology breaking the law?

Allegations of illegal imprisonment by Scientology

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My trip to the RPF's RPF.

The RPF's RPF is the penal colony's penal colony - RPF is punishment, and RPF's RPF is further punishment for those already being punished.

Now you should know that when you get busted in the Sea Org, the message would be delivered by a 12-15 year old girl in white short-shorts and white halter top.

I was enjoying the afternoon sun when such a young lady presented herself to my startled self. Uh oh. (rectum tightens)

" You have been assigned to the RPF. Here's the order. Come with me right now." "No, you may not clear out your desk." "No you may not call your wife." NOW. [tone forty command]

Dennis being ASSIGNED to the RPF belies Scientology's claim that it is a voluntary program.

I think, "If I don't go with her, she'll say alright, and walk away. Several large men will return. They will have clubs and Mace. Best go with her."

I was immediately taken to the sub-basement of the Ft. Harrison Hotel in Clearwater Florida. There was a woman from the GO *chained* in a small back room behind a pile of filthy bedparts.

This is clear evidence of false imprisonment.

Because the best accommodations were taken, I was placed inside a 7 x 7 chicken-wired cell containing numerous toilet tanks, seats, and assorted sinks and urinals. The door to the enclosure was closed and a lock was inserted, but not locked, on the door.

I spent 4 days just sitting in there thinking. The next 6 I spent cleaning. I "graduated" into the normal RPF program.


posted to alt.religion.scientology on 18 Jan 1996


When I was taken to the RPF's RPF in 1978, and locked in the sub-basement of the Ft. Harrison Hotel in Clearwater, there was a young lady (former GO) named Lynn Froyland CHAINED in one of the dark and dusty storage rooms down there. She screamed in terror at being a prisoner.


Rev. Dennis L Erlich * * the inFormer * *



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