Is Scientology breaking the law?

Allegations of illegal imprisonment by Scientology

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a police report from an anonymous Australian citizen describes being imprisoned under the Introspection Rundown

From: (Tony McClelland)
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: Does Introspection Rundown get worse than this?
Date: Tue, 09 Sep 1997 10:18:20 GMT

The following is a declaration written by a person within 24 hours of his release from an Introspection Rundown by the NSW - Australia Police. He was incarcerated for more than 3 months.

I have changed the names and addresses.

Tony McClelland


19th Dec 1994



To introduce myself my name is Witheld. I am a special type of member of the Church of Scientology. I am classified as a "Sea Organisation "member. I am contracted to the Church of Scientology in a non legal contract which makes me a Sea Organisation member for the next billion years.

At the moment I am not doing any work for the Church due to the harsh treatment that I received from individuals within the City branch of the Sea Organisation. This treatment involved being locked in a confined space for two weeks without adequate food, being treated by the technical staff as if I were devoid of any sanity which is in fact totally untrue. I have also been confined to a property in Country Town for about three months where I was denied the personal freedom of leaving that property without an escort. I guess the most upsetting thing about all of this is that I always was only too willing to work for the Church and although I was quite capable of performing any duty assigned to me I was denied the opportunity to do any type of work for the Church.

Instead of being allowed on the Church premises I was kept away from the premises for the last five months of my life. It still is my intention to do work for the Church yet I am denied that right because the technical staff have me labelled as insane. I believe that I am not insane and in fact never was insane.

I was put onto an Audited Rundown called the "Introspection Rundown".

... I was later informed that I was to do the Introspection R/d. My immediate thoughts on this were that they could not possibly see me as introverted and yet that was what I was put onto. I was dead set against doing this action as I thought that me, of all people needing to do this action was the most preposterous thing that I could possibly imagine as being something that I needed. I never needed any kind of special attention whatsoever.

I had been the R/d for about three weeks. ... I sent a dispatch in regard to my sit to RTC and within one hour I became locked up in Kitchen St . While in Kitchen St I was not properly fed, in fact I was denied food for several days. I was manhandled back into the dormitory every time that I attempted to leave the room. One time it took three fully grown men to get me back into that dormitory. Looking back on that time these people had a look in their eyes as if they intended that I die in that room. It was quite frightening because they offered no explanation as to why they were keeping me confined in that room and at the same time I was not being fed and I, in fact had nobody to talk when I got upset. At no time did I act violently toward anyone and yet I was treated in a way that denied my rights as a citizen of this country because I was kept confined for no valid reason. I was later informed that if a person is on the introspection R/d that it is a standard action to put someone through this type of treatment. I get the impression that I was intentionally put on this R/d so that I could be treated in this fashion if the Case Supervisor so decided. - I was at no point in time introverted. This is the truest truth that I know.

The people whom were holding me captive were frequently changed . Even AO public were being sent to the farm to baby-sit me. I never needed this "treatment"

Three days ago I was sitting in a chair minding my own business and Tom Possss physically attacked me. He grabbed me by the cuff and started threatening that he was going to kill me. I handled this problem simply by not laying a finger on him. This man was one of my captors and his attack was completely unprovoked.

Yesterday my captor refused to feed me.

I decided to go for an unescorted walk. While walking I realised that I hadn't talked to my mother for quite some time. I said hello. She was worried sick about me. She had called the City AO many times over the last few months and had been offered no explanation as to where I was except that I was having "psychological problems" . She was told that I was on a farm and was being helped with my psychological problems.

This story has no mention of medical doctors, indicating that Scientology was practicing medicine without a license.

I told her that I was upset because they were not letting me off the property and that I had been sent there for no legitimate reason at all.

. While I was at the phone booth my captor arrived to take me back. Within five minutes two more people, one of whom was the very same man that threatened to kill me, arrived on the scene in a four-wheel-drive vehicle to take me back to the property. I was being manhandled out of the area and into the vehicle while my captor was talking to my mother on the phone. He hung up on my mother and we drove away.

Half an hour later the Small Town police arrived on the scene. The constable took me aside and said that he had been informed by my mother that I was being held on the property against my will. He then asked me if I wanted to leave. I said yes.

He drove me to the train station and let me go wherever I wanted to.

I went to my uncles place in Nortborn.


Name Witheld

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