My E-mail to State Attorney General Candidates, 1998

Scientology has been accused of numerous illegal activities . Are the candidates for Attorney General willing to investigate these allegations?

On October 7, 1998, I sent e-mail to most state candidates for Attorney General , asking whether they would investigate the accusations against Scientology. Here's what I said:


I maintain a web page listing allegations of criminal activity by Scientology , a non-profit corporation operating in your state. The allegations include extensive fraud (including charity fraud, fraudulent hiring practices , and Internet fraud), practicing medicine without a license , and obstruction of justice . (You can find details about these allegations at .)

Upper-level Scientology officials have been convicted of a variety of crimes in several countries, including the United States, and the entire organization was convicted recently in Canada.

As a candidate for Attorney General, your willingness to investigate and prosecute illegal actions is of great interest to voters in your state.

I would like to include your position on investigating these allegations in my Attorney General Election 1998 web page.

Do you support a full investigation of these reports, including prosecution for any allegations found to be true, and widely publicizing Scientology's innocence of any allegations found to be false?

Will you initiate such an investigation during your first year in office?

May I include your reply on my Attorney General web page, and post it to alt.religion.scientology as well?


Thank you very much for your reply, and thank you for running for public office.


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