Please investigate reports of Scientology's illegal activities

I have recently become aware of reports of a number of illegal activities by Scientology, a non-profit corporation operating in California. In addition to a variety of criminal convictions in a number of countries, including the US, of high-ranking Scientology officials (and I believe of the entire Scientology organization in Canada last year), there are a number of allegations of illegal activity that have not been investigated or prosecuted, as far as I know. These alleged illegal activities include:

  • illegal imprisonment under the "Introspection Rundown" and "Rehabilitation Projects Force" (RPF) programs
  • neglect of children
  • coerced abortions
  • practicing medicine without a license, including violating the FDA's ruling on the use of the E-meter device
  • fraud, including falsely representing Scientology practices as scientific
  • violation of labor laws, including failure to pay minimum wage

I would appreciate your efforts to investigate these allegations. If Scientology has been acting illegally, the corporation and its officers should be prosecuted. If Scientology has not been guilty of these acts, I'd like to know.

You can find details about all of these allegations on the Internet at .

Please take extra precautions to keep my name confidential. Scientology has a long history and a written policy of harassing its critics.

Thank you for looking into this matter. I look forward to hearing from you with the results of your investigation.

This page was last updated on May 8, 1999.